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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Kami to Sengoku Seitokai 36

Summer Festival

+ posted by max mahito as translation on Apr 4, 2012 17:12 | Go to Kami to Sengoku Seitokai

-> RTS Page for Kami to Sengoku Seitokai 36

A Franky-House Translation.
Send me a PM if anyone would like to use this.

Kami to Sengoku Seitokai 36
Title: Summer Festival

<page 1>
- Governor Kagura, We of the Amata House have, for generations, protected the "Guardians of the Door", the Kagura House, as our duty....
- However, we have no son... (as of now)
- We have raised our daughter, Sanjo Hidemi, as a boy Hidemitsu...
- Hidemitsu, huh...
<note: he's unsure about this situation, please convey this>
- Your grandchild...Please find me suitable for Mami!
- Yes, Please consider this child, Hidemitsu's life in service and protection of Mami-sama!
<text: Since that day, I threw away my womanhood and lived for Mami-sama....>
<sfx: suu (breathing in)>

<page 2>
<text: Until that day when I was 15....>
- Haaa!
<sfx: dosu dosu do (cutting/chopping)>
<sfx: pachi pachi (clapping)>
<text: Mami-Sama!>

<page 3>
<text: If Mami-sama just noticed me...>
<sfx: nico (smile)>
- ....!!
<text: I was happy with just that....>
- ....Mami-sama...
- As always, you're all eyes for my cousin, eh Hidemitsu?
<sfx: giku (nervous twitch)>
<small text: Ooo..A light blue one-piece... nice, nice!>
- Nagare! I'm older than you! Call me Amata-Senpai!
- Yes, yes, Hidemitsu
- More importantly, why did you come here to do?!
- I was just hoping to get some practice in the dojo...
<small text: I already skipped class any came home anyways :)>
<sfx: fun fun~ (humming)>

<page 4>
- Say, Hidemitsu...
- Amata-Senpai!
- You... When you're swinging your sword, aren't you putting a little too much power into it?
- It's because you're lacking just a little bit of concentration, you know.
<small text: It's this broken up.. :(>
<sfx: chori (waggle)>
- ...That's unnecessary advice..!!
<text: I'm the one who knows that the most!>
- But man... although it's summer vacation, we're in here practicing every day...
- I mean, if we're talking about summer, we should go to the ocean or the pool or camping!! We can go to the haunted house at the amusement park
- Sometimes, you can help me study and do my homework...
- And of course, we'll have a "Love Event"!!
<right text: Ha~n (happy sigh) small text: Why is the girl with you different at each place...>
- Those sorts of worldly pleasures mean nothing! Right now these swings are more important to me...!!
- ...but, look at that over there.
<right sfx: Bun! (swing sound), small text: worldly pleasures, you say..>
- For your sake, even my cousin went out of her way to specially ask you to take care of yourself, eh?
- There's a festival tonight at the Omaki Temple, so you should wear that yukata and go, right?
<text: Even Mami-sama....!!>
<note: To Hidemitsu - If you'd like, please come - Mami>

<page 5>
- Well! A manly girl like you won't have anybody come up and flirt with here anyways~~
<small text: Don't worry about it.. don't feel bad about it!>
<middle sfx: Pon! (placing hands) left sfx: puru puru (angry/boiling)>
- Nagare..... (pissed)
- I am a guy!!
<sfx: doga!! (smack)>
- Ow!
- Well, anyways, you can relax sometimes, too!
<small text upper right: owww... small text middle left: later - small bubble left: hmph! (angry)>
- ....
<right text: Ever since I came to the Kagura household>
<left text: I've always been doing sword practice with Nagare, competing...>
[But the one who progressed faster was always Nagare]
[On top of that, it seems like he'll be able to beat me in using Breath and Animorphose, too....]
<right text: As somebody who is aiming to become one of the Blood Knights to protect Mami-sama...>
<left text: He's the only one I don't want to lose to....!!>

<page 6>
<right text: ...In order to catch up to him...>
<left text: I will somehow complete my Animorphose before the end of the day....!!>
<right text: The nature of turning on an Animorphose is decided almost entirely by lineage, but...>
<left text: You don't really know what your own power will be until you activate your Animorphose....>
<right text: Because each individual has a different kind of breath>
<left text: I've already decided to become any sort of beast>
<right+left text: ....in order to protect Mami-sama!...!!>
<right text: The greatness of the divine beasts...>
<sfx: buaaa (breathing)>
<left text: Give me strength....!!>
<note: might be better as "May the great divine beasts lend me their strengh!" since it's Hidemitsu>
- Haaaaaaaaaaaa!! (super-saiyan!)

<page 7>
<sfx: paaaaa~ (breakthrough/brightness/transform)>
- ....!!
- I.... I did it...
- I.... Animorphosed! (completed animorphosed? activated?)
<sfx: fasa (brushing)>
- What sort of form did I take....?
- M...My Hair....!!
- N...No...This is...me...!?
<sfx: doki (heartbeat)>
<sfx: chiro (glance)>
- ......

