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Houkago no Jumon 1

After School Spell

+ posted by Majin_Reid as translation on Sep 12, 2013 16:29 | Go to Houkago no Jumon

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After School Spell
Chapter 1: After School Spell
(Starting from Page 5 in the file)
Voice: In front of my eyes,
Voice: Their figures appeared…
Voice: 8 years ago.
Voice: demons.
Fangs exposed, horns pointed, living in the darkness, these types of creatures.
At one time they rested on humans’ shoulders and at another time they were concealed in the shade of trees.
When they looked at me they sneered.
Even to this day,
I still have no idea…
Sfx: キャアア x2
Top) Newspaper Headline – 女子高生、体育用具室で惨殺
High School Girl Found Dead in P.E. Equipment Room
Middle) Akino Private School Institution, Second Year Student
Bottom) Akino Private School Institution, Beginners’ Course
Middle Course
Upper Course
Someone) Hey, what’s the matter Yuki-Chan?
Someone) Hurry up and go inside. Class is going to start!
Yuki) Uncle Sakuchi!
Yuki) Oh…Umm. I guess I have to call you the school principle, don’t I?
Sfx: hahaha
Sakuchi: It’s been 8 years, hasn’t it?
Sakuchi: Because you look just like your father I immediately recognized you.
Sakuchi: Did you come here by yourself?
Student: Good morning principle
Yuki: Yes. Father’s overseas job was suddenly decided.
Yuki: And mother made great haste to follow him.
Sakuchi: I heard. That’s not easy to deal with.
Sakuchi: But this school is equipped with a dorm for students just like you.
Sakuchi: I know this isn’t the first time for you to come to this school.
Sakuchi: Since you were little your father often brought you here.
Sakuchi: You would play in the back garden with my son, Kai.
Sakuchi: Nothing at all has changed
Sakuchi: From that time….
Yuki: He’s wrong…
Yuki: It’s changed, this school.
Yuki: What could it be?
Yuki: These accommodations are completely wrapped up in a terrible feeling.
Yuki: It’s different than before.
Yuki: Or
Yuki: What’s changed
Yuki: Could be myself…
Sakuchi: Like you, Kai would be 16 if he were alive.
Saku: You remember, right? Just look at that picture.
Yuki: There was a back garden this way
Yuki: But now it’s gone
Saku: Yes… Only that has changed. It would be difficult to keep it.
Yuki: 8 years ago
Kai, who was the same age as me, died over there.
It appeared when we were playing.
Suddenly a jet black dog came and attacked us.
Who was protecting me,
Was bitten in the throat
Yuki: No one else where there but
At that time
I heard from the black dog’s mouth
I’ll kill you.
Someday I will definitely kill you too.
I’ll kill you.
It might have been a hallucination
I’ve been able to see demons since that time.
I didn’t want to come here.
Because something frightful…
Seems like it might happen again
Sfx: knock knock
Ono: It’s Ono.
Saku: Oh, come in.
Saku: Yuki, this is your class’ homeroom teacher.
Saku: Mr. Ono, this child is my old friend’s daughter…
Yuki: Ah, I’m Moriyama Yuki. Nice to meet you…
Ono: … Nice to meet you…
Saku: Is something the matter?
Yuki: Nothing is the matter…
Yuki’s Thoughts: A demon!
There’s a demon on this person!
It can’t be seen.
Yuki: Nothing is the matter.
Thought: By no one other than me.
No one…
Classmate: Moriyama~, the classroom is this way~
Sfx: flutter flutter
Sfx: hurry hurry
Classmate: But ya know, you too have bad timing to change schools to here.
Mate: don’t you know? 3 days ago there was a murder inside the school.
Other mate: Yeah, in the newspaper… They still haven’t found the criminal, so be careful.
Mate: On top of that, you had to go to Mr. Ono’s class.
Mate: Mr. Ono has something wrong….
Mate: What’s the matter?
Other mate: It’s his aura, right? It’s dark and cold
Mate: he’s the most hated in this school. So bad that nobody talks to him other than during class.
Other mate: he can hear you.
Mate: don’t worry about it.
Mate: Moriyama? What are you doing?
Yuki: A child! A child was just now…
Mate: What are you talking about? Class is about to start, hurry up.
Yuki: What…? Just now…
Student’s dorm No. 2
Tanaka Haruko
Matsuyama Yuki
Yuki: Kai
Hey Kai
Yuki: This stone is good.
It looks like there’s a treasure under it.
Kai: Stupid Yuki.
