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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Kami to Sengoku Seitokai 41

Opening the Door

+ posted by max mahito as translation on May 6, 2012 10:06 | Go to Kami to Sengoku Seitokai

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A Franky-house translation.Guidlines to use this translation HERE

Kami to Sengoku Seitokai 41
Title: Opening the Door

<page 1>
<sfx: u! (barfing)>
<sfx: pata pata (running)>
- !?
- Neh, did you know?
- The patient in 302...
- the sole survivor of that shipwreck accident?
<sfx: batan! (door slamming)>
- Yea, whenever he opens his eyes, he sees his parents being swallowed by a huge wave...
<sfx: jyaaaa (water flushing)>
- and his PTSD is also so bad that they're considering a transfer to a long-term treatment institution!
<note: PTSD is short for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder>
- Can't help it though, he's only 15...
<sfx: haa, haa (hard breathing)>

<page 2>
<text: The unreal scene spreading out before me...>
<sfx: dooooooo (water pounding)>
<text: it was literally something out of a nightmare.>
- Waaaa!!
- .....
- ....!!
- Mama!! Mama!!
- Dad! Mom!!
- Musashi!
<sfx: zapaaaa (wave splashing)>
<text: Of the people on the ferry that day,>
<text: I was the only one who survived...>

<page 3>
<text: It seemed like a lie...>
<text: Were Mom and Dad really not in this world any longer...?>
<small text: Hurry up and finish eating~>
<text: It was a lie, right!?>
<text: It felt like I didn't sleep for night on end>
<text: I had no appetite either...>
<text: Even forcing myself to eat, I threw it up>
<text: Even now, when I close my eyes, I can see it, I can hear it...>
<text: Mom, Dad, and me, screaming.>
<text: And then that huge wave...>

<page 4>
- Here! Musashi, for you
- Headphones!
- ...What the hell is this?
- What are you saying? Why don't you just listen to it? It's a gift for you.
- We already loaded game and other song data into it!
- You said you keep hearing things, right? If you listen to music, you'll get better in no time!
- I was the one who compile the song list!
- ....
- If there's anything else you need, just tell me, ok, Musashi~ <3
- Aahh..
- Next time, we'll bring you some porn magazines!
<small text: Which kind do you like best?>
- No, I'm ok...

<page 5>
- By the way, Musashi.. Akane-chan has been coming here a lot, eh?
- No...
- Eh? Really?
- Akane-chan leaves early from school everyday, so I thought she was coming to see you...
- ....
<sfx: do! (Nagare hitting kaoru)>
- Whatever! For now, just carefully rest and get better!
- We'll come all the time, too!!
<sfx: pon (comforting tap)>
- Thanks... Nagare... Kaoru...
<text: Since my second week after being admitted, Akane didn't come see me once...>

<page 6>
- Ne, Musashi!
- When spring comes, I definitely want to go watch the sakura blossoms~
- Ah.. flowering viewing?
- Yea!
- We'll bring a bento, and we can come with Nagare and Kaoru. Un, it'll definitely be fun!
- It's a promise!!
- I can see it from here
- soon the sakura will be in full bloom..
- I'm sorry, Akane...

<page 7>
- Seems like I won't be able to keep my promise...
- Katsuragi-kun
- It seems like we've reached the limit of what we can do with IV nutrition.
- Your arm must hurt from the IV as well, right?
- ....
- So, let's try a slightly new menu and see.
- What do you think? Are you up for this challenge?
- Whatever I eat,
- I throw it all up in the end anyways...
- ....!!
<text: That day was the first time since after the accident that I was able to eat something...>

<page 8>
<text: What a nice day...>
<text: Today Nagare and Kaoru didn't come...>
<text: Neither did Akane...>
- It's pretty~
- Watch out while running!
- I want a juice!
<sfx from top down: zawa (leaves brushing) ahaha (laughter) waaa (baby crying)>
<sfx: bo~ (spacing out)>

<page 9>
- ....ugh!
<sfx: ba! (mental shock?)>
<text: That's right... I'm really all alone now...>
<text: You've finally realized it, have you?>

<page 10>
- Admit it, you're all alone
- Nagare and Kaoru can do whatever they will for you,
- but they aren't your family.
- Akane is the same, right?
- It's just one of those things...
- ....!!
- From the moment their are born until their death, people are really all alone.
- You can eat food now, right?
- St..op...
- Thanks to the headphones, you don't hear things anymore, right?
- Stop!!

<page 11>
- What are you missing?
- Is there something you need?
- Katsuragi-kun, is everything alright?
- Katsuragi-kun!?

<page 12>
- Katsurai-kun from room 302...
- seems like he needs to go to the long-term hospital.
<small text: I don't know what he's thinking...>
- His body is better, but
- the wound in his heart hasn't healed at all.
<text: The sakura...>
<text: are falling...>
- Katsuragi-kun, it's time for dinner~
- ......
<text: This time, my body..>
<text: is really hungry>

<page 13>
<sfx: suu (breathing)>
<sfx: mogu (chew)>
- This meatball...
- and this boiled taro...
- and even these sliced cucumbers..
- It's really...
- the same flavor as Mom's!!
- Um.. Sugita-san, was this food really made here?!

<page 14>
- Ara, did you finally realize it?
- What are you trying to say?!
- I'm supposed to keep this a secret, but...
- I guess there's no other choice~~
- Actually, there is some girl who found out that you couldn't eat,
- and every day for dinner
- she looks at the recipes your late mother and cooks for you.
- Day after day, she puts it in a tupperware and brings it to the hospital...
- But, I wonder why she never came to see you?
<text: It can't be...>
<sfx: gu! (grabbing harshly)>
- Isn't it nice~ to be young... <3 She must be your girlfriend?
- Ah! Katsuragi-kun!?
<sfx: kopo kopo (trickle of water)>

<page 15>
<text: That's it...>
<sfx: gara! (slamming door)>
<text: The thing that I was missing...>
<sfx: da! (running)>
<text: It was..>
- ..Akane!!

<page 16-17>
- Musashi!!
- It's been a lot time since I've run.. so my legs...
<text: The thing that I was missing - >
- Sorry, Akane...
<text: to open the door>
- even though I made you a promise, the cherry blossoms are already almost all gone...
<text: and advance, step by step!!>
- No... It's ok...

<page 18>
- Musashi~, you kept your promise to me,
- because right now we are watching the cherry blossoms together!!
- I had always believed...
- that Musashi would definitely come for me.
- Welcome back, Musashi!!
- I'm.. back...
<note: Musashi really says "Tadaima", a traditionally greeting when one comes home, here>
<sfx: pori (scratch)>

<page 19>
<text: Certainly, I might be all alone now,>
<text: but shutting out somebody who always came and waited for me is forbidden,>
<text: right?>
<sfx: ni! (grin)>
- Thanks, Akane...
- Thank you...
<text: That's why.. I definitely..>
<text: will not let you take Akane!!>

<page 20>
- ....!!
- So you could still move...
- Tooru-san..
<sfx: yoro (wobble)>
- Even if I die, because there are things I want to protect,
- I will...!!

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