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Capeta 13.3

+ posted by Masa Kaneda as translation on Jun 18, 2012 13:25 | Go to Capeta

-> RTS Page for Capeta 13.3

Reserved for Endless Abyss & Deadbeat Scans

Capeta 13.3

1. This is your chance.
2. They don't have Minamoto, who is the winner of all races anymore. // We wanna win this Suzuka round.
3. Is he not coming back?
4. I guess not.
5. I heard he set the course record at Paul Ricard.
6. I guess he would pass the test of Formula Gialla.

1. Minamoto is graduating from F-Stella.
2. [unchanged]
3. . . . .
4. [box] #27 Zephyrus team Mikko Ahonen (17)
5. . . . .?
6. . . . .
7. I got it.
8. You always wanted to defeat Minamoto, right?

1. That's not the only reason...
2. eh ?
3. I'm full.
4. Naomi
5. I'll miss you...

1. The first S-curve
2. After you've passed through it, move to the left as much as possible.
3. Turn the wheel hard.
4. It doesn't matter if it causes *resistance.
5. If you've moved to
6. the left side on the second S,

[*TL note: I guess he's referring to the 'rolling resistance']

1. you'll get a fast exit on the third S.
2. Degner.

1. No brake is needed.
2. Use the uphill slope for slowing down.
3. Hey...
4. Sector One!!
SFX: heartbeat sounds

1. Here comes
2. 130R.
3. The entry is so narrow
4. you can't see ahead at all.

1. Pull yourself together.
2. Attaaack!

1. The entry of 130R is narrow but the exit is very wide.
2. So if you lift the throttle, you can't take the corner right.

You can go as wide as possible.

[timing monitor]
1. Taira Kappeita / SDP-FSRS
2. Komazawa Taku / Persec Motorsports
3. M. Ahonen / Zephyrus
4. 4. Ogasawara / Ken Zephyrus
5. Shiba Ryou / SDP-FSRS
6. Hata Noriko / Persec Motorsports
7. Aizawa Takashi / Velde Yoke M.S
8. Hyoudou Akira / Velde Yoke M.S
9. Honma Eisaku / PrimaSports

1. He came. He came.
2. His blistering pace suddenly comes like lightening, you see.

1. wow, 9.08 seconds
2. This lap time could have put him into the 3rd grid in last year's Suzuka round.
3. That guy always does it suddenly.
4. 9.08 seconds!?
5. YEAH!

1. You did a great lap, Capeta!
2. You went off so often you got me worried. But you were trying to find the limit, right?
3. So far, things went quite well, as I imagined!!
4. Hopefully I can keep this up and be well prepared by the race day
[timing monitor]
1. M. Ahonen / Zephyrus
2. Taira Kappeita
3. Komazawa Taku / Persec

1. Ahonen 8.6 seconds.
2. His time beat last year's pole-time already.
3. . . . .
4. half a second faster than me.
5. I pushed as hard as I could on my lap.
6. How could he go half a second faster!?

1. Compared to the top driver's driving,
2. there must be room for improvement
3. in my lap.
4. I'll definitely figure it out.
5. In my debut race,
6. I will win.

1. Hi, Ryou
2. Why do I have to share a room with him?
3. But they are paying the hotel charge so I can't complain...

1. Is this F1?
2. ...Suzuka... right?
3. As you can see.

1. Ryou.
2. Here.
3. A video of the Japanese GP.
4. Though this is F1, it wouldn't be much help to you,
5. but it’s got onboard camera.
6. I rented you this, so do image training a lot tonight.

1. Qualifying Session Two.
2. Bernard Missile is starting his time attack.

1. 130R

1. uhee
2. He passed through it already. (chicane now)
3. There's no time to pump yourself up for the corner.
4. It came.
5. 1 minute 29.012 seconds.

1. 1 minute
2. 29 secooonds!?!
3. Shut the hell up. / I'm doing image training.
4. Finally the barrier of 1 minute 30 seconds has been broken down in Suzuka.
5. oh well... I guess we'll see more super laps.

1. My best time today is 2 minutes 9.08 seconds.
2. Even the pole time could only reach the 2 minutes 8 seconds mark...
3. 1 minute 29 seconds...
4. What the hell?
5. We are desperately trying to improve on our lap times by just 2 or 3 tenths.

1. 40 seconds faster!?!
2. How awesome is F1!!!

1. 'That guy'
2. threw away the title of F-Stella and headed to Europe
3. because of this.

1. A car that is 40 seconds per lap faster.
2. What is it like?
3. If...
4. I could drive one
5. …
6. Someday I wanna...
7. (Nobu left) at last
8. (Nobu right) you're late

1. France
2. Paul Ricard circuit

(All those bubbles are the sounds of breathing in/out)
4. haahh
5. haahh
6. fshhhh
7. Braking

1. Ugehhh

1. mm, ahhhh
2. Shinkawa-kun
3. I hope he'll be able to be the third driver in the Japanese GP in the fall...
4. But beyond this point, I won't be much help as a coordinator.
5. [box] S.D. P. (Stella Drivers Program) Europe side manager Kenjyou Tetsurou (46)

1. Why...
2. He drives an F1 car for an event or something.
3. Driving at full speed is completely a different matter.
4. F1's G-force under braking is beyond imagination. / because of the carbon brakes.
5. 4.5G at maximum.
6. Do you know what it means?

1. a 65kg driver would
2. experience a force of over 290kg, equals to 4.5 times his own weight under full braking, and gets pushed hard forward. // Then he can't breathe because the seat-belt is pressing his body so hard.
3. After he's withstood it, the G-force of cornering and acceleration immediately attacks him.
4. At high speed corners his neck is forced to move towards outside by centrifugal force as if it’s going to break. // His blood also rushes to one side of his body so the eye closest to the center of rotation loses vision due to the loss of blood pressure.
5. A normal human would be almost passing out.

1. At this moment, an F1 driver's heart rate is 180bpm. // This equals the rate of an athlete running the 800-Meters.
2. "Same as the 800-Meters"...
3. Yeah. But the 800-Meters lasts less than 2 minutes. In such condition...

1. they keep fighting for 2 hours.
2. That's what a sports F1 is.

1. For 2 hours,
2. drivers are keeping an eye on the tires and engine condition,
3. observing the track situation and communicating with the pit about strategy while battling with other cars...

1. Burn-off button, traction control, *mu map and launch control... // The button operation has various combinations of programming
2. If you pushed the wrong button you’re in trouble
3. I had a look at it, I don't get it at all
4. While experiencing 4 and 5G with the condition like an 800metre run,

*I don't know what he's refering to... (I’d assume engine map)

1. they keep their cool and carry out their task calmly.
2. they’re not human anymore!!

You’re also aiming for F1, right?

1. Yes...
2. This boy would also be
3. no longer a human someday.
4. (little bubble) I'm scared.
5. Well, good luck.
6. We’re all counting on you.

1. F1 driver....

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