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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Haigakura 2

+ posted by mellylemon as translation on Dec 4, 2009 08:34 | Go to Haigakura

-> RTS Page for Haigakura 2

Reserved by Rurouni Scanlation Productions

Haigakura Chapter 2

b = bubble
B = Box
V = vertical typewritten text
H = horizontal typewritten text
\ = alternative phrasing

To be Read from Right to Left

b1: They have returned…
b2: Hmm?
b3: Sensei.
b4: It seems like they have returned,
b5: Is that so?

SFX1: Fwaa
SFX2: Pichisan (Sound of wind blowing)
SFX3: Kan x3 (Birds squawking)
SFX4: Yawn.
SFX5: Splash
b1: Oh,
b2: Who has come in?
b3: Has come in.

SFX1: Splash
b1: Ah, thanks for the hard work, the guards of the water gate group
b2: Yo, isnt this Tenko?
b3: It is Tenko.
b4: That means that Ichiyo is here too right?
b5: Where?
b6: Ah, if it is master,
b7: He is there.

SFX1: Pukaa
b2: Awawawawa. I let go halfway during the journey
SFX1: Hawaaaaaaaaaa
b3: Ah, because Ichiyo cant swim
b4: He died?
b5: Gya. If you were going to die, inform me then die
Brace yourself master master
Master, your face looks weird
b6: That guy is too much
b7: Indeed
b8: Wake up
SFX2: Patatatata
b9: Master
b10: If he is dead, can I bite him?
b11: Give me an arm
b12: No way!
b13: If it is like this,
b14: There is one last way

b1: Artificial…
SFX1: *float up*
SFX2: ha
b1: What am I doing?
b2: He is still alive
SFX3: Tch
b3: He is still alive
b4: Ahh, arent these the guards, ah?
b5: Are you okay, Ichiyo?
b6: Give me an arm Ichiyo
b7: HUH?
b8: Master, you good for nothing
SFX3: u u u u (crying sound)
SFX4: kushyu (sound of sniffing)
SFX5: Ah?
b9: Be careful or I will bash you up jerk
B1: Already done that

b1: Mainly, it is because master cant swim that cause it.
b2: You ignore your own mistakes and blame it on others \
(you shelve your mistakes, too often and it… )
b3: If master knew how to swim, this inident wouldn't have happened
b4: is that so? Then just take it as that
b5: if I knew how to swim, then the rain would stop falling,
b6: and the setting sun would change from red to blue?
b7: huh? That is impossible. Master is an idiot, ne?
SFX1: Poee
B8: …

b1: Jerk, go sink to the bottom of the sea of clouds
b2: that is why
b3: that country has nothing

b1: Since ancient times, gods from other countries have lived there and have fused into the culture
b2: thus, it is impossible there is none
b3: That is why any shinto shrine
b4: Did you go to izumo?
b5: huh?
b6: izumo! It is kannaduki* there now. (*kannaduki=month of no ghost)
b7: kannaduki?
b8: yes. All the gods head towards izumo during this time
b9: this is the most basic of basic information
b10: thus, a lot of those kind head towards there
b11: All the gods from different places are gathered at one
That is why this job is easier
b12: the person who just came back
In fact brought back 34 earth spirits
But it is not gods, thus it is reasonable to bring back that many

b1: well, you should put the rosary beads to use.
b2: the small one can fit 100
b3: the larger one, 1000
b4: …
b5: …
b6: …
b7: Yes, next please

b1: So you came back empty handed
b2: Because your income is zero, you came to me
b3: Ah
b4: Thanks for helping us everytime
b5: Ah, un, don't need to thank, just watch what you are doing
b6: Ah, but you are really bad
You should have checked before doing your job
b7: It is a must-do for a kashikan
b8: Shut up
b9: No way. Master cant understand such a hard thing
b10: You are the only one who has no right to speak
b11: Hii*
b12: I really have to hand it to you…

b1: I am not your interest free bank you know
b2: I am at the least a trainer
b3: there will be a day that you come and find me to train you
b4: for that sort of thing
b5: I wont ask for your help
b6: Huh?
b7: I am proficient in that area
b8: it is not that kind of problem
b9: you are going to do it yourself again?
Oioi, what are you going to do if you end up like Tenkou
b10: fueh?

