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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 109

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 109


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 109

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi Chapter 109 by Martigan
revised by Richvh and Miharu Nakajima

This is a private translation, for use by Illuminati only

Page 1 (023)
Panel 1
Kenichi: This story is becoming surprisingly interesting…
Kenichi: but is it real? or is most of it exaggeration?
Panel 2
Kenichi: I’ll have to confirm it with Miu later…
Elder: Don’t worry about it, It’s a true story with no exaggeration…
Apachai: mmhmm
Panel 4
Kenichi: If it’s true, Miu took a huge risk for her age.
sfx:ウットリ *fascinated*
txt: ハアこのにゃんこもいいですわ~~
Haa this kitty is nice too~~

BATTLE 109 秘技
Battle 109: “Secret Technique”

Page 2
BATTLE 109 秘技
Battle 109: “Secret Technique”

Page 3 (025)
Panel 1
Brigand: 動くとこの娘の頭ふっ飛ばす
If you move a step I’ll blow this girl’s brains out
Elder: ふん、やってみるがよい!
Elder: hmph, go ahead and try!

Panel 2
Elder: However, that’ll be the last thing you ever do.
Panel 3
Apachai: N.. No, Gusco-san!! She’s a good kid!!

Panel 4
SFX: ゼーx2 *loom*
Gusco: おい、アパチャイ!いいからそのジジイを始末しろ、口じゃ強がっても動けやしねえ!!
Oi, Apachai! Hurry up and deal with gramps, you talk big but you haven’t done anything!!

Panel 5
Elder: As for you, Apachai,, I knew as soon as this death match began. You aren’t a bad person.
Elder: So why are you working for these people?
Apachai: Apachai… owes a debt to Gusco.

Page 4 (026)
Panel 1
Gusco: はっ、そうとも!タイの港でそいつ腹を空かして死にかけていたところにオレ様が食べ物をめぐんでやったのさ!
Gusco: Ha, exactly! I took pity on this guy and gave him some food as alms when I found him about to die from starvation in a Thai port.
Gusco (思い) ケッハエがとまったいらんわい
tch, a fly landed on it.. I don’t need that.
sfx: キュルルル *sob*
Panel 2
Elder: That’s it?
Apachai: Yep.
Elder: he has a keen sense of duty…
Panel 3
アパチャイ: グスコーさん、それよりその子供たちはなによ?
Apachai: Gusco-san, more importantly, what about the children?
sfx: ゴゴゴ *clinch*
Panel 4
Brigand 1: うっ! What!!
Gusco: こ、これはその・・・
Gusco: well, th.. that is..
SFX: ハハハ *pant*
SFX: サッ *grit*
Gusco: 食うにも困る貧しい村の子たちを子供の天国に連れていくのさ!!
I’m taking the children of a village so poor that they were worried about eating to a children’s paradise!!
Panel 6
Apachai: You’re lying!! Apachai can tell by their frightened eyes!!
sfx: ピキx2 pop pop

Page 5(027)
Panel 1
Miu: Apachai-san, these are bad people!!
Miu: They’re abducting these children to sell them!!
Panel 2
Gusco: じゃかましい、ガキャアー!!
Shut up, brat! gahaa!!
sfx: ガッ SLAP
美羽:キャン! kyah!
Panel 3
sfx: カッ zoom
Panel 4
Gusco: かまわねえ、撃て!!
Gusco: I don’t care, shoot!!
Gusco: ニ人ともよけんじゃねえぞ!
Gusco: Don’t dodge this, you two!!

Page 6 (028)
Panel 1
Elder: Dodge? ..wouldn’t think of it.
Panel 2
Gusco: ひいい・・・いつのまに~~~~!!
Gusco: eeek!!! when did you...!!!
Elder: You can’t look away…. especially when holding a person’s granddaughter hostage…
Panel 3
Gusco: お、おい!誰か助け・・・!!
Gusco: H.. hey! Somebody help…!!

Page 7(029)
Apachai: You’re alright now, Apachai will take you back home!
sfx: ピクx2 crink crunch
Gusco: つ・・・強っ! コイツ、こんなに強かったのか~~~~っ!!
Gusco: s…strong!! this guy was that strong!?!?

