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DearGirl -Stories- HIBIKI 1

+ posted by Majikayo as translation on Jan 6, 2010 04:46 | Go to DearGirl -Stories- HIBIKI

-> RTS Page for DearGirl -Stories- HIBIKI 1

Translation reserved for Simple Scans


[Cat Picture Guide.]
[Art・Words by: Saya (There are more lots more kittens!)]


1) An (White cat. Was fun to design, and therefore makes a frequent appearance.)

2) Gen (White cat. Short tail. Difficult to tell apart from An.)

3) Yuu (Red Tabby. Very wild in nature, and the boss of the house.)

4) Can (Panda cat. No, it is not a wig.)

5) Tomo (Black cat. Blends into the darkness.)

6) Kazu (Brown Tabby. Most likely found sleeping.)

7) Taitemu (American Shorthair. Is is just me or is he getting bigger every day?)
8) Tonkotsu Soup (Talk about excessive sodium and fat.)

9) Nose-hair Cutter and Hato (Pigeon).
- If you cut your nose-hair too short // it'll feel chilly.
- {Writing on pigeon} Hamam Mahshi // It could fly, if it only tried.

10) Durian and Durian Cutter (or something like it.)
- Rotten leek. It reeks.
- The king of fruit kings.

11) Rubber
- Dangerous.


[The radio program, "DGS" has been turned into a comic series!]

- Art: Iwasaki Saya
- Story: Suwa Masaru
- Based on: Kamiya Hiroshi・Ono Daisuke's Dear Girl ~Stories~


[Characters & Settings]

- An easy explanation for those that aren't familiar with "DGS HIBIKI"!

- HiroC (Kamiya Hiroshi)
A voice actor from Ao-- Productions. Is usually tsundere, and becomes DoS (a sadist) towards OnoD in particualar. He is very sweet to the nya-san (cats), however.

- OnoD (Ono Daisuke)
A voice actor from M--se Promotion. His hobbies include looking at Buddha statues (and cross-dressing?). He is also considered a handsome, but a little CK (creepy). Sometimes, his earnestness trips him up...

- Tera Ikemen (Super handsome) Commander.
A slightly high-and-mighty commander that relays girl's troubles that are sent in to the radio show, to the two. Seems to be connected to the script writer of the radio show "DGS", but the details are unclear...

- Nya-san (Cats)
SFX: Meow~
The cats that are given to the two as rewards for solving commissions from the girls. They are actually cats who have received special training, but their abilities are still unknown.

- Chanko Chanko
A huge-eater talent that works at Bunka Housou (Broadcasting). His hobby is eating.

- UchiP
The producer of the radio program. Is always rolling his video camera. Very tall.

- Script Writer: Suwa
The script writer of the radio show. His similarity to Tera Ikemen Commander is rather uncanny... Extreme sadist.


[What is the secret organization, "HIBIKI"...?]
The popular voice actors, Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke are hosts on the radio show "Dear Girl ~Stories~". "HIBIKI" is the secret organization created in the shadows of it's mother show, in order to help dear girls throughout the country. The actual identity of the organization and its staff are a mystery, but there's no mistaking the fact that it has great power. Uniforms and pocket notebooks are provided.

[The flow from HIBIKI's commissions to solving them.
We'll explain the 3 steps that follow once the secret organization, "HIBIKI", receives a commission from a girl♪

①The girl's commissions come mixed in with the radio's mail. The one to judge whether or not it is a commission, is up to the script writer, Suwa.
②The Tera Ikemen Commander then relays information about the commission and the commissioner to the two rather vaguely. The commissioner receives a map to the office.
③Once the two hear the vague details, they meet with the commissioner and discuss the issue. They go over the best method to solving the problem, and take action!!

- Secret organization "HIBIKI"
- Girl
- [Radio Program "DGS"]
- Script Writer / Suwa
- (Same person?)
- Tera Ikemen / Commander
- HiroC
- OnoD

- How are Suwa, the radio script writer, and HIBIKI's commander connected...?

- I have good news for the two of you!!
SFX: jab


["Voice actors"]
[They are actors that incorporate performance into their voices, and give characters life.]
[Narration, events, gravure, music...]
[Their areas of expertise are vast, and even today, more glorious stories are told by them.]

