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Kami to Sengoku Seitokai 35

The Shadow of evil

+ posted by max mahito as translation on Apr 4, 2012 17:04 | Go to Kami to Sengoku Seitokai

-> RTS Page for Kami to Sengoku Seitokai 35

A Franky-House translation.
Send me a PM if anyone would like to use this.

Kami to Sengoku Seitokai 35
Title: The Shadow of evil

<page 0>
- So... Let's have you return Akane-chan to us!
- That's as far as you go, Yukawa.. No, traitor!!
- Traitor....?
- I don't remember betraying anybody though?
- I'm becoming more and more supportive of "the other side"....The mission they're born to follow...
- Their mission to overthrow and destroy our world..!!

<page 1>
- Director Moda's influence is useless here
- I have to do this myself..!
- For them to have caused such a disturbance at Katsuragi's induction as Student Council President
- They face the danger of the Junin I-in (10 Committee Members)'s retaliation
- To steal away so much of the students (to heaven?)
- As the head of the Junin I-in (10 Committee Members), it's my mistake...
- I will deliver Yukawa's judgement...!
- Hidemitsu...

<page 2>
<sfx: haa! (swing effort)>
- What?!
- It's an Utsusemi?!
<sfx: shuooo (absorption)>
<Note: Utsusemi basically means "cicada shell", which doesn't really sound good at all. I haven't been able to read through the whole series yet, so donno what previous groups translated this as, but you could use illusion too>
- Chairman Amata...

<page 3>
- You were really this kind of honest idiot after all...!
- ......!! Suddenly..! (when did..!)
- In the darkness of that coronation, the person who stabbed you with that sword was me
- But.. even after that you weren't even cautious of me at all...
- Of course!
- What's wrong with believing in my nakama!

<page 4>
- I'm telling you that it's that idiotic honesty of yours..
<sfx: suu (swift approach)>
- that will cost you your life!
<sfx: za! (hit)>
- Ugh!
- Hidemitsu..!
<sfx: pero (weird perverted lick)>
- As I thought... it's true...!!

<page 5>
- You were a girl....!!
- Rather pretty, too... <3
- Grr...!
- Hmm! She is pretty hot!
<text: Although Sarami is still hotter in my opinion...>
-......Chief Kida!
- If you're gonna be distracted, please do it over there!!
<sfx: ga! (smack/hit)>
- De! (more of an sfx/hit than a word)
- Committee chairman... You aren't using your Animorphose, right? ...Why?
- Is there some reason why you can't use your Animorphose in front of others?
- Oh well... I tried to go easy on your body so that you wouldn't suffer, too.

<page 6-7>
- If I use my Kageboushi (silhouettes)
- I can even do something like this!
- Wha...Clones...?
- So, Chairman, which one do you think is the real one?
- Kuh!
- If you ask which one is the real one,
<sfx: gu (gripping)>
- Then I just need to crush them all..!!
- !!
<sfx: bou!!! (boom)
- C..crap..
<sfx: Dosa!! (exploding/dust)

<page 8>
- Oooh! It's the princess!!
<bubble text: Lucky~<3>
- !!
<left sfx: Hyoi~ (cute lifting)>
- Didn't I tell you not to help me....!!
<sfx: do! (smack)>
- Gofu! (getting smacked sfx)
- Chief! Since earlier you've been flitting around me...!
- Stop being a nuisance in my battle!
- Calm down, Hidemitsu!!
- You should know what he's trying to do to you.
- He's trying to make you upset and unable to use your calm judgement.
- Don't get too heated, Hidemitsu!
- I know that...!!

<page 9>
- What's wrong, Committee Chairman?
- Now you see there's no way to win, you're going to run, huh?
<right sfx: za! (stepping), left sfx: da! (running)>
- Oya!? Seems like you've stopped, huh...
- There's nowhere you can run now...!!
<sfx: dan! (hitting door)>
- ......
- We might be feminists, but... We won't go easy on you!
- Prepare yourself....!!
<sfx: za! (effect)>

<page 10>
- !?... Wha..
<sfx: zaku (slice, hitting)>
- Yosh.. it's the real one!!
- Guh!
<sfx: gaku.. (dropping)>
- Why could you pick out the real one?!
- ......
- It was your feet.
<note: this can be footsteps too, or even "you", in a weird old-school sense.>
- Since the Kagehoushi (silhouettes) are made of Breath, they have no substance!
- In this mud, the only one to sink or make a footprint could be the real thing!
- So this is the why she was running through the mud, tempting him...
- Seems like she was pretty calm, huh...
- So with this...

<page 11>
<sfx: ta! (quick step)>
- Hey, are you ok..?!
- Where... where is this place..?
- Where's Musashi...?
- You don't need to worry...
- Katsuragi will be here soon.
- Is that so... I'm glad...
<sfx: gyu (cute hug sound)>
- I was scared....!
<note: it's not hidemitsu, since everybody in this damn manga has almost the same haircut>
<sfx: nya (cat smile)>
- Hidemitsu--!!

<page 12>
<sfx: doooooooooooo (boom!!)>
- ... kukuku
- I got you, huh...?
- You guys didn't know that I'm capable of making Kageboushi of others!
- That's why I prepared this as a secondary trap!
- As I expected, you never thought that I would go so far as to make a Kageboushi of Akane-kun....!

<page 13>
<top right sfx: gasa (shuffling)>
- The real Akane-kun was here...
- As if I would let the enemy steal her from right under my nose!
- The Chairman of the Junin I-in (10 Committee Members) isn't even quick enough, they should be blown to pieces!
<sfx: shuuuuu (wind blowing)>
- Hn?! (surprise)
- T...That is...!!

<page 14>
- Nagare......!!

<page 15>
- Ooo...
- Our.. promise... from before..
- Na...!
<sfx: yoro (like slow-motion/falling, but.. more dying like)
- Why....? What's gotten into you, Nagare?!
- Even though you've taken a lot of close range explosions
- This shouldn't have been enough damage to take out a guy like you...!!
- You still haven't noticed it yet? Chairman Amata..
- He took one more attack for you that's left him fatally wounded!
- Another attack..?!
- Yes....

<page 16>
- My cute snake friends!
- As expected of Chief Kida.... He wasn't just fooling around...
- It can't be....!!
- He was the one who saw through what was getting in the way of my attacks earlier.
- He was protecting me from that guy's poisonous snakes...?!
- He cut up almost all of the snakes into bits, but it seems that somehow a few of them were successful...

<page 17>
- Oi! Hang in there, Nagare....
- Nagare..!!
- It's been a long time since you've called me by my name
- Hidemitsu....
- I've kind of pieced together the reason why you can't use your Animorphose in front of others....
- So... Don't try to push yourself...
- I.. won't ever forget what happened at that time....
- If only I didn't use my Animorphose...This wouldn't have happened!!

<page 18>
<writing: What happened at that time....>
- Musashi and them are close, they'll be here soon...
- I'll... leave the you...
<sfx: gaku (drop)>
<writing: Nagare-----!!>

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