Page 8(030)
Panel 1
Elder: Well then, it’s about time for you to disappear.
Gusco: え!?
Elder: A man rotten to his roots, who couldn’t return to being a decent human if he spent the rest of his life trying.
Panel 2
Apachai: No!! If he dies, he won’t be able to keep living!!
Panel 3
Elder: I don’t really get what you’re saying, but you’re very kind…
Panel 4
Gusco: うはは!!この距離ならよけきれまい・・・!!
Gusco: Wahaha!! At this range there’s no way you can dodge!!
Panel 5
Gusco: ひ・・・
Gusco: eek….

Page 9 (031)
Panel 1
sfx: スパ SMASH
attack: 亡心波衝撃!!BOUSHIN HASHOUGEKI – Memory Loss Impact Wave
Panel 2
Apachai: ah….
Panel 3
sfx: ドオオオ thud

Page 10(032)
Panel 1
Brigand: グ・・グスコーさんが死んだ!!
Brigand: Gu… Gusco-san is dead!!
Panel 2
Brigand: グスコー一味もここまでだーーー!!
Brigand: This is the end of the Gusco crew!!!
Brigand 2: 船が沈むぞ!逃げろーー!!
Brigand 2: The ship is sinking! Run!!
Panel 3
SFX: ゴボx2 blop blop
SFX: グオオオ gwaaaaa
Panel 4
Elder: Put the children in things that will float!
Apachai: Apa~~~ all of them, even the unconscious ones!!
Panel 5
Elder: Hurry!!
sfx ドゴゴゴゴゴ blop fizz

Page 11(033)
Panel 2
Brigand: ここまで逃げればあの悪魔も追っては来まい。
Brigand: That demon won’t follow us here.
Brigand: ひどい損害だったな。ほとんど母船と緒に財産は沈んだし、仲間も散り散りだ…
Brigand: We suffered a grave defeat. Most of our goods sank along with the mothership. And our comrades are scattered…
Panel 3
Gusco: はっ!!
Gusco: wah!!
Panel 4
Gusco: こ・・・ここは!?
Gusco: wh… where am I!?
Brigand: グスコー様、箱につめられて浮いていたところを我らの船が拾ったんです。
Brigand: Gusco-sama, our ship picked you up from where you were floating in a box.
Brigand: …て、てっきり死んだものと…決して見捨てて逃げたわけでは…
Brigand.. w.. we thought for sure you were dead so or we never would have abandoned you and fled…
Panel 5
Brigand: グスコー?・・・
Brigand: Gusco?...
Gusco: 誰のこと?えっと・・・ええ!?
Gusco: Who? um… what!?
Brigand: え?
Brigand: huh?
Panel 6
Gusco: ボ、ボクはいったい誰なんでしょう!?
Gusco: I… who am I!?

Page 12(034)
Panel 1
Kenichi: BOUSHIN HASHOUGEKI – Memory Loss Impact Wave, was it? uh huh~~
Panel 2
Kenichi: A technique to make someone lose their memory… you liar.
sfx: プププ *wave*
Elder: It’s true.
Apachai + Elder: right!
Panel 3
Kenichi: Even assuming it’s true, why did you erase his memory?
Kenichi: You could have just called the police…
Panel 4
Elder: It was an evil country with a corrupt government.
Elder: You can get out of jail there with just money.

Panel 5
Elder: And that guy was a true villain. Even the death sentence would be too light for him.
Elder: So that’s why I made the life which was so tainted with evil disappear.
Panel 6
Elder: This is the truth of hating the “crime” without hating a person!
Kenichi: Well.. I guess that’s true…

Page 13(035)
Panel 1
Kenichi: So, the children were safe?
Elder: mmhmm… on the morning 4 days later, we arrived back at the village
Panel 5
Elder: No matter how many times I see a parent and child reunited, it brings me joy!!