[Voice Actor・Kamiya Hiroshi AKA "HiroC"]

[Voice Actor・Ono Daisuke AKA "OnoD"]

[And this is "Dear Girl ~Stories~", the radio program hosted by these two voice actors.]
[A program which exists for the sole purpose of helping to solve one special girl's troubles.]

[However, behind the scenes of this program, // the two also take part in a secret organization that was created to protect these girls.]


[It is called...]

- Dear Girl ~Stories~ HIBIKI -
Chapter 1


HiroC: Oh come now, don't run away Nya-san!!
SFX: meow / meow~ / purr x2
HiroC: I won't let you get away~!
SFX: slap x2
HiroC: You're all beautiful today too~!
SFX: Meow~
SFX: purr x2
SFX: meow x2

OnoD: ...... // There's something that's been bothering me for a while.
OnoD: Do you mind if I ask?

OnoD: Why is this sign out there in broad daylight,
OnoD: when we're supposed to be a "secret organization"?!
OnoD: <small> See? That one over there too!!
SFX: jab
SFX: thunk
<sign> ← HERE. [Secret Organization] HIBIKI DGS
HiroC: (Huh?)
Cat: (Nrrrgh)
HiroC: So that the girls don't get lost, duh.


OnoD: Aren't secret organizations supposed to be hidden and sneaky...?
HiroC: (Ah,) that way of thinking is old!
HiroC: (Society even wants politics to be fully exposed, you know?)

OnoD: Oh, and another thing...
HiroC: (Hm?)

OnoD: Why do we have to be smothered in cats like this?
SFX: swarm
SFX: purr x2
SFX: meow~
SFX: purr x2
HiroC: Why not? // We get to be surrounded by our beloved girls.

OnoD: Girls...? // More like, female, if you're talking about them...
SFX: Nya--
HiroC: Geez, such a picky guy, isn't he~
OnoD: I'm not being picky!!

[It was the previous spring that I was invited into "HIBIKI" // by my senior voice actor HiroC.]


["HIBIKi", the secret organization camouflaged by a radio program.]
<sign> ←HERE / HIBIKI / DGS / Secret Organization
[To be honest, I didn't believe such a thing existed at first.]

HiroC: (You and I.)

HiroC: (Let's help troubled girls together!)
[I was able to relate to those words, // and deep down,]

[I looked up to HiroC, who worked in the secret organization apart from his job as a voice actor.]
OnoD: Yes!
[I still have no idea who the wirepullers of this organization are. // After all, I'm still completely new to all this,]

OnoD: Hm?
SFX: fwump


OnoD: Arrrghh!!!
SFx: peel
Cat: meow~
OnoD: Don't climb on me while I'm busy reminiscing!!!

HiroC: Stop that! You're scaring An and gen~!
SFX: scowl
OnoD: (speechless)
Cat: Meow~
Box1: An
Box2: Gen
OnoD: The one who's getting scared here is me!!! // And please stop naming them after your acuaintances!
Box3: Yu
SFX: hiss
Box4: Can
Black cat: Tomo
Bottom left cat: Kazu
HiroC: (Aw~) but it makes it easy to remember this way.

HiroC: You complain way too much, OnoD.
SFX: sigh...
HiroC: Especially when you're always leaving me to care for them.

OnoD: Cat's are happy if you just leave out a pot for them to sleep in!!
OnoD: (screech x2)
SFX: stomp x2
Cat: (Nyaaa~)
HiroC: (Can't hear you~)


OnoD: More importantly,
OnoD: can't we get commissions that are more time-worthy?

OnoD: The only commissions we've been doing since I came in have been // "cut open a durian for a girl" and... (reek) // (buzz) "buy a noise-hair cutter" and...
HiroC: (Ah, I remember that...)

HiroC: But the size of the trouble isn't what's important.
HiroC: Isn't it our job to help the troubled girl, regardless of what it may be?

OnoD: [HiroC...]
HiroC: And the best thing is, when we're successful, // we receive cats as rewards.


OnoD: [Why do we get cats as rewards in the first place??!!]
HiroC: Ah~ you heal me~
Cat: (meow)
OnoD: [I've never liked cats!!!]

SFX: Wah
OnoD: Dammit! I'll quit this stupid job!!!
HiroC: Eh, you're going to quit voice acting, OnoD? // Well, I suppose you have passed your peak.
OnoD: Not that one!! // And I have not passed my peak!!!!

