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Capeta 14.3

+ posted by Masa Kaneda as translation on Jul 15, 2012 13:41 | Go to Capeta

-> RTS Page for Capeta 14.3

reserved for EA and DB

Capeta 14.3

1. Do you think I'm a bad person?
2. As I said,
3. you're not!!

1. You're awesome.
2. I was moved!!
3. but...
4. Think about it //from a team's point of view,
5. It must be better to have a fast driver...
6. ...than one who's bothered by a teammate's crash!!
7. Devil!?!
8. Don't worry!!

1. That's a great compliment.
2. Better to be called "a strong guy" than "a nice guy". "Devil" is excellent!!
3. Anyway, good luck tomorrow.
4. Bye!
5. sigh
6. As usual, he's a troublesome guy.
7. You're a fast driver, so just stop worrying!!

1. ah, well...
2. He says there's nothing to worry about...
3. But..
4. (Panel 2/Nobu) you're annoying
5. ....
6. I'm sorry for saying "have a crash once" before the race.

(The letter in Panel 4)
To Minamoto Naomi
I'm glad to hear you were okay. I apologize for (the letter ends)

1. Good luck in tomorrow's race, you two.
2. Suzuki Monami
3. ....
4. you...
5. "two"...?
6. (panel 4) *snaps*
7. ...
8. I won't lose to him

1. June 25th (Sun)
2. Formula Stella race
3. 8:45 AM
4. Drivers' meeting

1. I understand you've all been worried...
2. ...but I can now announce that Minamoto will be able to race today!

1. Thank you very much
2. The reason behind yesterday's accident is // Car #12 changing his line twice while letting Minamoto pass.
3. As you all know, this is a very dangerous move.

1. When you let a faster car pass, you can only change line once .
2. Unless everyone follows the rules... //...we won't be able to avoid accidents.
3. Please comply with the rules.
4. Yes
5. Hey, Mikko.

1. Naomi!!
2. Are you alright?
3. Yeah
4. They seem to be getting along well.
5. /since Round 1.
6. /weird...
7. Very unusual for Naomi-kun...

*don't know what they are talking in the Panel 2 and 4.

1. He's been notorious for not talking with his fellow drivers since his kart days.
2. ....
3. Anyway, his English has become quite impressive.
4. Looks like he has no problem holding a conversation.

1. eh?
2. 9:20 AM
3. This way please//Taira-kun is over here.

1. Thank you!!
2. The race will start soon, right? //Don't worry. We'll leave soon.
3. Anyway, compared with Go-kart tracks, this circuit is extraordinary.
4. Of course it is. This is Formula!!
5. Dad
6. Boss.

1. Thanks for coming.
2. Hey, good for you. //I was surprised to suddenly hear about your debut!!
3. hehe
4. Hey, Capeta.
5. (Shige) wow, awesome. Just like F1.
6. That's "the guy", right?

1. The guy you mentioned before. You even said "If I could battle with him, I wouldn't mind quitting racing"
2. Eh...?
3. I'm not doing kart for the sake of becoming a champion.

1. There's a guy I really wanna battle with.
2. That was a year ago.
3. Good for you.
4. At some time, you were worried about if you could continue to race with that worn-out kart or not.
5. Now you can race in such an excellent car!!

1. (shige) good luck, Capeta.
2. I see...
3. I.....
4. I wanna battle with him.
5. Even if it's not an entire race,
6. it would be okay if I could just beat him around the first corner.
7. I remember I said such things.

1. ESSE Formula Stella Round 6 race
2. 5 minutes before the pit-lane opens

1. You can race with Minamoto someday.
2. I'm not sure which category it would be in, but
3. I'll get you a seat in the best possible environment!!
4. Now, one year has passed...
5. Everything has turned out just like Nobu said!!

1. He's awesome
2. And when this happens, (English in the raw)
3. When we allow freedom to ring, (English in the raw)
4. 9:40...
5. Free at last! free at last! (English in the raw)

1. Now, they must be doing the formation lap.
2. Nobu
3. Without you,
4. I would've been lost in despair.

1. All the cars have taken their grid positions.
2. This is
3. Formula...
4. I never imagined myself racing in such a great car and team.

1. Thank you for everything.
2. Thank you!!
3. Capeta.
4. You really are awesome.

1. In both All Japan Kart and FSRS,
2. no matter how tough conditions were, you always executed my plans.
3. My ideas come true one by one.
4. There is nothing more exciting than this.
5. I'm very lucky...

1. ...to have met you.
2. ALL GREEN (English in raw)
3. Start


1. Capeta is fast
2. Capeta is fast
3. Hey, that's too early. Maybe a jump start?
4. No, no.
5. Perfect.
6. That's perfect clutch control.

1. He's gonna pass Ahonen at Turn One.
2. Ahonen moves to the outside...
3. ...for the approach to Turn One.

1. Cross-line
2. Taira goes to the inside.
3. whoa, that's tight.
4. /On that line...
5. You won't make it around Turn One.
6. /Capeta

1. ugh
2. raaaa!

*war cry

1. (3rd gear)
2. (downshifting to 2nd gear)
3. Yeah!
4. Taira...
5. ...overtakes Ahonen at Turn One


1. Hey, Capeta.
2. Ever since teaming up with you
3. I've begun thinking like this....
4. Minamoto started to pull away from the 2nd place Taira.
5. His driving is excellent, despite the tyres not warming up yet.
6. ......
7. Even if my chances of success are slim,

1. Even if...
2. ...people say it's impossible,
3. what you....
4. strongly desire,
5. wish for,
6. and imagine...

1. ...you make happen in reality.
2. Of course, taking your talent into account first.
3. I've seen it many times.
4. Maybe F1 is just a dream for us.

1. But you...
2. ...make me think it's possible
3. kuhhh //Minamotoooo
4. Go for it
5. Capeta!!!

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