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DearGirl -Stories- HIBIKI 2

+ posted by Majikayo as translation on Jan 7, 2010 12:45 | Go to DearGirl -Stories- HIBIKI

-> RTS Page for DearGirl -Stories- HIBIKI 2

Reserved for Simple Scans.


[DGS HIBIKI // is...]
[A secret organization that exists to help troubled girls!]

sign: DGS HIBIKI is
an ally of all girls.

Dear Girl ~Stories~ HIBIKI
Chapter 2


SFX: mi~n x3
SFX: jii~
{TLN: Sound of cicadas crying}
SFX: clack

SFX: mi~n x2
OnoD: Agh~
SFX: mi~n x2
OnoD: Aagh~

SFX: dull...
SFX: flap x2
OnoD: Why is it so freaking hot everyday? // And there's no wind...

OnoD: Aaahh! Hot hot hot!!!
SFX: roll x3
OnoD: I'm gonna melt! Melt!! Melt, I say!! Oh wait, maybe I just melted a little-
OnoD: (Crap...)
SFX: sizzle
OnoD: (That made me dizzy...)
OnoD: Ugh... I'll die...
HiroC: OnoD, will you shut up please?!


HiroC: You're just making it hotter, so will you stop?
SFX: swa-rm
SFX: woosh
OnoD: Eh?! Me?!! Why is it my fault?!!
OnoD: And why're you hogging the fan?!! (No wonder there was no wind!!!)

SFX: hot...
[Voice actor・Ono Daisuke AKA "OnoD"]
OnoD: Why don't we have an A/C in here in the first place? (All we have is one miserable fan...)
SFX: flap x2
HiroC: It can't be helped.
[Voice actor・Kamiya Hiroshi AKA "HiroC"]
HiroC: We don't have money.

SFX: woosh
OnoD: (Wot?!)
OnoD: Didn't we get money for office equipment from the organization the other day?!
HiroC: Hm? // Ah...


SFX: boom☆
SFX: cat tower~♪
HiroC: I bought that♥

OnoD: Whaaaat?!! (When..??)

HiroC: See?
SFX: hang...
SFX: slump...
HiroC: The cat's are really happy!!!

HiroC: Right?
cat: (It's hot, meow.)
SFX: droo~p
OnoD: [Wouldn't an A/C have been better for the cats too...?]

HiroC: But you're right. It's too hot in here~
HiroC: Do you want to go cool off somewhere, since we don't have any commissions right now?
OnoD: !
SFX: whip


OnoD: (Yes, yes, yes, yes!!)
OnoD: Then let's go there!!
SFX: shoot up
OnoD: To the Ushiku Buddha Statue!!!!!
{TLN: A Buddha statue located in Ushiku, Irabaki, Japan.}

SFX: loom
OnoD: I bet it's huge~
OnoD: It's the biggest in the world~ // It's 120 meters tall!
HiroC: (Ehhhh...)

HiroC: (Shut up, you Buddha statue maniac!!!) I'd rather go to the beach with the kitties than go to see a statue in mid-summer!!
Cat; Meow!!! (That's right!!!)
OnoD: (Hey...) Don't make fun of statues!!!

OnoD sfx: screech x2
OnoD: You guys can't even swim!!!!
Cat: hiss
HIroC: Oh? (Customers?)
SFX: ding-dong
Cat: Meow~ (Is it an ochugen*?)
{TLN: Ochugen = A gift given at the middle of the year.}
SFX: click

SFX: thunk
Cat: Meow?!!

SFX: step
SFX: clunk
Yuki: Yuki, 16 years old.
Yuki: Please take care of me for a while.




Sign: ←Here / HIBIKI / DGS / [Secret Organization]
OnoD: I see,
OnoD: You ran away from home, huh~?

HiroC: I know you must have a good reason,
HiroC: but I have to say I'm not impressed. (Your family will be worried.)
OnoD: (Oh the days of youth!)
OnoD: How young~!

SFX: fwoosh
OnoD: I ran away once when I was in fifth grade too. // I hid behind the furniture in our store the whole time! (MamaD found me in the end, though.)
SFX: heh
HiroC: That's more like an extended game of hide-and-seek, OnoD.