There is no way to move such a big stone.
Yuki: We might be able to move it.
Fine, I’ll do it by myself.
Look! Look! Kai! It moved!
Kai: Look out! Yuki!
Yuki: Kai!!
Voice: …
Yuki: …! From yesterday afternoon!
Yuki: He was there!
Wait! Who are you?
Yuki: Is he… telling me to come with him?
Yuki: The back garden tennis court
What could we be doing in this place… ah!
Wait… He disappeared again. Where.. !?
…. Who… is over there?
Yuki: Who!?
Voice: Yuki
Yuki: Ah…
Voice: Yuki
Yuki: It was Mr. Ono.
I couldn’t see his face but it was him.
I could see the small demon on his shoulder.
That was Mr. Ono but…
Yuki: Who are you…
Yuki: Why did you show me such a thing?
Yuki: Why only me?
Why am I the only one who can see demons?
Voice: The one who brought out the demons
Was you alone, Yuki.
Voice: I’m Kai.
The Kai who died at age 8.
Kai: Remember
Kai: 8 years ago.
The stone that you moved
Was there to seal in the demons.
Kai: When the stone was moved
The demons came out
Kai: You
Have to put them back.
You have the power to do so.
Yuki: My fault…?
Yuki: That’s…
Even if that’s true
How should I…
Kai: You haven’t realized your own power yet.
Give me your hand please.
I’ll help you.
Kai: Give me your hand.
Grip my hand.
Kai: That’s perfect
Yuki: Huh?
Kai: This girl
She’s carrying a 2 month old child!!
Yuki: Kai is…
Kai: Heh heh…
Having a ghost’s body doesn’t come in handy.
I wanted a body.
Kai: I’d like to thank you Yuki.
Yuki: Don’t come near me!
Yuki: You’re not Kai.
You are not Kai.
Yuki: I can see your horns.
By looking at your body
I get the feeling that you’re the same as a demon.
Yuki: …Don’t try and trick me
Kai: Yuki! It’s not like that. I’m…
Yuki: Don’t come near me
Kai: Yuki!
Classmate: Did you hear?
The first person to find Yube’s body was this girl.
Other Classmate: How terrible. Right after transferring schools.
It’s no wonder her face is pale.
Classmate: After this we’ll have to stay in pairs.
Other Classmate: That’s right. Like this it’s dangerous to not walk together inside the school.
Kai: Morning.
Classmate: Ah, morning Sakuchi.
Other Classmate: Hey Kai, morning.
Yuki: Huh…
Yuki: Kai…
Just now, certainly…
Kai: Morning transfer student.
Yuki: !
Kai: What a face you’re making
Is it so strange for me to be greeting you?
Yuki: But… Everyone knows your…
Kai: What’s strange?
(small bubble) my seat
Sfx: sits down
Kai: The 16 year old me
Is in the same class as Yuki.
Yuki: You’re a fake…!
Kai: I’m Kai.
Kai: At one time I was dead.
I’m just borrowing this shape.
Because I was eaten by a demon
I became a demon.
Yuki: I can do something like conceal the truth.
But I
am Kai.
Kai: If you rest easy
Ono will kill someone again.
Kai: No… Ono is a demon after all.
Yuki: I don’t understand
Yuki: What should I do
Yuki: If
It was me who killed Kai
It was also me who is responsible for the demon clinging to Mr. Ono.
Yuki: The power to change everything back to before
Just isn’t in me
Yuki: First thing, how do I begin to…
Someone: Hey! Is the person over there Yuki?
Yuki: …?
The school principle?
What are you doing in a place like that?
That’s a clubhouse, isn’t it?
Someone: Well you see, I came to return a bat I borrowed but the door won’t open.
Could you lend a hand?
Lend a…
Yuki: !
Yuki: Kai!!
Kai: Yuki…?
Ono: I know.
You saw it didn’t you.
Yuki: Gah!
Ono: This kid that kid.
I know they’re making fun of me and laughing.
Especially the girls!
Always looking down on me!
I’ll kill everyone like this!
Everyone who laughed at me!
Yuki: Gah
Kai: Yuki!
Kai: Call for me Yuki!
If you don’t I can’t bring out my power.
Kai: Call for me Yuki!!
Ono’s Demon: Kill! Do it before this child possesses any real power.
Yuki: … Kai…
Yuki: Kai!!
Kai: Yuki!
Kai: Disappear…
Sink into the darkness beneath the earth you demon!
Yuki: Kai...
Yuki: Oh
This is Kai
The same as 8 years ago
He spirit must have stayed here
Yuki: He became a demon
Kai: I didn’t make it in time…
His body has been eaten by that demon…
Yuki: Kai
I want to save you…
Next time I want…
I want your soul…
I want to release the demons from your soul.
Yuki: I’ll do it for that purpose
Sfx: Grin
For that purpose

<<Chapter 1 After School Spell/End>>

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