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Capeta 13.2

+ posted by Masa Kaneda as translation on Jun 18, 2012 13:12 | Go to Capeta

-> RTS Page for Capeta 13.2

reserved for Endless Abyss & Deadbeat Scans

1. It's from Nobu

(Nobu's e-mail text)
Happy Birthday! !
Yeah,16 years old! !
So you can finally enter F-Stella!!
Set very good lap times in the Suzuka test and get the third car entry.
Good luck


I'm gettting worn out with English...

1. Capeta, hurry! You'll be late for the Shinkansen.
2. Yeah
3. Sorry. I was reading a mail from Nobu
4. Because of your birthday?
5. He says he's getting worn out with English
6. All the classes in his high school are in English, right?
7. Yeah, right. It's an awful school. // Even a weekly English lesson is giving me a headache

1. Today's young kids are admirable
2. Alright
3. I'm 16 now
4. I've got a qualification to enter F-Stella!

[square on top] June 20TH (Tue)
1. Now it's up to me
[square on bottom left] Suzuka circuit, Mie Prefecture

1. Good morning
2. Sorry I'm late. I just got here
3. Hey, you had an exam in your school yesterday, right?
4. Did you well?
5. Well...
6. Oh, Capeta. You got here.

1. Good morning, Tanaka-san
2. umm, today's your birthday, right?
3. Yes...
4. Finally 16
5. well,
6. I'm counting on you.
7. Yes!
8. In this test,

1. I'll absolutely get ahead of Ryou,
2. and also Minamoto's lap time....
3. In that way, I'll let the team approve of my third car entry!!!

1. I'll show you, Minamoto!!!

1. Today is a race-week. So there are lots of F3 cars running. Watch out your mirrors
2. Yes
3. Also us FSRS, Persec and other top teams of F-Stella are all here to prepare for the race

1. This is the last session in the morning.
2. This is your first time at Suzuka, so try to learn the track a lot.
3. Yes

1. Taira

1. Keep going flat-out to *the clipping point of Turn 1!!
[TL Note: The apex or 'clipping' point is the corner's neutral point, the place where the transition between entry and exit is made.]
2. Consider it as a straight otherwise you can't set a fast time. From there fast drivers approach Turn Two at 200km/h while counter-steering

1. Make up your mind, Noriko
2. Yes. Sorry.
3. Alight, get Komazawa ready next

1. What the hell...?
2. Top time Komazawa, 2nd Ahonen,
3. 3rd Aizawa, 4th Shiba....
4. Yeah, I'm not mistaken...
5. Minamoto's time has not been shown!!!

1. There are only my car and Ryou's (I just noticed now)
2. WHY........?
3. Capeta-kun
4. Hata-san
5. You are going to enter the race this weekend, right?

1. huh?
2. You know, because Naomi-kun is not in Japan. // Is he coming back?
3. …
4. “Not in Japan”?
5. ...
6. What? No one told you?

1. …
2. I got it....
3. FSRS hasn't yet decided 'what to do' …..
4. Why?! Tell me
[added/hand-written sentences] What happened?
5. He's gone to take a test of Italian team since the last Sunday
6. Italia..
7. What?!
8. He's a stand-in for an injured driver of Formula Gialla's top team.

1. ...
2. No way....
3. Minamoto has won all 5 races so far this season, and about to become an F-Stella champion, then why left halfway through...?
4. I guess that's the reason
5. Formula Gialla is a higher category than FS
6. Winning races over there gives you recognition in Europe
7. For instance, Raikkonen skipped F3 and went straightly to F1
8. Even Stella can't give a seat to a Japanese in F1 without gaining recognition from people in Europe
9. ...

1. Rather than trying to get the easy FS title, // I guess they thought it'd better to go to Europe while there's a chance
2. Better for both Minamoto and FSRS
3. Lots of youngsters are out there to take the test for the seat. They are all sent in by various makers from various countries. // So there's a possibility that he gets rejected and comes back here
4. Maybe FSRS hasn't told you about it because they don't know how it's gonna be
5. Even Shiba-kun didn't know about it until he came to Suzuka

1. I'm envious a little, but
2. What if he got rejected and came back? // If he's not good enough, neither are we...
3. …?
4. well, see you afternoon // good luck

1. can't believe it....
2. “Europe”?

1. He got me

1. You can race with Minamoto someday
2. I'm not sure which category it would be, but
3. I'll get you a seat in the best environment!!
4. ...

1. Just when
2. I thought I've finally caught up you
3. hmm, Capeta
4. Suzuka is new to him
5. Not bad

1. umm, it's looking good
2. Day 1 is just like this
3. It was just wishful thinking to expect that he'd already be showing his blistering pace
4. You leave me behind again

1. by the way,
2. e...
3. “F1”.....
4. His target is way bigger than the one I have now
5. (Nobu) hey, what you talkin about?
6. (Nobu) I told you to aim for it too!

1. yeah yeah
2. and then...?
3. hold on
4. are you sure? // 2 seconds!?

