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Kami to Sengoku Seitokai 40


+ posted by max mahito as translation on Apr 17, 2012 17:34 | Go to Kami to Sengoku Seitokai

-> RTS Page for Kami to Sengoku Seitokai 40

A Franky-House translation.
Free to use.Send a PM if anyone would like to use.

Kami to sengoku seitokai 40
Title: Fury

<page 1>
- If you don't leave and return to the other side of the door this moment
- I will have no choice but to kill you right now.
- Kagura Tooru..!!
- Not a day goes by where I don't remember
- what happened that day 10 years ago.

<page 2>
- I'm unnecessary...you're joking, right?
- Tooru-sama!!
- I finally found you after so many months after we were seperated in the battle!
- ..Nemu
- I am annulling the Chain between us.
- I require a partner who can supply me with a larger Breath than you.

<page 3>
- Please, no, Tooru-sama!!
- I will always fight alongside you!!
<sfx: guh (a light pat)>
- ...
<dark text: I will never forget,>
- Tooru-sama...
<sfx: zoku (fright)>
<dark text: his freezing eyes at that moment...>
<sfx: suuu (unsheathing)>

<page 4>
<dark text: I can't forget it...>
<sfx: mvwa (shifting cloth)>
- Why did you do it, Tooru?
- In those months when we were seperated
- Why did you change so much!?
- Hey...why..?
- Please, answer me... Tooru!!

<page 5>
- ...
- !?
- Tooru..?
<bg sfx: Ooooo (amagad speed)>
<white sfx: Doo! (swift movement)>
<attack name: Evil Edge>

<page 6>
<sfx: dodododo>
- To..o..ru...
- Nemu!!
- That Tooru bastard, he's even more powerful than 10 years ago!!
- Ugh.. I'm hit!!
- It's coming this way, too~!
- Mami-sama!!
- Meeeehh~~~!!
<sfx: Goooo (collision)>
- Ugahhhhh!!
- Oooiiii!!

<page 7>
- Won't you stop, you'll hurt them if you go harder than this!!
- I'm good enough for you, right? As an opponent!!
- A Breath Shield, is it..
- In that case..
<sfx: zuzu (twisting)>
<attack name: Chaos Blade>
- What!?

<page 8>
- Guahh!!
<sfx: Pan! (shield shattering)>
- Ka..Katsuragi-dono!!
- Wh..What.. Even my shield!?
- That's why I said that you guys don't know anything...

<page 9>
- A shield made from Fire,
- is nothing to a sword made from Water.
- Light
- Wind
- Water
- Shadow
- Earth
- Fire
- These are the six Elements of Breath.
- So, elements in opposition - Light and Shadow, Fire and Water, Wind and Earth - will counteract and be weak to the other.

<page 10>
- What sort of crap..
- are you spouting now...
<sfx: Do! (collapsing)>
- Musashi--!!
<sfx: piku (twitch)>
- ...
- !!
- My bride...
- the "Maiden of God's Blessing".
- That power belongs to me.
- !?

<page 11>
<sfx: za! (stepping forward)>
- !!
- He's coming!!
- As of now,
- You fools...

<page 12>
<sfx: gyuaa (feathers!)>
- Meeeh~!
- know nothing...
<sfx: shuaaaa (dust flying)>
- Ugahhhhh!!
<sfx: zapaaaa (waves crashing)>
- have learned nothing.
<sfx: Boooo (flames)>

<page 13>
- You are just fighting against your fate,
<sfx: gakii (clashing)>
- It's been a long time, Tooru-san.
- Even in my dreams, I never thought that
- our reunion would be like this, eh?
- For the Water Dragon,
- Salamander..
<sfx: Goooh (burning)>
- just like ignorant animals.

<page 14-15>
- What is there that you can do..?

<page 16>
- No... Everybody...
- To..oru..
<sfx: haa, haa (heavy breathing)>
- A..Akane..!!
<sfx: ba! (appear!)>
- We won't hand her over!!
- Hmph.

<page 17>
<sfx: zuzu!! (slashing)>
- What!!?
- While we watched everybody get hurt, we were waiting and enduring it,
- Even watching while my crush was beaten, too...
- Touko!!
- Naju!!
- An appropriate blow from the assasination Chain...
- However, you were only close..
- What, an afterimage?!

<page 18>
- Gugah!
- Kyaaa!!
<sfx: zuzuzuzu (creeping)>
- My darkness
- is much deeper than yours..
<sfx: do (dropping to floor)>
- Oya, Oya
- It seems like you can still stand?

<page 19>
- This sword was originally mine,
- I'll have you return it.
<sfx: zushaa (Breath releasing)>
- I won't.. hand over.. Akane...
- Black hair...
- I guess it wasn't Fenrir...

<page 20>
<sfx: su (lifting)>
- That's unfortunate...
- Musashi-kun!!
<sfx: dopaaaa (blood everywhere!!!)>

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