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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Haigakura 3

+ posted by mellylemon as translation on Jan 5, 2010 05:41 | Go to Haigakura

-> RTS Page for Haigakura 3

Reserved by Rurouni Scanlation Productions

Haigakura Chapter 3

b = bubble
B = Box
V = vertical typewritten text
H = horizontal typewritten text
\ = alternative phrasing

To be Read from Right to Left

V1: There was a time when four evil gods
V2: and eight million spirits existed in this country
V3: However, since the two mountains sank and the evil spirits living there ran to other countries,
V4: the 8 million spirits went missing too. This county was then protected and supported by great people.
V5: In a country of no legends, for the sake of bringing back those missing spirits, a post was created
V6: With a special step and chanting a sutra called “shyou”
V7: it was like dancing steps.
V8: To store spirits, they use a string of rosary beads called “Sai”
V9: which had a dramatic effect.

V1: Thus, people called these group “Kashi” *
*translation of the actual kanji would be songster
b1: listen well, Ichiyo
these steps along with Shyouka combine to form Toutouka
b2: commit it into memory.
b3: remember all these, no matter how much,
then whatever spirit you shall encounter, you can turn it into yours
b3: become a Kashi
b4: Become a Kashi and bring back Shikyou to this country

b1+2: And then, using your strength, release Hakugou from being this country’s slave

SFX1: zawa zawa
b1: Ichiyo! here! here!
b2: where did you go? if you were going to come down here, you could at least have said beforehand
SFX2: haa
b3: What Rakan? what business do you need me for
SFX3: Ga-n
b4: you! what treatment is this after you have eaten! you are the one who came looking for me
b5:joking, joking
b6: your eyes are saying that you are serious, you jerk
b7: tte
SFX4: haa

SFX1: haa
b2: when was Kaka here?
SFX2: mishi
b3: ni!
b4: oi! that pervert there!
b5: idiot! you are wrong! don't say things that will damage my reputation!
b6: I don't have that sort of interests
b7;Kaka-chan is from the “Syoushi” race right?
b8: that is rare
b9: that is why my spirit as a trainer is unconciously starting to burn
SFX5: Do-n Gya
b10: Ichiyo!
b11: you, for Kaka’s training, what aim have you set?

b1: …
SFX1: aim?
b2: no plans at all!!!
b3: You really are something! Syoushis are a middle class rare species! They are much sought after as superior playthings!
the syoushis I generally know of are in the form of beautiful and smart fairies
b4: after training, she (or he?) can become a good opponent at chess and someone good at chatting
b5: but
SFX2: chara
SFX3: gashi gashi
b6: but why does she look so ugly
b7: irritating
SFX4: pee
b8: haa anyway is fine, anyway is fine

b1: Oi Ichiyo! You probably don't get the importance of training!
no matter how many or how good the beasts and gods you bring back
there is no point if you don't train properly
SFX1: Yatsu
b2: yosh this is a good chance
I will let you see the power of training
SFX2: hahahaha
b3: come with me!
SFX3: wahaha
SFX4: batabatabata
b4: Ahhh!!!
SFX5: iine------
SFX6: let go
SFX7: zawa zawa zawa
SFX8: eehh
b5: …
SFX9: kyoton
SFX10: this is the first floor of the meeting place
SFX11: eh?
SFX12: kyoro kyoro
SFX13: oi! the two, masterrr, kakaaa, oi
SFX14: hiso hiso
SFX15: lost kid? lost kid?
SFX16: Kaka!!! Pigyaaaaa Master!!!

SFX1: Gatsu
b1: FUUN!!
SFX2: Gwaa
SFX3: Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu
SFX4: Pakya
SFX5: Para Para

b1: Oi, Gyuuki (cow ghost)
b2: thanks for your hard work
b3: seems like your work is going well
b4: Ah Rakan waai
what has happened? what has happened?
b5: Yes, I wanted to show them your work
b6: How is this Ichiyo
This is the guy that I trained recently, Gyuuki
b7: for now this guy is also part of a species that is catergorised as middle class gods
cause it was requested that he be of agricultural use, I developed him as a worker, focusing on his physical strength
v1: originally, normal animals can’t really change. these guys are grown by trainers with a purpose in mind. they understand their job and can remember words developing them into good partners to humans
b8: no matter the strength of the god, the process is the same

b1: in other words, even though they are the same species, but because of the trainer, there is a big difference in terms of form, character and abilities
b2: see Gyuuki here. good tempered muscleman he is
fabulous worker who doesn't complain
SFX1: jii
SFX2: Gookun
SFX3: shyaa
SFX4: He is salivating
b3: a real good kid
SFX4: what does that mean?
b4: w-well well
b5: he can really perfect the job right? Gyuuki
b6: ? yup
b7: look at what I do
b8: this is a rock
b9: smash this a bit more
into sand