<page 8>
- Hmmm~~! As I thought, summer nights are suited for festivals, eh?
<small text: kyoro kyoro (bobbing head)>
- ....
- It's the heart of Japanese people!
<small text: ne~, let's go eat Yakitori~>
<right text: Still, maybe it's elegance, right?>
<left text: Morning glories and sunflowers...>
<text: Summer... Banzai....!!>
<small text: Nagare, you're always so happy~>
- Hey, wait a second, Nagare! (don't just keep staring at all the girls)
<sfx: hiri (angry/annoyed)>
- What, Akane-chan? (Akane-chan is cute too~~!)
- What are you planning to do about Ayu!?
<sfx: hirihiri (angry, annoyed)
- What do you mean, 'do'?
- I'm sa-y-ing, you need to make it clear whether you two are together! (You've already gone out on so many dates!)
- She was the one inviting me on all those dates.... I don't really think much more of it than that....
<small right text: What's Akane going on so angrily about?>
<small left text: It's kinda scary...>
<note: akane is getting kinda/really pissed at nagare>

<page 9>
<small text: what sort of half-hearted bastard are you!? Muka~~~!>
<lower small text: Now, now, Akane-chan
- What!? You got another new girlfriend....!?
- Not really, I'm not really going out with anyone...
<small text: It's really more like a philosophy of charity for me...>
<sfx: haha~n (confident laugh)>
- Nagare - is there really nobody you like?
<small text: He really said "philosophy of charity"...
- ....Well... If you ask if there is, there is, but...
- Hey, more importantly, let me introduce you to my cousin!
<small text: she's super-beautiful!>
- Eh!! Your cousiin!? ...No... I'm good!
<small text right: Maybe this sort of person?! small text bottom: ukekeke (weird-ass laugh)>
<sfx: pon (placing hand)>
- Eh? Isn't that girl super-cute?
- Cute! Nice!
- O~~~? (dude with glasses)
- Hey! Where are you looking, Nao-kun!
<sfx: sawa! (commotion)>

<page 10>
<food signs: yakisoba - 300 yen>
- It's so clean and neat!
- Somehow it has an innocent, naive feeling! So nice!
- It's such pretty hair...there's a nice smell coming from it..
<small text: haa haa (breathing hard, gross!)>
- Um....I'd like a plum candy please
- Ojou-san, since you're so cute, just 100 yen is all! (the sign says 200 yen)
- Ah....
<small text: karappo (it's empty...)>
- Hm?! What's wrong?
- ....I'm sorry, it seems...
<note: "that i'm broke" is implied>

<page 11>
- Here! Occhan, I've got money!!
- Hm!? It's 200 yen each!! (he's paying a 100yen coin)
- ....!!
- Didn't you just say it was only 100yen!?
- Che! Fine...
<sfx: gachakon (clacking)>
- Ah.. I won, so gimme 2!
<sfx: ta! (briskly walking)>
- Ah-wait, "Onee-san"!
- Here you go!!
- If it's alright with you, won't you eat with me?
- You didn't bring any money, right?
- ........

<page 12>
- Iya~~ Onee-san, you're so beautiful~ so beautiful~ (think Akon's "Beautiful")
- ....
- Won't you let me treat you to something else~!!
- Even so, a white yukata really suits you, huh~
- As I thought, girls in white are nice!
<note: white girls are sexy, basically>
- ....
- Onee-san, what's your name?
- ....
- Where are you from?
- ....
- U..Uh...
<sfx: hokuhoku (steaming)>
- If you think of a matsuri, then you've got to have takoyaki!!
- Ah, I guess you wouldn't want to get some seaweed stuck in your teeth, right?!
<sfx: guuuu (hungry)>
<small text: ah... she's hungry, though...>
<bottle text: ramune>

<page 13>
- ......
- Ah~... I'm so relieved, you laughed for me
- You haven't said a word, so I've been nervously worrying inside that you were bored....
- ...you're just like another person I know...
- Doesn't really smile much...
- and is always making this troubled face, with a furrowed brow...
<small text: about 3 levels is normal>

<page 14>
- They're better if they laughed.. No, cuter...
- I've always wanted to say that....
- ......
<sfx: Paaan! (loud explosion)>
- Kyaa!!
<sfx: gyu! (touch/fall)>

<page 15>
- Ah....
- Ah....
- ......
<sfx: ta (briskly walking)>
- Eh...Wait?!
<small text: Isn't it normal for things to turn out like this?!>
- ....
- Ugh, stupid...
- At that time, I thought that my hidden secret would be discovered...
<sfx: paan! (loud explosions)>

<page 16>
- Since that day 2 years ago, when the me who had vowed to throw away and live without womanhood
- Animorphosed into a "woman" in the end...
- ...Because of that I haven't wanted to Animorphose
- Especially... in front of you... Nagare...
<sfx: Fuwaaa (wind blowing/transform)>
<top left text: But....>
<bottom left text: Now....>
- ....Ho..
- So that's your Animorphose....?
<note: he uses a female version of anata here, since he knows she's a girl now>

<page 17>
- Beautiful..!!
<left text: A Unicorn Animorphose....!!
- You're making me want to despoil you more and more!
<note: He's kinda talking about rape here, wtf>
<sfx: Su. (brushing)>
- ....I'm the divine beast, Unicorn
- I can purify and heal the poison in him...

<page 18>
<attack name...?: Unicorn Head!
<sfx: Shuooooooo (charging)>
- ....Are you feeling better? Nagare....
- ....Is that Hidemitsu....?

<page 19>
- Oya... Seems like while I was sleeping,
- You got a whole lot prettier...!!
- Nagare....
- With my power alone,
- I can't defeat "Yukawa"....
- So....
- Please...
<sfx: su! (brushing)>
- !!
- Link up with me...
<sfx: gyu (grabbing, oo-la-la)>
- And form a Chain---!!

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