Cat: Meow
SFX: scuttle
OnoD: (Wahhhhhh)

HiroC: Oh-
SFX: purr...
Cat: meow
HiroC: Look at the time.


HiroC: (Now, now.) I've heard that "I'm gonna quit this job" speech more than enough times.
OnoD: (Meh?)
HiroC: Let's get started on our other job to serve girls.

OnoD: Dear Girl ~Stories~
HiroC: Next, let's introduce our next story. // Written to us by DEAR NAME "Michiru"-san.
OnoD: Thanks!
HiroC: "HiroC, OnoD, good evening."
[This is our the radio show that serves as our outer face, "Dear Girl ~Stories~".]
[And mixed within the mail we receive are...]


[messages addressed ti the secret organization, "HIBIKI".]

HiroC: "I'm in my third year of High School and- // it's nearing graduation."
HiroC: I'm planning to live on my own after I graduate.
SFX: flip
HirC: I'd love to hear about the experiences you had when you started living on your own.

SFX: twitch
Suwa: !

HiroC: So... // how was it for you, OnoD?
SFX: slip...
OnoD: Hm, for me, it was...

SFX: rustle


HiroC: Dear Girl ~Stories~ will continue...
[Just now, could that have been...??]
OnoD: next time!!

Woman: Good work.
Man: Good work.

SFX: dash
HiroC: Ah, good work!
OnoD: HiroC!
SFX: Great show~

OnoD: That letter back there...
HiroC: Yeah, // the script writer put a message in his pocket,
HiroC: which must mean that it's a commission or "HIBIKi".
OnoD: Thought so!


SFX: Alright!!
OnoD: What kind of commission is it this time?!
OnoD: (Woo) I'm getting fired up! (hoo)
HiroC sfx: step x3
HiroC: Let's just go back to the office for now.
SFX: ignore

OnoD: (Hey, wait, wait, HiroC!!) But isn't it troublesome to have the commission email address be the same as the radio? (I mean, we can't even tell the emails apart by ourselves...)
HiroC: It can't be helped. We have to keep "HIBIKI" a secret from A-ni and M-use. (Apparently, this is is the best way to keep it camouflaged.)

Commander: Hahahahahahahaha!
fan: Glasses shall spread worldwide!
Commander: Everyone's favorite and handsome Commander here!!

Pg. 019

Commander: Rejoice, you two!!
SFX: jab
<sign> Super Handsome Commander
Commander: It's been a while since you've gotten a decent commission.
OnoD: As snobby as ever...
OnoD: (And what's with that mask?)

Commander: The commissioner is "Sayaka". A High Schooler. // Sex: Female, of course!!
Commander: She needs help confessing to someone she likes, and searching for a lost item.

OnoD: A lost item?
Commander: The girl will be arriving at the office shortly, // so ask her for the details.
Commander: The reward for this commission... // is an american shorthair.
SFX: bzzt...
OnoD: (Ehhh?! We're getting more cats?!)
SFX: ding-dong
HiroC: (Ah,) she's here!


SFX: creak...
Girl: Um... Excuse me-
SFX: ta-da
OnoD: Welcome // to DGS HIBIKI!!

OnoD: [Woah...]
Sayaka: I'm here
Sayaka: with a commission...
OnoD: [It's a Gal!!*]
{TLN: Gal = Girls who dress in a flashy fashion and live a particular lifestyle.}

Cat: (me~ow)
Cat: (purr purr~)

Cat: (startle...)

SFX: roaaar
[A leopard!!]
Cats: Nyaaa!!


HiroC: I see~

HiroC: So you tripped on the train station platform on the first day of school,
HiroC: and fell in love at first sight with the guy that helped you...

HiroC: Do you know where he is?
SFX: nod...
Sayaka: Yeah. // He's Narazuka-kun, the student council president at my school.

Sayaka: Though we're facing graduation, as third years...
OnoD: But you look like a Gal. // I'd have thought it would be easy for you to confess.
OnoD: (Eek! Sorry!)
SFX: bam
Cats: jump
Sayaka: I can't! That's why I'm here in the first place!!
Sayaka: It's more like-


Sayaka: it's because of how I look,
Sayaka: that I can't confess.

OnoD: [Sayaka-chan...]

HiroC: What do you mean?
Sayaka: I mean, no matter how you look at me, I'm a Gal, right?
Sayaka: Narazuka-kun is in the student council and is very serious.

