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Kami to Sengoku Seitokai 39

+ posted by max mahito as translation on Apr 4, 2012 17:20 | Go to Kami to Sengoku Seitokai

-> RTS Page for Kami to Sengoku Seitokai 39

A Franky-House Translation.
Send me a PM if anyone would like to use this.

Kami to sengoku seitokai 39
Title: A Clash of Breath / Breath Clash

<page 1>
- I have returned..
- In order to end all the grief and suffering....
- What sort of grim nonsense are you going on about...
- How can you say something like that after you stabbed your own little sister in the stomach!!
- Mami-sama...!!
<sfx: shuaaaaa (glowing)>

<page 2>
- ....This is fucking ridiculous....
- As if I'd let some cruel-looking bastard like you lay down his childish dogmas...!!
- Nagare!! Amata!!
- Take care of my women/bitches.....
- Your opponent is me!!
- Eternal Student President-san...!!
<sfx: gakiiii (sword clash)>

<page 3>
- What do you mean when you said Akane was more important than Mami!?
- What does she mean to you... huh!?
<sfx: gigigi (swords scraping)>
- You've been as quiet as a bug since earlier...
<sfx: ba! (touching ground)>
- ANSWER ME....!!
<attack name: Fang Strike!!>
<sfx: Booowa! (howl)>

<page 4>
<sfx: fu! (shift)>
<sfx: pashuu! (ping!)>
- !!
<sfx: goo! (attacking)>
<text: ...It can't be!! He reflected Fang Strike!?>
- Musashi...!!
<sfx: dooooo (burning)>
- You don't need to yell so loud, Nagare...

<page 5>
- It's been a long time since I met an opponent I can go all out on...
<sfx: shuuuuu (wind)>
- The beast inside me is excited....!!
<text: It's true that Musashi has energy to spare, but...>
<text: without cousin-dono and the Chain Link>
<text: Those wounds aren't free....>
<text: .... It seems that, here too...>
<text: It's up to me...!!>
<sfx: gu!>
- Mami-sama is hurt,
- Musashi is fighting,

<page 6>
- We should fight too!!
- Kaoru... Hitsuji...!!
<sfx: ta! (stepping)>
- We will back you up too, Katsuragi-sama~
<sfx: zappu~n (wave crashing)>
- Majizu....! Onijima...!!
- Hnnnga---!!

<page 7>
- Seems like you guys all Linked Chains, too...!!
<small text: I'll give you guys a little praise!>
- Yea, Musashi
<small text: We finally found him~>
- Sorry that because of Linking, we became a little late, though.
- Please leave it to us!!
- Because our Onijima-group is here, it's like having 100 men~, Katsuragi-dono!!
<text: After falling, we have more power than Musashi and Mami in Chain Mode>
<text: With even just this amount of people...>
<text: ...we can win!!>
- Don't underestimate us, the Present Day Student Council!!!
<sfx: da! (running)>

<page 8>
<right attack name: Burning Fang!!>
<bottom middle attack: Pendulum Horn!!>
<top middle attack: Angelic Temptation!!>
<left attack: Yurayura Wave~> (yurayura means like "rolling")

<page 9>
<right text: Trinity Attack!!>
<sfx: goooooo (rumbling)>

<page 10>
- ....!!
<sfx: ooooooo (continued from previous page)>
- Gahahahaha!!
- I, Onijima, buried him with my attack!!
- Speaking of which, who exactly was that guy?
- That person was the Eternal Student President Kagura Tooru...
- The Vice-President's... Mami-san's brother.
- Eh....!?
- Eternal Student President.....!?
- All I know is that he's a person who stabbed Mami-san, used Yukawa, and tried to kidnap Akane-chan.
- That can't be....

<page 11>
- ...Despair,
<sfx: oooooo (still from before)>
- ...Beasts...
- For the sake of my bride
- won't you become my sacrifices?
- What...!?
- He's not hurt at all..!?

<page 12>
- ........
- It's sad....
- What do you guys know about Breath?
- You don't know anything, you haven't studied anything...
- !!
- In the first place, there's Breath and "Yuragi"
- All creation is made from "Yuragi"
- and therefore, Breath and all creation and so forth is composed of it...

<page 13>
- The Silver Wolf's Breath is made from fanning the Blaze,
- The Songbird's Breath is from playing with the Wind,
- The Breath of Sheep is from burying Wind and Earth
<small text: Eh?>
- The Siren and Saber-Tooth Tiger's Breath are from combining and mixing Water and Earth....

<page 14>
- That attack just now, too...
- The Blaze Breath from the Wolf and the Water Breath from the Siren
- cancelled each other out in the end.
- You guys are some pretty ignorant Beasts...
- Wha....!!
- Stupidity as ridiculous as yours should just disappear with tears in their eyes....!!

<page 15>
<sfx: shuooooo (wind blowing)>
- If you're coming, then come...
- you bastard...!!
<sfx: za! (shifting)>
<sfx: fuwa! (passing)>
- ......
- No matter how great you've become... You're still...

<page 16>
- Meeting again after 10 years...
- I really wanted to go to a fun alumni reunion, but...
- Looks like I won't be able to go to it....
- ....
- Is that Hayato? It's been a long time...
- Uncle!?
<small text: what are you doing here!?>
- Please don't move, Tooru!
<sfx: Su! (gun movement)>

<page 17>
- Tooru...
- If you don't leave, I'll no choice but to kill you right here and now!!
- Hiiragi-sensei!!
- Nemu...san?
- ....Tooru
- I've remembered it countless times....
- Along with the pain in this wound on my chest....
- In the world on the other side of the Gate....
- Nemu....
- You don't need me anymore....
- That's what you told me that day....

<page 18>
<text: Why is it that at that time, I couldn't do anything to stop you...?>

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