Page 14(036)
Panel 1
Woman: Thank you… thank you very much!!
Panel 2
Elder: Apachai-kun
sfx アパ Apa のっしx2 *stroll*
Panel 3
sfx ズズーー slip
woman: kyaaa!! a… amazing!!
Panel 4
Elder: Apachai and I spent 3 days on “Salvage”.
Note: 沈没した船や貨物を陸に引き上げること。
Note: freight or cargo that has been dragged from a sunken ship.
Apachai: ooh pretty
Elder: My shoulders are stiff.
美羽:キャッx2 kyaa
Elder: We’ve hidden 30 boxes like this one in the harbor.. with weapons too!!
Panel 5
Elder: Take this treasure and hire some mercenaries, so you won’t be targeted again.
Elder (thought): Hey.. this is the card of some nice guys
sfx: ピラ flop
Man: hehe~~~ thanks for everything!!
Panel 6
Elder: Well then, we’ll take our reward.
sfx: ギラリ *glare*

Page 15(037)
Panel 1
sfx: スッ whoosh
Panel 2
Elder: And now it’s taken care of!!
sfx: チャリン clink
Woman: huh!?
Panel 3
Man: No way.. the money we collected from the villagers isn’t nearly enough…
Man 2: You have to at least take something from the treasure don’t you?
Panel 4
Elder: Nope…
Panel 5
Elder: This money, packed with everyone’s love and affection
Elder: is worth 1000 times more than that treasure!!

Page 16(038)
Panel 2
Miu: Grandfather---- this person, he’s still following us~~~
Panel 3
Elder: Come on, don’t look at him.
Panel 4
sfx: アパ  Apa ニッコx2 *big smile*
Panel 5
Elder: He’ll give up sooner or later.

Page 17(039)
Panel 1
sfx: ズル slip
Panel 2
Kenichi: … so….
Panel 3
Kenichi: You just followed him just like that!? All the way to Ryouzampaku!?
Elder: mmhmm, immigration caused us lots of problems… we had to force our way through.
sfx: アパパパ Apapapa
Apachai: Exactly!!!
Panel 4
Kenichi: Are you serious? Can this be true….
Kenichi: If it was a lie, he would have made it more believable…
Page 18(040)
Panel 1
Kenichi: ….hey wait!!
Kenichi: The wildlife caricatures!!
Panel 2
Kenichi: That completely ridiculous tale made me forget!!
Kenichi: What’s the reason you started liking wildlife caricatures? You didn’t say a damn thing about it!!
Panel 3
According to our agreement, I said I’d hide the fact that you bought this 100,000 yen wildlife caricature if I understood the connection, but…
Panel 4
Kenichi: Unfortunately, I see no connection… so I’m telling!! Well then….
Sfx: たかいって!expensive!
Elder: The truth is…
Panel 5
Elder: Just as my death match with Apachai was reaching the climax…
Elder: it just happened to pop into my mind…

Page 19(041)
Panel 1
長老:あーー鳥獣戯画ってとっても・・・ ステキなデザインかも・・・!!!
Elder: Ahhh, “wildlife caricatures”… what a great design that’d be!!!
Panel 2
Elder: ..like that
sfx: ボン boom
Elder: that’s the truth, what can ya do!!
Panel 3
Apachai: Ah.. now that you mention it, for some reason Apachai too..
Apachai: had some strange rabbit pop into his head!!
Panel 5
兼一:フッ sigh

Page 20(042)
Panel 1
Kenichi: Miu-saaaaan!!! Listen closely, Eldest has…..
長老: 亡心波衝撃!!!
Elder: BOUSHIN HASHOUGEKI – Memory Loss Impact Wave
Panel 2
sfx: スパーン *kapow*
Panel 3
Miu: …? What is it?
sfx: ササ・・ *brush off*
Elder: Nothing.
sfx: くわんx2  shake トン poke
Apachai: I haven’t seen that in a while.
Panel 4
兼一: ハッ 何やってんだボク?
Kenichi: haa… What am I doing?
Kenichi: I have to hurry and get dinner ready!!
Elder: Forgive me, Ken-chan
sfx: キラリ *stare*
Panel 5
Kenichi: Today I’m letting Miu relax all day~~~
sfx: トンx2 tap
しぐれ:ふーん。 hmph
Panel 6
Kenichi: hey~~~~
Kenichi: I get the feeling I’m forgetting something extremely important…

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