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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Kami to Sengoku Seitokai 44

Endless Feelings

+ posted by max mahito as translation on May 24, 2012 13:56 | Go to Kami to Sengoku Seitokai

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kami to sengoku seitokai 44
title: Endless Feelings

<page 1>
- A~~h! I've already kept watch all night~~
- If I don't get my 8 hours of sleep, my skin will worsen~~
- It's already dawn~
- Maybe they had some problems finding Yukawa?
- Or maybe, Yukawa, in a sudden twist...
- Killed EVERYONE!!
- If so, what should I do~~~
<small text: kyaa~>
<small text: What if he even got to Mask-chan...>
- We have definitely returned!
<small text: What sort of selfish crap are you saying!?>
- Senoo-senpai!!
- Eh...!?
<sfx: DO! (explosion)>

<page 2>
- Kya~~~! You're all covered in wounds!! What happened down there!?

<page 3>
<sfx: Doo!>
- Hngah~!!
- Onijima- the Man! You can't be tired from just this level of effort!!
- Mashizu-dono! Hitsuji-dono! Hang on!!
- Take the ones with serious injuries to the hospital!!
- Hurry!!
- Even so, Nemu-sensei, aren't you pretty wounded yourself~~!!
<small text: What in the world did you meet down there~>
- Exactly!! While we were down there fighting Valkyries, what were you doing, Senoo-senpai!!
- Seriously~!!
<sfx: biku!>
- Ara? It's necessary to have somebody stay and watch the base, right?
<small text: in case the thief comes back, you know...>
- What!!
- Those kids... are pretty energetic, huh
<sfx: gyaa gyaa (chattering)>
<small text right: Touko-chan, you need to wear an underwire or your breasts will sag!>
<small middle text: That's unnecessary advice.>
<small left text: I was just telling her that!>
<note: yep.>

<page 4>
- Kaoru.. are you alright!?
- n...
<sfx: nade nade>
<small text: Is there anything you need? Does it hurt anywhere?>
- Ah! You're awake!
- Uncle...
- you're bothering me.
<sfx: gaan!>
- Waaah~ please don't say something so sad.... Uncle is crying~~
<sfx: yoro~>
- Secretary! We've come out to the surface, it's alright now!
- Uh...
<sfx: gaku>
- Oi! Get a hold of yourself!! Secretary...
- Nagare!!
- Uh...I'm dying... please.. kiss me...
<sfx: haa haa>
- A kiss!? Yes, right away..!!
- N... k-kiss...!!?!

<page 5>
- Nnna~ga~reeeee~
<sfx: kamoon~ (Come on~)>
- Ah, it's just a joke Director Amata~
- Y-you idiot!!
<sfx: dogoooo>
- I..It seems.. I'm going to die... anyways...
- Fuu~ It must've been frightening... Yukawa-chan was really such a formidable opponent?
- All that's left are...
- Ah!!
<sfx: gata>
- Are you ok?
- Mami-san, Akane..!!

<page 6>
- Everybody has returned!!
- Waa.. it's so bright...
- It's kind of unbelievable...
- that all that happened in just one night...

<page 7>
<text: Thus, the stormy night that later became known as "Carol Horn Day", finally ended.>
- Look, Musashi-kun
- it's such a beautiful dawn...
<text: But, Kagura Tooru, the Eternal Student Council President who had returned after a 10 year absence, had left large "wounds" and "mysteries". But it was obviously only a prelude to the coming "Ragnarok"...>

<page 8>
<text: 1 week later>
<sfx: suu!>
<sfx: gu>
<sfx: gara!>
<sfx: kukaa>
- ......

<page 9>
<sfx: don!>
- Guehhh
- Uh, that hurts...
- It's barely even morning...
<sfx: fuaaa>
- A...Akane!!
- ....
- Go-Good morning..
- Good morning...
<small text: somehow, these two are greeting each other formally>
- Musashi, are you still taking off from school?
- Ah... I just only got healed up.
- Somehow, I spent every day sleeping so much that almost an entire week has passed...
<small text: Anything besides bathing and going to the bathroom, I ended up sleeping anyways>
- What about you, Akane?
- Ah, I've been fine for a while now....
- Oh, good...
- ......
<sfx: mosomoso>
- U-Um, Musashi...

<page 10>
- Um, I'm sorry.
- Eh?
- Musashi, somehow, I feel like you're wrapped up in some sort of weird situation,
- and despite that, I said criticized you without knowing anything.
- N, no! If anything, I should be apologizing!
- Even though so much happened, you haven't said anything...
<small text: Even though you saw some crazy things...>
- I'm sorry!!
- ....
<text: I can't even say it properly...>
- Musashi...

<page 11>
- You risked your life in order to protect me,
- that made me really happy...
- ....
- Thank you.
- ......
- Not even a reaction!?
- Musashi...?
<sfx: guuu>
<sfx: hau!>
- Don't sleep while you're standing!!
- Ah... good morning, Akane.
- We just said that, didn't we!!

<page 12>
- ......
- It's good weather, huh...

<page 13>
- On the other side of the door,
- it only rains and snows, and the sky is always gloomy.
- He went back to that world,
- didn't he....
- .........

<page 14>
- 10 years ago, we were watching the sky like this, too...
- and that person said some certain things to me.
- But for me, watching him from his side like that,
- I really liked him...
- Why did he end up changing like that?
- I want to find that out, so that's why I became a Hunter...
- Maybe if I did that, I thought I might find out something about why he changed.
- And, maybe one day I might be able to meet him.
- But,

<page 15>
- even though I met him...
- there was nothing I could do...

<page 16>
- oooo...
- Nemu-san!!
- I'm sorry, Mami-san!
- I put you of the Student Council all in danger.
- Without teach you anything about Breath, or Elements, I sent you after Yukawa...
- You guys really thought you were going to defeat Yukawa, but my prediction was too naive.
- Nemu-san, could it be that you're still... with Onii-chan...
- It makes no sense, right?
- After I thought there was nothing I could do, throwing away the possibility of seeing him again...
- But, upon actually seeing his face...

<page 17>
- I was happy,
- that he was still alive...
- I'm an idiot...
- Even after that person became our enemy...
- ......

<page 18>
<small text: Wa~ we're late for gym!>
<small text: Ne, let me borrow your pin!>
- So, Musashi, which of those girls that just ran by did you like?
<small text: By the way, I like the one with the short hair....>
<sfx: dotadota>
- Haa?
- Uh, it doesn't matter, I wasn't really looking anyways...
- Ooh! You don't have any interest in girls besides Mami-san now?
<small text: But, what about Akane-san?>
- But, it's better to be a lady's man~
- I said, could you please stop calling me a lady-killer already...
- Exactly! Don't tease him! Calling him a pervert~!
- Lady-killer!!
<note: lady-killer (iro otoko) sound like pervert (ero otoko)>
- Ah..
<sfx: baaa>
- Ah!
- Well, we'll be going on ahead!!
<small text: we'll see you on the bus!>
- W-Wa...

<page 19>
- ......
<sfx: waa, zawa>
- Musashi-kun, you came to school today?
- Yes... I spent almost the whole week asleep... I'm sorry for not calling you.
- What about you, Mami-san?
- Musashi-kun...
- I....!!

<page 20>
<sfx: to!>
- ........
- Mami-san...
- Haa..

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