Sayaka: It would only trouble him // if someone like me confessed...


Sayaka: But at the time, // when everyone else on the platform just walked by,
Sayaka: Narazuka-kun was the only one who extended a helping hand.

Sayaka: And...
HiroC: You fell for him?

Sayaka: But...
Sayaka: I hardly think I'm suited for him with this look.

Sayaka: That's why I want to change!!
Sayaka: I know it'll take time to change on the inside but-

Sayaka: if I can just manage to change on the outside to fit his tastes...
OnoD: But you know, Sayaka-chan.


OnoD: Personally, I don't think looks should matter much when it comes to liking someone.
HiroC: Well, it's her wish to change. // Besides,

HiroC: that leopard print that even manages to intimidate our cats, // and those weapon-like nails.
HiroC: I have to say that they're probably a little too outrageous for the president of the student council.
Sayaka: (I know, right?)

OnoD: Ah, // by the way-

OnoD: The other commission... // What is the "lost item"?
Sayaka: Oh, well...

[It was something that Narazuka-kun lent me when he helped me.]
[A handkerchief with an embroidery of a cat.]


Sayaka: I'd kept it as a good luck charm since then,
Sayaka: hoping to be able to return it to him someday, // but it got blown away in the wind...

OnoD: A Gal who's clumsy... // Not bad.
SFX: gleam
HiroC: You're being a little creepy, OnoD.

Sayaka: I have a feeling I'd be able to confess if I had that handkerchief! // That's why I'm desperately asking you to find it for me!!

HiroC: What did the cat on it look like?
SFX: scratch x2
Sayaka: Um...

OnoD: A Gal who's clumsy and an awful artist... // Not bad at all.
HiroC: You there.
HiroC: (Shut up.)
HiroC: Stop experimenting with new ideas of moe*.
{TLN: Moe = Something that excites and/or stimulates lust. Fetish.}

Sayaka: Well, sorry for being an awful artist.


HiroC: Okay then. // This time, your commission includes "retrieving a lost item", "change", and "confession", right?
Sayaka: Eh?
Sayaka: You'll do all of them?
HiroC: Of course! // To help troubled girls...
HiroC: is the purpose of Dear Girl ~Stories~ HIBIKI!

OnoD: And besides, your body no longer belongs to only you.
HiroC: Who said you were dating?! (You're being creepy today.)


HiroC: Anyway, OnoD aside...
HiroC: Starting tomorrow,
HiroC: the plan goes into action!!!
SFX: whirl x2

SFX: whirl x2
OnoD: Wow~

OnoD: Gotta hand it to the organization!
OnoD: I didn't know they could prepare a helicopter...
SFX: unbelievable
HiroC: Yeah.

HiroC: We're here to investigate if Narazuka-kun's preference really is a clean-cut sort of girl,
HiroC: through a telephoto lens.


HiroC: (So with that said,) Here, take this.
SFX: toss
OnoD: ?

OnoD: Which button is the optical switch?
OnoD: (Mmm?)
SFX: clack x2
HiroC: Well, it's not really a button.

SFX: snap
HiroC: Ready, OnoD?
OnoD: Huh?
backtext: reach...
HiroC: Human optical lens, // switch...

HiroC: On!!!
SFX: kick
SFX: rumble rumble rumble {continues on down the left side of the page}
OnoD: Aaagghhh!!!


SFX: zing

Inside box frame:
SFX: Bungee~
OnoD: Aaagghh!! // Ah! // Aghhh! // Ack!
Helicopter sfx: whirl x2
big sfx: boi~ng

HiroC: (So?) What'd you see?
SFX: shake x2
OnoD: Like I'd be able to see anything!!! (You're too much of a sadist for your own good!!)

SFX: rustle
OnoD: Geez!
OnoD: We should've done this from the start!
HiroC: I've always wanted to try out a helicopter at least once.
OnoD: Eh?!

OnoD: Our uniforms are really convenient, aren't they?


OnoD: I had no idea they turned into school uniforms when you wore them inside-out!
SFX: flap
SFX: ta-da☆
SFX: change!
HiroC: Of course. // They're provided by the organization, after all.

OnoD: I wished it were a sailor uniform instead~ // I did shave my legs for that reason.
SFX: shiny
HiroC: [That's called "perverted", not "disguised"!!!

