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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 181

The Remaining

+ posted by Majikayo as translation on Mar 13, 2010 01:54 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

-> RTS Page for Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 181

Used by I Eat Manga.


[That smile // was her present for the "future".]

Target 281
The Remaining


[Byakuran was finally defeated by the power of the X BURNER!!!]


Kikyou: Byakuran-sama!!

Gokudera: We...
Yamamoto: Won!!

Ryohei: Yeah!!
Basil: Sawada-dono!!

Someone: We've done it!!
Someone: We've won!!!
Kyoko: Tsuna-kun!!
Haru: Tsuna-san!!


Tsuna: Ugh…

Gokudera: Tenth!!
Yamamoto: Oi, are you okay?!

Reborn: You did well, Tsuna.
Tsuna: B… // But…

Tsuna: Gamma… // and Uni…

Pg. 05

Tazaru: Princess...
Nozaru: Brother!!
Nozaru: I can't believe this!!

Tsuna: It's not just Gamma and Uni… // This battle has hurt so many people…

Someone: Agh!!


Bel: Shi, shi, shi. / Your boss went and kicked the bucket.
Kikyo: Ngh!
Tazaru: And next, it's your turn.
Fran: If you have any particular method you wanna die, we're all ears.

Tsuna: Wait, what are you doing?! // We don't need anymore damage!!

Tazaru: Why do you care about this scum? // This is a creature who only knows how to kill!!

Irie: You're wrong… // They were all once normal humans…

Tsuna: Eh?!
Tazaru: What?

Kikyou: Irie Shouichi…


Irie: At the time when Millefiore was gathering up strong forces, // I was there to check on every country's mafia, military, and assassin, but I never saw them.

Irie: Which means that // They were normal people that aren't listed in the register…

Kikyou: Haha…

Kikyou: Normal people… // That's certainly a cheap way to put it…

Kikyou: In the Parallel Worlds, // We were all humans that reigned over our worlds!!


Kikyo: But in this world, things were different due to misfortune. // Byakuran-sama was the one who changed our weaknesses into strengths!!

Xanxus: Shut up.


Bianchi: Ahh!!
Tsuna: Xanxus!!
Xanxus: Shut up!

Luss: It'll be alright~♪
Bel: Shi shi shi. (small bubble in between what Luss is saying…)
Luss: I'll keep him alive~!

Yamamoto: Tsuna!


Tsuna: So many people were hurt in this battle… // Yamamoto's dad and people from other Parallel Worlds have died…

Tsuna: We've won, but everything is so messed up… // Was there any meaning behind this victory?

Yamamoto: Tsuna…

Colonello: Of course there was, dammit!!!

Pg. 11

Nozaru: Agh!
Tazaru: It's hot!
Nozaru: What the heck is this?!

Colonello: You all did well, dammit!!

Lal: That voice!!


Tsuna: Colonello... That means...!!
Dino: The Arcobaleno...
Basil: Have finally revived!! (seems like Basil & Gokudera were saying it at the same time >,>)

Kyoko: So many babies!
Haru: Where did they come from?!

Bianchi: They’re the powerful infants that are part of the Trinisette, and have an important role in monitoring the Trinisette as well. // They're the Arcobaleno, // And old friends of Reborn.

Bel: Found you, Mammon♪
Ryohei: Master!!
Lal: Colonello…
Ipin: Master!!

Reborn: You're all late.
Skull: What did you say, Reborn?! ...Sempai...
Colonello: Chill it, Skull. Dammit!
Tsuna: Everyone really is an infant...


Colonello: We all know the situation. // Uni communicated with us through the flames that went through our pacifiers.

Tsuna: Uni?
Fon: Yes.

Fon: Uni also informed us // Of what influence Byakuran's defeat would have on the world.

Fon: By Byakuran being defeated and the Mare Rings losing their power, // All the damage in the Parallel Worlds caused by the Mare Rings would be erased from the past.

Colonello: In other worlds, all the evil deeds done by Byakuran // Would disappear without a trace, dammit!!


Tsuna: Eh?! // Does that mean that Yamamoto's dad and the people killed by Millefiore will come back?!

Colonello: Their deaths will be erased too, I bet.

Kyoko: How wonderful!!

Yamamoto: Pops…

Irie: Wait, I'm sorry to damper things, but… // Is rewriting other dimensions even possible…? Can you even calculate such things…? Ahahaha…

Verde: You fool. The phenomenons caused by the Trinisette are far beyond human knowledge. // Humans can accomplish nothing by tapping away at their computers when it comes to this.


Verde: With what knowledge we currently have, // We can explain the cause of the Trinisette as "a miracle", or "the will of someone".
Irie: Ah...Um...
Tsuna: [That infant... // Talks way too old for his age...]
Tsuna: Ah-

Tsuna: But what'll we do if someone like Byakuran appears again… // And they try to use the Mare Ring…?

Fon: Uni sacrificed her life // In order to prevent that from happening.

Tsuna: Huh?!

Fon: With the aid of the Arcobaleno's revival, Uni wanted her "flame of life" to be undying. // This way, she would be able to seal away the Mare Rings in the past - or in other words, your time, forever.

Tsuna: Is it possible… to seal the Mare Rings in the past…?
Colonello: Uni entrusted that task to us.


Fon: She sacrificed her life, // In order to create eternal peace.

Reborn: Uni did say you would be able to return to "a peaceful past".


[Thank you.]

Irie: Now it's your turn to make your wish come true.
Tsuna: Ah-

Tsuna: Th… // That's right!

Ryohei: Sawada!!
Gokudera: Tenth!!

Kyoko: Tsuna-kun!
Haru: Tsuna-san!

Pg. 17

Tsuna: Let's go home to the past!!
[We've overcome so many ordeals in this battle, and at long last, the time has come… to return to our "time"!!]

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