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Kami to Sengoku Seitokai 37


+ posted by max mahito as translation on Apr 4, 2012 17:14 | Go to Kami to Sengoku Seitokai

-> RTS Page for Kami to Sengoku Seitokai 37

A Franky-House Translation.
Send me a PM if anyone would like to use this.

Kami to sengoku seitokai 37
Title: Arrival

<page 1>
<sfx: Dooooooo (fighting!)>
- What power-!!
- This is... This Chain is...

<page 2>
<Chain name: Strike Chain!!>
<box: Strike Chain>
<box: The power of the pair is summed together, and their attack power is amplified manyfold.>
<box: There are no defensive movements, this is the ultimate attack chain.>

<page 3>
- Splendid..!!
- Somehow, you were able to make me exert myself this much....!!
- Therefore, I'll show my respect as well....
- With my greatest technique....
<attack name: Ouroboros!>
- Even now, something like a clone won't trick us!
- Haa!
<sfx: zusa! (strong slash)>

<page 4>
- What!
- This time he's over there..!?
<right sfx: fu! (movement)>
- Then...is this one the real one...!?
- Kuh! Which one is the real one..!?
<text: ...well, if we don't know which is which...>
<text: it's better to attack simultaneously....!!>
<sfx: do! (hard footstep)>

<page 5>
<text: It's likely that "Yukawa" is switching the real body at any moment...>
<text: Since Ouroboros is a two-headed snake...>
- !!
<text: We can attack one side as many times as we want to no effect....!!>
<text: For instance - If we defeat "Yukawa A", the real one will go to "B">
<text: And while we're defeating "Yukawa B", the real one will run back to "A"....>
- ....So.. We need to have absolutely perfect timing in attacking each...
- Or else he won't take any damage at all....!!
- Oya...? Is your turn over...?
<sfx: Su! (turning)>
- Then, we'll begin on our end!!

<page 6>
<attack name: Ouroboros Fang!!>
<text: Our chain lets us both attack at the same time, but....>
- Kuh!
<sfx: Do! (hit)>
- !!
<sfx: Ja! (scrape)>
<text: The damage we take is doubled!!>

<page 7>
- ....!
<sfx: gaku (stumble)>
- Nagare..!!
<text: The bleeding from his previous wound....!!>
- For the two of you who have just been able to forge your Chain...
- It should be impossible for you to synchronize your attacks...!!
- Maybe you should prepare yourselves....!?
<text: Is this the end...!?>
- ......
- First comes Rock....
<note: this is the first chant in Jankenpon (Saisho wa guu, Jan Ken Pon!) Really, I'd rather leave this as Saisho wa Guu>
- Hidemitsu....
- ....!!
- This is the end! Die, you two!!
<sfx: Buaaaa (layzers)>

<page 8>
- First comes Rock.... (Saishou wa Guu--!)
- Jan, Ken, ....
<right attack name: Blue Dragon!>
<middle text: PON>
<left attack name: Sky Love Unicorn!!>
<note: So, the kana says: sukairabu unicorn. The kanji basically says "Sky-covering Unicorn", which could mean satellite or something, like Skylab. But I thought Sky Love Unicorn is perfect for hidemitsu.>

<page 9>
- I...It can't be....
- The Chain can even do something this... amazing......
- Even... Their breath... matched perfectly...
- W...why.....
- .... That's because....
- Jan Ken Pon!!
- Ah!! You cheated, Nagare! Just now you were slow throwing!!
- One more time, with this sweet potato jelly on the line, fair and square!!
- Eh~~ Still~~~?
- Even though I've won every game so far....
- This is cruel...

<page 10>
- We're going to continue until we get the timing perfectly right!!
- Se-No!
- Saisho wa Guu!!
- Jan Ken Pon!!
- Aiko De.... ....
<note: Aiko deshou comes after the throw>
- Because of this one's hatred of losing,
- I don't know how many hundreds of games of Janken I was forced to play.
<small text: it was really just like hell...>
- In short, just because it was new to us, you underestimated our power!
- ........
<sfx: hyuu hyuu (soft breathing), left sfx: gaku (settling)>
- kukuku.... To beat me with just an Animorphozeon....!!
- You guys really are magnificent!!
- In that case... I can still use you as an offering to open the way to 'the other side"...!!
- Kya!!
<sfx: shaaaa (snake hiss)>

<page 11>
<sfx: Go! (hit)>
- You bastard... Will you cut it out?!
- ........
<sfx: suu! (wither)>
- I don't want to touch this bastard again!

<page 12>
- ....
- We... We've won, right...?
- ......
- ......
- Nagare....
- ....I'll start treating your wound right away..
- Iya~~... It is the victory of our "love"....!!
- !!
<sfx: gui! (arm pulling)>

<page 13>
- ....So, this is the kiss of Victory....<3!
<sfx: biku! (alert)>
- !!!
- W-What do you think you're doing! Let go!!
- Owowowowow..M...my wound...
- Ah..!
- Are.. Are you ok..!?
- Ju~st kidding~
<sfx: muchu~ (weird kissing noises)>
- !!
<sfx: GUGUGUGUGU (angry)>
- It's not our first time anyways...<3
- Just now didn't you kiss me? <3?
- Th-that was because it's the only way to form the Chain....
- ?? Why?
- Be-Because Mami-sama and Katsuragi did it to Link their Chain...
- You're kidding right!! That was because Musashi's Breath wasn't developed yet.
<small text: ha~n (laughing softly)>
- Eh....
- IS THAT SO....!?
<small text: You completely misunderstood, Amata-kun!>

<page 14>
<right big text: Animorphose Release>
<top sfx: Shuuuu (blowing)>
<huge left text: Aaaaa.. Uu...What have I done...Even worse, with this guy... No, there was no other way. If it is to protect Mami-sama, then...>
- But, man....
- Since that one time that night, I've been sleeping, huh...
- Eh...!? What's that mean....
- ........
- Forget it, first we need to get Akane-chan..!!
- What...she's gone!?
- She was here until just a moment ago....
- !?
- !!
- That's..!?

<page 15>
- ....Oi, you over there!
- What are you doing!?
- Won't you step away from Akane-chan for us?
<sfx: cha! (sword click)>
- This place is under the jurisdiction of the Student Council....!!
- ...........

<page 16>
- Student Council....
- That brings back some memories....
- You are the Chairman of the Committee of 10....
- And you over there, are the little brother of Kida Kai
- You...Why do you know something like that...!?
- For now, take your hands off that girl!!
- If you make any hostile move, we'll have to consider you as an enemy!!

<page 17>
<sfx: biku! (scared!)>
- I... I can't move....
- What is this?! This sense of pure intimidation...
<sfx: su! (step)>
- When Hell took the blessing of my smile from me...
- A great horn resounded...
<note: I can't read any of what the furigana there are. basically, the kanji translates to "horn horn" or "horn clarinet"-ish thing.>
- The time has come to inform you of what is coming....
- Ragnarok....!!
- ....Eh.. It can't be....
- You are....!!
<sfx: Dogoooo (collapsing in background)>
- Hey, Nagare! Chairman! What are you doing just standing around for!!
- That Long, dark-haired bastard seems to be taking Akane away
<sfx: gara! (step)>
- Don't just be silent and watch!!

<page 18>
- Musashi...!!
- Any asshole who lays a hand on my woman for any reason, I'll cut them to pieces!!
- Acting President Katsuragi!!
- ......

<page 19 (splash)>
<box: During chapters 36 and 37, yukawa was...>
<sfx: icha icha (making out)>
<yukawa text: Um... If you could get back to the fight... That would be nice... ne...........>

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