HiroC: More importantly,
HirorC: how did you find this place? // You're here because you have a commission for "HIBIKi", right?
Cat: (It's hot...)

HiroC: It's odd though. // We hadn't been told we had a commission today...
Yuki: (Oh, yes!)
Yuki: That's because-

[When I was wondering aimlessly through the town,]
[I remembered DGS, and sent a message to the show from my phone.]
SFX: click
Yuki: Send... (There.)


Yuki: (Ahaha) Yeah right.
Yuki: (What am I thinking...?) I doubt they'd listen to a silly trouble like mine...

SFX: bzzzzzt!!
Yuki: Ack?!

Yuki: Y-Yes...?
Yuki: Hello...?
Phone: Hellooo!!!
SFX: boom
Yuki: !?
SFX: jump

Phone: This is Yukichan, right? Thanks for emailing DGS☆ // HiroC and OnoD will take care of your troubles!
SFX: blabber blabber blabber
Yuki: Um... but... er... (Who...?)
Phone: But the Super Handsome Commander is busy rehearsing for the Enimelo Summar Live※, // so just head over to the office yourself~ Bye!! (I'll send you the map~)
[※Means, Animelo Summer Live.]
SFX: beep

Yuki: -Which is what he said...
Yuki: (so that's why I came here...)
Yuki: (By the way,)
Yuki: (Who is the Super Handsome Commander...?)
Bold: That // Idiot Commander...!!
OnoD: Nn.....!
OnoD: (Rehearsal, my arse! You're no celebrity!!)


HiroC: And? Why did you run away from home?
Yuki: I fought with my mom... // about the future.

[I've loved singing since I was little.]

[Whenever I felt down,]
[music would always cheer me up.]

[And I wished that some day, I would be able to cheer others up through music. // But...]
Mom: Yuki! What is this school report?! // You really need to get your act together!
Mom: A musician? What nonsense!!


Yuki: (I'm...) I'm being serious!!!
Yuki: I want to do music for a living!!!

Yuki: Why?! You never said anything about my music before!! // Not even when I bought my guitar...!
Yuki: So why are you like this all of the sudden?!!

Mom: There are thousands of girls out there who "like singing".

Yuki [Why...?]
Mom: I can understand it being a hobby, but don't go thinking you can make a living off of music. // You've hardly got enough talent for that.
Mom: You're in High School already, Yuki. Stop playing around // and look at reality.
Yuki: [Why don't you understand?!!!]


Yuki: [Don't take music away from me...!!]

Yuki: And before I knew it... // I'd run out of the house with my guitar.
Yuki: Even I...
SFX: clench
Cat: meow?

Yuki: Even I don't know whether or not I have talent. // I don't have confidence either...
Yuki: But-


Yuki: I still love singing!

Yuki: I don't want to give up!!!

Yuki: I won't go back home until my mom sees. // Please, let me stay here, just for a while!
HiroC: But Yuki-chan, that's...


OnoD: Sure!

HiroC: Wait...! OnoD, you can't just- (She's a runaway, you know?!)
OnoD: Yuki-chan's so troubled though!

OnoD: Helping troubled girls... that's-

HiroC: (Ah!)
HiroC/OnoD: Dear Girls ~Stories~ HIBIKI!
OnoD: Right?


HiroC: (Aaaghh...)
HiroC: Out of habit...
OnoD: (I won over HiroC!)

HiroC: I guess it can't be helped... (It is summer vacation, after all.)

HiroC: Just for one day, okay?

Yuki: Wow~!

Yuki: This is great!
Yuki: I didn't know there was such a park around here!
Yuki: (Oh! There's a stage over there!)
SFX: swish
OnoD: You know,


OnoD: it's best to sing out loud when you're feeling down!
OnoD: (Right?)
HiroC: (We brought An and Gen along too.)

Yuki: Sing? You mean here?!
SFX: Eh?!
OnoD: Yup! (We've come all the way out here!)

OnoD: Let's just sing the day away!
OnoD: Time for a street live!!!

HiroC: Oooh!


HiroC: (Woah!) Acoustic guitars are cool~
OnoD: So are Shakuhachi* flutes!
{TLN: Traditional Japanese flutes.}
HiroC: We never asked you, OnoD.
Yuki: (Hehe...) I started a part-time job as soon as a got into High School and saved up money for this.

