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Capeta 13.4

+ posted by Masa Kaneda as translation on Jun 18, 2012 13:38 | Go to Capeta

-> RTS Page for Capeta 13.4

reserved for Endless Abyss & Deadbeat Scans

Capeta 13.4

1. m
2. mmm
3. fhh

(screen on the cellphone)
incoming call

1. Hi, Nobu.
2. When will you go? // I'm only free on Saturday
3. eh? / “to what” ?
4. Suzuka // Ca-chan's debut race!!

1. I can't go this time
2. Why!?
3. I have intensive English lessons.
4. What are you talking about? I even rescheduled my work //
5. Are you not taking Team Capeta into consideration!?
6. Now,
7. there's nothing I can do to help Capeta.

1. He has his things to do at the circuits,
2. and I have my things to do here.
3. Huh!?
4. Well // I'm busy right now.
5. Damnit, she still thinks she's the director of Team Capeta.

1. (box on the top) Suzuka
2. (box on the bottom) Friday AM 11:45
3. Finally, the race is tomorrow!
4. As we planned, we'll do a simulation of qualifying this afternoon.
5. Ryou
6. Capeta has already reached the 8 seconds mark.
7. You gotta do something!
8. Yes!
9. Taira---

1. At Spoon, you control the car while the weight transfers towards the right side. // And if you make the throttle work a little rough until the rear-end comes out, the car keeps sliding.
2. Look here, it's still rough.
3. Yes.
4. 40 seconds..
5. 40 seconds faster than this....

1. F1
2. Even if I drove the same circuit,
3. it would be totally different.
4. What would it look like?

1. What would it look like?
2. I wanna see that.

1. If I aim for F1,

1. Someday in somewhere
2. I will 'encounter'
3. that guy
4 That's right

5. What I
6. have to do now is

1. to win 'here'

1. Shinkawa-kun did well.
2. Considering this is his first test, he did quite well to set this lap time.
3. He came here despite the fact he has a tight schedule with Super GT and F-Nippon races in Japan.

1. He has an F-Nippon race this weekend // Now he'll fly back to Japan and go straight to Suzuka from the airport. /that is hard...

1. ...
2. ....
3. Minamoto-kun
4. you wanna go back to Japan, too?
5. I understand your feeling. You left unfinsihed bussiness with F-Stella
6. But you have a debut race in Formula Gialla next weekend // You need to concentrate on that one.

1. ....
2. You have a different situation from Shinkawa.
3. For him, F1's test is an option and getting the titles of SuperGT and F-Nippon is a prime target.
4. But you are now a Formula Gialla driver.
5. Don't bother about F-Stella, the lower categoy.
6. If you make a round-trip and fall in poor health,

1. you won't be able to performe at 100% next weekend. It'll suck.
2. / no, no
3. I don't think so.
4. eh?

1. I apologize for my selfish action.

1. Please let me drive.
2. Alright // It's top time.

1. Minamoto!

1. Why? He...
2. I thought he wouldn't come back...
3. ....
4. Wait a minute
5. I was supposed to race as a sub for Minamoto
6. If he is back,

1. I won't be able to race!?

1. What? You told Kenjo..
2. ... that you couldn't become a F1 driver if you were just doing what you were told to do?
3. He thinks he can be Shinkawa by doing things that he's told, but...
4. he can't be more than Shinkawa. // That's what Kenjo told me.

1. ...damn
2. Can you do well? Both F-Stella and
3. in next week's Formula Gialla?
4. Yes.

1. Next week's Gialla is your main target // So don't try too hard this time // It's okay if you don't win here.
2. Excuse me.
3. Well...
4. What are we gonna do?

1. Am I gonna get removed from the car?

1. Minamoto---, why the hell did you come back?
2. My debut race is screwed
3. (little bubble) damnit!
4. After all,
5. It's me who'll get removed.
6. Because I'm a reserve.

1. Am I gonna be able to keep my race seat?
2. Once again I couldn't beat // Taira's lap time in Suzuka today
3. Am I gonna ge able to keep my race seat...
4. … just because I'm a regular driver!?
5. Damnit! Why did you come back?!

1. umm, he's a troublesome guy.
2. (the little sentence below the frame) he's happy a little bit
3. Though having him back is encouraging...
4. If we knew he'd ome back, we wouldn't have told Capeta he could drive the car....

1. (box) #27 Zephyrus Mikko Ahonen
2. Hey, Mikko.
3. Can you hear me?
4. What?
5. Minamoto came back!! He'll compete in the race.

1. Eh (heart)

1. Ahonen set 2 min 7.8 sec---
2. woooow!!!

1. on the 2 minutes...
2. 7... seconds... mark!!!

1. I wanna race.
2. I wanna drive in the race.
3. Feel pity for capeta, but he'll have to get out of the car.
4. I guess that's the only option we have considering the championship.
5. Because Ryou has earned those points so far.
6. We'll make Capeta accept it by guaranteeing him that we'll give him the third car entry in the next race.

1. But we might regret it.
2. Because his lap time was almost one second faster than Ryou // he seems to be in a good shape this time, so I hoped to see him driving in the race.

1. Everyone, gather around.
2. As for this race,
3. we announce a change to our driver line-up due to Naomi's comeback.

1. Car #6 for Naomi.

1. Car #8 for Capeta.
2. From now on we work with these two for this Suzuka round.
3. Eeeh!?
4. yes!
5. Thogh Capeta is a promoted sub, his lap times have been better than...
6. … Ryou's since Wednesday // Therefore, we've decided to let him race this time.

1. ….
2. FSRS rely on "results"
3. Ryou, do your best next time.
4. That's it!
5. ....
6. ....
7. ... I can...
8. race...
9. ohhhhh

1. I...
2. I got it!

1. I'll compete in this race // together with Minamoto.
2. I'll fight with him!!!

1. YEAH!

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