b1: You trained Tenkou yourself right?
From now on, can I retrain him for you?
b2: it is okay! I am already a very good child
Compared to me, master needs the retraining more
b3: master’s character is horrible. He needs to be retrained all the basics
b4: Tenkou, you jerk
b5: Agreed. It does seem like that.
b6: ah?
b7: well, the job of a kashikan
Is “bring back the gods that have gone to other countries”
b8: but that is rarely possible, thus the current situation is
That many earth spirits and other spirits are collected and brought back

b1: Kashikans use their rosary beads to contain and control them
They differ from those called gods and are more like beasts
b2: thus, developing relationships among the different classes
b3: depending on their species, their character and degree of loyalty probably differ. But what is done makes him fear his master and follow his absolute orders.
b4: if the master said “go die”
b5: it would definitely die
b6: that is the norm
b7: but what I want to learn from you is how you managed to train out a rebellious character instead

b1: That, you see
b2: is because I am strong and outstanding
SFX1: buuha
SFX2: buuha
SFX3: biku
b3: I say, what happened to you?!
b4: he is laughing at you
sfx5: what a disgusting smile
b5: seems like you guys are having fun chatting

b1: talk about Tenkou’s training?
b2: in that case, I am interested. you must definitely let me join in
b3: why not, Tenkou, you
b4: come to my side
that way you can have a good life
b5: Saiwa
b6: uwa. Ran-sama\ Mr Ran, why are you here?

b1: if you ask me why I am here
b2: I have one answer
b3: while you were bored and running away from your job, we caught you
b4: then he insisted on at least eating lunch here
b5: that is why I am here
b6: slacking?
b7: he is slacking
b8: Ichiyo brought back nothing again? aah, my only disciple is so unfilial. really makes me want to cry
b9: eh? this person is ran-sama’s disciple.
b10: yes, that is why he never went to the student’s hostel
b11: hehhh, because this person never said anything about himself

b1: I am more shocked at how this guy has friends
SFX1: really have friends
SFX2: no way
b2: this person is only my wallet
b3: ehh?!
SFX3: no! you must remember to return me my money
b4: Ichiyo
b5: three floors below
b6: is touseifuuyu’s room
b7: take an hour’s break
SFX4: gatta
b8: ah, oi, Ichiyo
b9: ah! I say,
SFX5: batta
b10: you are being rude to Ran-sama
b11: oi!

b1: really, not caring about his master. he wont be a good kashi
b2: haha, kashikan ?
b3: it is okay, that guy never thought of becoming a kashikan
SFX1: zawa
SFX2: kopopo

SFX1: Piku
SFX2: zudoo
b1: Shiro!
b2: master… where did you appear from?
b3: if you are asking from where
SFX3: from above?
b4: master!

b1: what should I do?
b2: how should I get down?
b3: you too jumped down
b4: I couldn't !
SFX1: fell by accident
b5: then just stay there for an hour screaming
b6: eh?!
b7: wah!
SFX2: gura
SFX3: Hii
b8: gya! master?
SFX4: pita
b9: are you alright?

b1: oh
SFX1: Bura-n
b2: …
b3: this is bad
b4: we didn't find any again
b5: you havent apologised
b6: go back
b7: un

SFX1: zawa
b1: un!
I have eaten
I have eaten!!
SFX2: Puha
b2: yosh! then
b3: I shall take a walk to aid digestion
SFX3: you think we will allow you?
SFX4: Zu
SFX5: gaccha
b4: indeed
b5: ah ran-sama
b6: can I ask you one thing?
b7: un?
b8: Ichiyo became a kashikan even though he didn't want to
b9: kashi have high pay and not anyone can be one
and are highly respected in the society
SFX6: though they are of low position

b1: the only job that allows one to leave this country and enter another
b2: I don't know the reason why he hates it but
b3: that sort of thing
the answer is easy: the person that guy hates the most is a kashi
b4: he?
b5: who?
SFX1: nishi
b6: me
SFX2: do-n
b7: eh!?
b8: eh, he doesn't want to do it because of master,
then why does he do it?