HiroC: Can you play something, Yuki?
OnoD: (Hey...)
Yuki: I can play one of OnoD's songs...
HiroC: Amamosu?! (You can play that?!)
OnoD: "Ama Oto", you mean.

OnoD: Wow!
HiroC: You really look like you're enjoying yourself.

OnoD: (Lightning-Class, I'd say. Almost as good as I am?)
HiroC: OnoD, nice☆self-confidence~


OnoD: (Hey, hey,) Do you write your own songs?
Yuki: Mm...
Yuki: I tried many times but // I don't get any better...

OnoD: Then how about me and HiroC help you write a song? // It's my forte! (Bring it~♪ Bring it~♪*)
{TLN: *OnoD's original 'song' written on the radio.}
HiroC: OnoD, Nice☆Self-Confidence for the second time today.

OnoD: Now then, please listen.
SFX: point
OnoD: A hit song!

OnoD: My beating heart won't sto~p // My beating heart won't sto~~~p
SFX: screech
SFX: twist x2
right cat: [Lights]
left cat: tang x2

HiroC: What... was that...?
HiroC: (Ehhhh...)
OnoD: (Fuu~)
OnoD: I tried singing MamaD's favorite phrase.

HiroC: Ah, I thought of a perfect title. // "Ono-D, You suck!" // What do you think?
OnoD: Ehhhh?!!


SFX: wag x3
OnoD: (Punishment for people who mean things!!)
HiroC: (Hey... You're really creeping me out...!!!)

OnoD: How's this~♪
Yuki: [Yeah,]
Yuki: (Wait! Let me jot it down!)

OnoD: (Huh? // Eh?)
Yuki: (The guitar's backwards!)

Cat: Food!!!
HiroC: (Agh?!)
Yuki: [singing]

SFX: Ahaha
HiroC: (Ack!!!)
Yuki: [is really fun!]

OnoD: We really sang today!


SFX: stretch
SFX: gleam
OnoD: It's been ages since I sang so hard~♥

Yuki: Wow, it's already so late... (I didn't notice at all.)
HiroC: I'm pooped...
SFX: slump

OnoD: Now then, the night is still long! What should I sing next~?♪
HiroC: (staggered...) How many mosu does he plan on singing...?
Police: Hey!
Police: You three!!!

Police: What time do you think it is?!
OnoD: !
Police: That girl is a minor, isn't she?
Police: Summer break or not, you can't keep her outside so late!

HiroC: Sorry, we were just about to leave...
SFX: wounded...
HiroC: (How pathetic for adults like us to be told off...) (shock)
Police: What's this?
SFX: pull
Police: Hey-

Police: That guitar case... It looks...
Runaway Notifications
- Items→
- Guitar case (checkered)
- Other: carrying a suitcase


Police: You,
Yuki: [No...]
SFX: grip
Police: Come with us!

Yuki: [No!!!]

HiroC: We're home...
Cat: (Give us food!) Meow~
Cat: Meow!
Cat: Meow~
Cat: Food!
Cat: Food!!
Cat: We're starving!
HiroC: Sorry! You were waiting for dinner. (I'll feed you now~)
Cat: hiccup // Ton...kotsu...

OnoD: I'm sorry...
OnoD: It's my fault that were were suspected as kidnappers...

SFX: munch x3


HiroC: Honestly...
HiroC: (What a relief they heard us out...)
HiroC: We were just a step away from losing our jobs as voice actors.
box text: crunchies

HiroC: What got into you this time, OnoD? // You were exceptionally fired up.
OnoD: I...

OnoD: I really admire // people who chase after their dreams.

OnoD: When I decided to become an actor, // my parents and friends all laughed at me...
OnoD: I kept asking myself, "Is what I'm saying laughable?"
OnoD: "Is my dream so ridiculous?"
OnoD: And because of that, I lost confidence and started to forget my own feelings...


OnoD: That's why I didn't want to disregard her dream.

SFX: bzzt
Commander: Aloha!!!
SFX {stretches across panel}: sparkle♪
Commander: The Super Handsome Commander, who's busy with ※Enimelo Summar Live rehearsals, is here!! (Yay!)
bottom note: {※Sorry to be repetitive, but it means Animelo Summer Live.}

HiroC: (Oh god...)
HiroC: Why does he appear at the most annoying of times...?
OnoD: He ruined my great scene...
Commander: Stupid, stupid, stupid! // I saved your necks from the police, you know?! (Be grateful!)