OnoD: It seems like today is the last day for third years, // since they don't have many classes to attend.
<sign> Library
OnoD: Ah, // there he is!
OnoD: It's him.


OnoD: Narazuka Hiroyuki.
OnoD: Okay,
SFX: slip
OnoD: I'm going in...
SFX: clip

HiroC: From our investigations,

HiroC: we weren't able to tell what kind of girl he likes, // but it's true that there were only clean-cut looking girls around him.
SFX: flop
HiroC: Well, he mostly spends his time in the Library or the Student Council room.
HiroC: It could be the reason why we only saw studious girls.


Sayaka: I guess a Gal like me has no chance in the end...
SFX: thud
HiroC: No worries!
SFX: thunk

HiroC: Just for you, Sayaka, // we've borrowed heaps of costumes from the costume department of the organization!

HiroC: Like...
SFX: fwap

HiroC: The very epitome of a clean-cut girl...
HiroC: A maid that servers her Master!

HiroC: Next up...


HiroC: The sport made for the respectable young lady...
OnoD: (Oh ho ho ho!) // (Ready, Hiroko??)
OnoD: Tennis!
SFX: flap x2
HiroC: There's more!!!
HiroC: A collared shirt, tight skirt, and glasses-
SFX: bam
HiroC: -and you get a clean-cut home tutor!!!

HiroC: (Er,) you're being a nuisance, OnoD.
OnoD: (Ah~♡ I finally crossed-drossed~♡)
SFX: ya~y
SFX: enraptured

OnoD: There were two of each, so I couldn't help it...

Sayaka: Hey, isn't there anything more decent? (Were any of those really clean-cut?!)
Girl: I want something normal.
SFX: rustle x2
HiroC: (Mmm...) Let's see...


HiroC: How's this?
SFX: fwump

OnoD: (Ooh!) It's cute!
SFX: flutter
HiroC: Let's get rid of those Gal curls too...
HiroC: and give you natural looking make-up!
SFX: wave

SFX: sparkle

HiroC: You look great!!
OnoD: I think I might really fall for you...
Sayaka: R-Really...?

Sayaka: Oh, and what about the handkerchief...?
HiroC: It's all under control.


HiroC: We're leaving that up to the professionals.
SFX: meow!!

[There's actually a secret about the cats that we keep here. // When the girl wishes for the cats to help, they show their true colors.
Cat: Did you find it, meow?
Cat: I'll find it, meow~
SFX: sniff x2

SFX: chew x2
SFX: clatter
[They're elite cats who have received special training from the organization!]
OnoD: Eh?! I had no idea!!! Seriously?!

Cat: Meow!
HiroC: Ah, welcome back!!
SFX: skid


SFX: meo~w
HiroC: Do you see it?
HiroC: Is it in there?
SFX: flap x2

OnoD: (Sexy Santa suit?!)
Sayaka: Mm...
Sayaka: No... (I don't...)
Cat: (Cat's are in shock!)
OnoD: You know, I think-
OnoD: dogs would be better suited for this job.
Cat: (Cat's in shock yet again!!!)

HiroC: But hey, you made a lovely transformation on the outside.
OnoD: Eh?! // Why?!
Cat SFX: Hiss
HiroC: I'm sure you'll be able to confess, even without the handkerchief!

Sayaka: Yeah... but...
OnoD: He's right!


OnoD: You'll be alright Sayaka-chan!!!
SFX: hiss
OnoD: So let's just go for it!!

SFX: grip...
Girl: ...... // Yeah...

HiroC: Look, he's coming! / It's Narazuka-kun.

Sayaka: I- // I can't confess...
HiroC: It's alright! Next step after a change on the outside is-

HiroC: a change on the inside!
SFX: push
Sayaka: Ah!


Sayaka: ......Nn!
SFX: topple...
Narazuka: (Eh...) Sayaka...chan...?
Narazuka: Why are you dressed like that...?

Sayaka: Na- // Narazuka-sempai...!
SFX: flush
Sayaka: Um, // I...!

SFX: pop
Girl: What's wrong,
Girl: Narazuka-sempai?

Sayaka: Ah... // N...
Sayaka: Never mind...

Sayaka: I'm sorry!!!
HiroC: Hey!
SFX: dash


OnoD: Sayaka-chan...

OnoD: In the end,
Cat sfx: meow~ // purr purr
OnoD: we weren't able to do anything for her.