1. “He was 2 seconds faster”-!?
2. than the course record at Paul Ricard”?!
3. two sec...
4. Isn't it 0.2 second? //What the hell?
[added/hand-written sentecnes]
(Guy right) technically impossible
(Guy left) neither could Schumacher
5. They said it was properly recorded by the official timing
6. No way. I guess that's a malfunction of the clock
7. okay
8. Then call me anytime you finish the test over there!

[square on top right] Wednesday
1. hey, capeta. You have a moment?

1. Yes
2. Maybe you've heard of it already, // Naomi is Currently taking a test of Formula Giallla at Paul Ricard
3. ...
4. He'd not come back to Japan this weekend depending on the result, so,
5. if that was the case, you'll enter the race this weekend

1. I understood
2. This was unexpected, but such things happen in this way. (just like Naomi's Europe trip) // This is a great opportunity for you
3. So...
4. How's Minamoto doing in his test?
5. Well..
6. I got a report that he was 2 seconds faster than the course record of Paul Ricard
[added/hand-written sentecnes] from the local circuit

1. (Capeta) 2 seconds....
2. Tanaka-san, we got the reason for it
3. What?
4. Naomi was // driving on the outside of the kerbs!!
5. What? // That's the reason!?
6. Well..., // the circuit was new to him, so he didn't have much idea which part to drive!

1. huh?!
2. I knew something was strange. “by 2 seconds” was too good to be true.
3. For Naomi, doing such mistake in an important test was unusual
4. No. It was rather usual for him.
5. He was just thinking of driving fast, so he was making such odd mistake

1. So, then, what time did he set on the proper part of the track?
2. Yeah, that's the one.
3. He beat the course record by 0.5 second!!
4. So far that's easily the top time!!
[added/hand-written sentences]
(Guy right) This could be the decider
(guy left) still too early

1. ...
2. “Just thinking of driving fast”!!

1. owww
2. 5 minutes to the session start

1. Course open

1. It's Ahonen
2. He already goes flat-out at Turn 1 //Having the cold tires is not an issue for Gaijin at all
3. Suzuka is new to him, right?
4. Of course, he just came from Finland this spring
5. Though he's been in shadow of Minamoto so far
6. he's improved
7. He's currently in 3rd in the ranking
8. If Naomi didn't come back, // this boy could take the title away, don't you think?
9. I know it's better to send in minamoto to overseas albeit losing the title, but this is hard
10. I'd hate to see our team getting beaten by a private team

1. Minamoto is not coming back
2. From now on
3. My teammate is 'that guy'

1. The situation is getting worse
2. I'd be forgiven for losing to Minamoto
3. But
4. if by chance I lose to him, the promoted sub,
5. I won't have a drive next year

1. Alright, Ryou! 2m10.41sec
2. Tire set S-15. This is very good if you can set this time with used tires,
3. Ryou wants his first victory
4. He's ranked in 4 // he still have a possibility to win the title (mathematically...)
5. Our title is only dependent on Ryou
6. It's also...

1. wow, someone went off
2. Is that Capeta?
3. Asshole!
4. oh, that was close

1. ...depending on how much Capeta can support him
2. hey hey... // don't go off already
3. well, well
4. I like high spirits

1. Keep going flat-out to the clipping point!!
2. From there fast drivers approach Turn Two at 200km/h while counter-steering
3. Make up your mind, Noriko
4. Turn 1 flat-out
5. I bet Capeta-kun could do this quickly. So could I

1. help me //dad!

1. Noriko 2m 10.5 seconds
2. She did it! 4TH!
3. That's the way! If you are scared and put on the brake hard there, your car gets shoved to side.
4. Also Komazawa is in 2nd. Looks good.
5. Surely,
6. we couldn't have our second car running without a driver bringing us sponsor,

1. But I don't want someone who is nothing more than a pay driver.
[added/hand-written sentecnes] One car and Komazawa is enough
2. Noriko has sense so she's quite good at a circuit like Suzuka.
3. She's also neck and neck with Shiba at FSRS.
4. If I give her hard lessons, she won't turn out half bad.

1. Capeta
2. almost went off again. At Degner
3. He seems out of shape today
4. 2m 11.5 sec... // he hasn't improved his time either

1. FSRS's Taira
2. pushed too hard at Spoon and went wide too.
3. It's rare to see someone going off during a joint test.
4. He's a stand-in for Minamoto, right?
5. He seems a bit too excited
6. Hey capeta, calm down a little
7. This is only Wednesday. You have a plenty of time to learn the track

1. Harden the stabilizer of the front a little, please

2. huh?
3. Apart from it, this car is very drivable

1. Just
2. for driving 'fast ' !!!

#61 Persec Motorsports
Hata Noriko (17)

#7 S.D.P. -FSRS
Shiba Ryou (17)

#62 Persec Motorsports
Komazawa Taku (20)

#27 Zephyrus
Mikko Ahonen (17)

1. Komazawa Taku/Persec Motorsports
2. M. Ahonen/Zephyrus
3. Ogasawara Ken/Zephyrus
4. Shiba Ryou/SDP-FSRS
5. Aizawa Takashi/Velde Yoke M.S
6. Hata Noriko/Persec Motorsports
7. Taira Kappeita/SDP-FSRS
8. Hyoudou Akira/Velde Yoke M.S
9. Honma Eisaku/PrimaSports

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