Commander: Are you sure you wanna waste time staring off into space? // Yuki's mom threw away her guitar.
HiroC: Eh?!

OnoD: It's... // my fault...
HiroC: OnoD.

HiroC: This commission isn't over yet.

HiroC: I'm sure you know, OnoD...
HiroC: what she needs most right now.


HiroC: So go share that with Yuki right now!

Yuki: Nn........!
SFX: clench

Cat: Meow!

Yuki: Huh...?
Cat: (Nrrr)
Yuki: An...chan...?

Yuki: No way! This is my cell phone!
Yuki: I left it at my house... (Why...?)


SFX: bzzzt
Yuki: Ack!

Yuki: Y-Yes? // Hello...?

OnoD: I have your precious item in my possession.
OnoD: If you want it back...
Yuki: [This voice...!]

OnoD: Look over your shoulder.


Yuki: I'm surprised you knew
Yuki: that I was here...

OnoD: I went to your house, but was told you'd been out since morning. // I kind of had a hunch you'd be here.

OnoD: Your mom is really worried, especially after yesterday, you know?
Yuki: I... // I decided to quit... singing...

Yuki: I caused trouble for you and HiroC too.
Yuki: I made mom cry too...

Yuki: That's why I'll stop being selfish.


Yuki: I've decided...
OnoD: But-
OnoD: you weren't able to throw it away, right?
[I don't want to give up...]
[Because I love music.]
OnoD: That precious dream in your hand.
[I don't want to give it up...]


OnoD: Oomph
OnoD: You know, this park-
OnoD: I used to come here a lot to practice, when I was aiming to become an actor.

OnoD: My parents and friends would laugh at me,
OnoD: but I didn't let that stop me practicing for hours on end. // I didn't want to give up my dream, no matter what others said.

OnoD: Hey, Yuki-chan.
OnoD: I'll never laugh at your dream!


OnoD: So what if you get scolded once! // If your parents can't see now, tell them until the do!
OnoD: Write songs every day, and promise yourself that someday, you'll write that one "great song"!!
OnoD: The strength to say you like something. // The feeling of excitement when you're doing something you enjoy. // If you remember that, you'll make it, Yuki-chan!!

OnoD: Ah, but-


OnoD: No more playing cat and mouse with the dump truck!
OnoD: Next time, make sure you protect your guitar, okay?!
Yuki: snort

Cat sfx: scuttle
Cat: meow
HiroC: Shhh.

HiroC: I wonder why he always make a joke of everything?
Cat: meow

[He's a little clumsy but...]
SFX: Ahahahaha // You're so funny...

OnoD: (Eh, why are you laughing?!)
OnoD: (It really was tough trying to get back your guitar, you know?!)
SFX: Ahaha...!


HiroC: [did OnoD's feelings reach you, Yuki?]
SFX: Ahahaha! My stomach hurts!

HiroC: That's it for DGS information~!
OnoD: We'll be waiting for accesses!

HiroC: Next up, a song!
HiroC: We considered playing OnoD's new song... // but it kinda pisses me off, so never mind.
OnoD: Hey! You sadist!!! (I only just announced my new song!)
HiroC: I mean, it's not fair that you're the only one who get's rich off this.
OnoD: How stupid! You're way too childish for your own good!!!

HiroC: Instead, we've got a special song today!
OnoD: (Hey...) Are we really not gonna play my song?!
SFX: flap x2
HiroC: Come on, read the title, OnoD! // Say it!


OnoD: (Geez...) Who's song could be more fit to play...
SFX: rustle...
OnoD: ! (This is...)
SFX: startle

HiroC: Right, OnoD?
HiroC: Fun is justice on this show!

[The secret organization that is always ready to help troubled girls, "Dear Girl ~Stories~ HIBIKI".]


[Send your commissions to dgs@joqr.net.]
writing on disk: OnoD, HiroC, thank! YUKI♡
[In return, reward us with cats and]

HiroC: Ready? "Yuki" // "DOKI DOKI!"
[your smile!!]

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