OnoD: Sayaka-chan was really depressed...
[I knew that... // I had no chances...]

[I'm so weird, aren't I? Usually, I'm so flashy and yet...]
[I couldn't even manage to confess because of a silly little handkerchief.]


[And that girl next to him, // she's the vice president of the student council.]
[I bet she's going out with Narazuka-kun.]

[Those two]
[are so well suited for each other.]

[Sorry! // I know you did a lot for me but]
[I don't think I'm cut out for this pure love sort of thing.]

[I'll just go back to being the Gal that I am...]
HiroC: I wonder if that girl is his girlfriend, just as Sayaka said...
SFX: bzzt


Commander: Hahahahahaha!!
SFX {stretches from top to bottom of frame}: ta-da
Commander: (Super handsome Commander here!)
bottom right sign: Super Handsome Comm
Commander: Looking gloomy there, eh?

OnoD: (I said, what's up with that mask...?)
OnoD: Not again. // At a time like this...

writing on sleeve: Golden Arm
SFX: snap
Commander: Though it may seem as if you failed your commission... // I, the Super Handsome Commander, have some very special news for the two of you!!!!
SFX: bam


Commander: The commissioner's target, Narazuka Hiroyuki is currently...
bottom right sign: Handsome Commander
SFX: ta-da
sign: Narazuka-kun is currently... / single!
Commander: single!!

OnoD: Eh?!
OnoD: (Do you really need a prompt for that?!)

OnoD: Then that girl was...
Commander: Under investigation by the organization, // we were able to find out that she was merely receiving instructions from Narazuka-kun, as the succeeding Student Council President. // However, even with the organizations powers, we weren't able to uncover who he likes.

Commander: Hahahahahaha!
OnoD: Then that means Sayaka-chan still has a chance!
HiroC: But she's already given up completely...


Commander: Are you satisfied with that though?
Commander: Isn't it the task of Dear Girl ~Stories~ HIBIKI
Commander: to help troubled girls?
[That's right.]
[Two two of us]

[still haven't been able to express to her what's really important!!!!]
HiroC: Let's go, OnOD!
SFX: grin
OnoD: Okay, HiroC!!


[There's still one last thing left for us to do!!]

Cat: meow
SFX: clatter

SFX: flutter

Sayaka: N-No way...
Sayaka: A cat?!
SFX: beep

SFX: bzzt

Radio: When you fall in love, // new emotions are born.


Sayaka: [Ah... it's DGS...!]
Radio: Just when you think your heart skips a beat, you start to lost confident, // and you feel like you want to become prettier!

Radio: That's not a bad thing, but when you get too wrapped up in the superficial aspects,
SFX: meow
Radio: you end up hiding your own feelings behind those fancy clothes. // What you really need to show, are your honest feelings,
SFX: flop

Radio: no matter how awkward they are.
Radio: But you need the courage to express your feelings,
Radio: which is why...


Radio: we send just a little of courage to you.
Radio: Hear this song, and remember our voices...

writing on book: Beginner's guide to needlework.

Sayaka: Ahaha!
Radio: "Say Your Name!"


Sayaka: It's totally different...!

HiroC: (Here kitties, I've got cruchies for you today~)
OnoD: Well...
OnoD: The graduation ceremony should be over by now.
OnoD: I wonder how Sayaka-chan's doing?

OnoD sfx: stretch
OnoD: Wonder if she heard if she heard the radio~
SFX: ding-dong

Mailman: HIBIKI-san! A parcel for you!


SFX: squat
HiroC: Oh!

HiroC: A newcomer? (It's an american shorthair.)
Cat: meow!
OnoD: But, why...?
SFX: rustle...
Cat: meow

HiroC: It means the mission was a success, doesn't it?
[It's alright.]


[I'll think of just you right now.]

[Say your name! / Say your name! / Say your name!]

[If ever you should]
box: When you're in love,
[be in danger of losing your self,]

[Say your name! / Say your name! Always]
[For as long as // my voice should ring out]
box: that's all it takes
[No more words / Say your name!]
Radio: When you're troubled, Dear Girl ~Stories~ HIBIKI will be right beside you.


strip: for you to shine.
card: Dear HiroC & OnoD
I found my lost item!!

Radio: All we ask in return are cats and your smile! // Send your commissions to-
Radio: dgs@joqr.net!

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Zyki, llamall

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