b1: because that is the only thing he can do
SFX1: ah this is good, frozen rose fruit
SFX2: ba
SFX3: fua
steamed cakes and brewed tea
SFX4: Dan
b2: fugyu
b3: Sensei (teacher)
b4: welcome back
SFX5: hira
b5: o, Kaka
SFX6: gugu
SFX7: kya kya kya

b1: here! Kaka! how many times must I tell you not to step on people’s heads
SFX1: Pita
b2: go die
SFX2: pishi
b3: what are you saying
b4: hey! look at me !
SFX3 gyan! gyan!
SFX4: tsun
SFX5: pai-i-i-n
b5: to become a kashikan is not Ichiyo’s goal?
b6: aa
SFX6: zawa zawa
b7: do you know about Shikyou? (four bads?)
b8: heh? haa
b9: it is an old story, more of a legend that is

B1: It was said that this country had 5 mountains
B2: the middle, Eishyu
B3: West, Konron East, Hourai
B4: and the last two which do not exist now- Daiyo and Inkyou
B5: In this two mountains, there each was a heinious evil god that was sealed deep in the mountain
B6: When they escaped, it would so violent that the earth splits
B7: in the end, the mountains collapsed and was destroyed
B8: out of the five, three mountains remain. there are two more gods also being sealed in the east and west mountains. all together, the four gods form Shikyou

b1: In the northern land, being sealed by the big dipper, a beast looking like a large dog, the god who attacks blindly
b2: Konton
b3: in the southern land, being sealed by the vermillion bird*, a winged tiger, the god with a warped personality
b4: Kiyuuki
b5: in the eastern land, being sealed by the dragon king, a beast with a goat’s body and a human face, the hungry and fierce god
b6: Toutetsu
b7: in the western land, being sealed by the white tiger, having a human face and a snake’s body, the vermillion-headed god-kyoukou
b8: these are the Shikyou
b9: but that is just a legend
b10: huh? no, it is not just a legend

*note: vermillion bird and white tiger are both symbols of the chinese constellation and japanese guardian spirits. the other two symbols are the black tortise(north) and the azure dragon

b1: occasionally, earthquakes happens here on Eishyuu right?
that is because of the gods sealed between the eastern and western mountain are shaking right?
b3: the original job of a kashikan is to bring back all the gods that have left this land right? now listening to this, does something come to mind?
b4: im-impossible. even though this place once was filled with 8 million gods, to see them is few and far
b5: oh, you really are stupid
b6: the ones that Ichiyo is seriously searching for
arent earth spirits, or those good 8 million gods
but those kind in the legend

b1: that guy’s desire is just that
b2: master it is time. I am here
b3: oh
SFX1: Pomu
b4: this was never a simple matter to begin with
b5: remain cool and calm

b1: don't get hurt
b2: don't overwork
b3: …
b4: I understand
b5: then tomorrow at Youchikiyuu
b6: even though I will like to tell you with more details
b7+8: but those awful fellows wouldn't permit me to talk for another 10, 20 minutes
b9: ah? you have already idled for 3 hours
b10: oi oi, you people, you should trust your boss
b11: ah?! then the payment for these?

b1: I have returned
b2: un
b3: Ichiyo is thinking of coming tomorrow morning to meet you
b4: is that so?
b5: then I need to prepare what to wear
b6: since it is Ichiyo, there is no need to wear to be in full dress
b7: no
b8: I am going to wear my own normal clothes
b9: why?
b10: shouldn't you wear your official clothes since you are meeting him on the basis of work?
b11: no, though it is not full dress, but isnt this offiical clothes just as hard to move in?
b12:? but I find it suits you
b13: That Ichiyo! when he sees me in this form
b14: he will sneer at me saying I only look the part because of my clothes

b1: I apologise for that
b2: there is no need for an apology
b3: I have decided to not meet that guy in this form
b4: you don't need to mind about those awful comments
b5: Seioubo-sama
b6: … … Hokugou
b7: don't call me that. my name is
b8: Hakushyurin

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#1. by DelGrecco ()
Posted on Dec 5, 2009
Thank you for your hard work on this. It will be great to continue this series with your help. Typesetting is underway. Thank you again!
#2. by DelGrecco ()
Posted on Dec 6, 2009
Thank you for the note about the possible errors. I have made minor edits while typesetting and the release is now out. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

Areas to check:

I got rather lazy to check my grammar and tenses, so there might be several mistakes observed. >_<

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