SFX1: bocoo
SFX2: docoo
b1: oo magnificant, magnificant
he smashed up such a big rock in seconds. so how, Ichiyo
SFX3: pachi pachi pachi
b2: he- he- great
SFX4: dropping dropping
b3: so showy for such a straightforward job
b4: maa, but it is important
this country basically only has rocks
it is to make space for agriculture
b5: long time ago when there was the 8 million gods, here had flowers and greenery and plently of food
but since that disappeared, the land started to fail
the soil dried up and form rocks
b6: and thus became this barren land they say

b1: what he is doing
turning the rocks into sand then sprinkling water over to use as soil
b2: then those earth spirits brought back by Kashis are then made to stay here
b3: that way this land can be used for farming
b4: that way we can also get food supplies
b5: but it is not definite that with the earth spirits the land would flourish
b6: that is why there are all kinds of Kashis
b7: I respect you for that
b8: if you brought back even one earth spirit, you too would be respected
b9: done
b10: next is to bury water and this earth spirit
b11: the soil will become healthy
b12: wait hold on a minute Gyuuki
b13: n?

b1: isn’t this earth spirit still very young?
b2: eh? n?
b3: then wont this barren land be too harsh on it?
b4: such a wide piece of barren land would have at least need 3-4 insects
SFX1: probably teaching?
b5: n n? n n
b6: but master said this was okay
b7: heh?
b8: your master’s kashi?
b9: yup, because master only caught this so he said it was enough
b10: oi oi just like that wouldn't get you any produce
is it intended for this land to be sold to a farmer?
b11: oi Gyuuki!! have you finished your job!?
SFX2: zaa
b12: who are are talking and slacking with!

b1: a Bui
b2: Master
b3: what isnt this Rakan?
what are you here for?
b4: ya just seeing Gyuuki’s job? so how the condition?
b5: heh this labourer is awful
b6: oi you conman
SFX1: gyou
b7: what you jerk
b8: this earth spirit, it will be useless right
SFX2: ugo ugo
SFX3: giikuun
b9: just burying one and planning to sell this as farm land is very much what a conman does
b10: …
b11: !?
b12: even if you cant catch more at least buy from others
b13: buy?
if I had the money I would too

b1: Bui… you gambled again?
SFX1: gikugikugikun
b2: huhh?
you jerk, because of that you even borrowed money
SFX2: haa
b3: threatened by the gangsters?
b4: you get your just desserts, idiot!
SFX3: goo
b5: I will report all these to the officials, so you better work hard or you might not be able to sell this land
SFX4: furu gugu furu
b6: …!!
SFX5: goo
b7: this stupid cow! why were you working when there are others here!!
b8: now you are going to cause my repayment agreement to foil!
b9: s-sorry
b10: s-stop! oi!! Bui!! don't hit Gyuuki!
b11: I am disappointed of your rash reaction
b12: jerk
from just now I’ve wanted to ask
b13: what do you want to do! even if you are in the same line as me, it is none of your business

b1: !
SFX1: ha ha!! ( sounds of recollection, not laughing)
b2: what it is you
b3: Mr “most useless Kashi in history”?
b4: isnt this Ichiyo?
b5: right? I’ve heard rumours of you
b6: though a Kashi but you have brought back 0 earth spirits
miraculously, you have two middle class gods under you, but lack training
b7: you don't have the right to criticize anyone
b8: you are famous for not having gone to the training institute, but became a Kashi thanks to Ran-sama
b9: how did someone with your abilities get chosen by Ran-sama?
b10: what cheap tricks did you play behind?
teach them to me

SFX1: mishi
SFX2: shya—kuwaa
SFX3: kick
gya gya gya
b2: yosh go for it Kaka! kill him!
SFX4: kaa
b3: stop!!!
b4: are you alright!?
b5: chh Kaka if you are going to attack, you have to attack the vital spots
SFX6: ha ha ha (probably panting)
b6: hey over there
b7: fu fu Syoushi?
such a useless guy has such a rare thing?
SFX7: Ki-jita jita
b8: such a treasure is wasted on this fellow
b9: you don't even know how to properly put it to use

b1: KAA * growling sound*
b2: he!
b3: don't stir up trouble, idiot
b4: it is bad to attack people’s weaknesses
b5: you know that
SFX1: forcefully push him away
b6: Master
b7: Shut up!! don't say a word!! you idiot!
b8: …
b9: a Ma-master
b10: sorry
b11: er that
b12: oi cow!
b13: nn?
b14: I will give you something good so just keep quiet
you are noisy!
SFX2: haaa
SFX3: tsuun
b15: really
why did you two pick a fight so quickly

b1: do you two seriously want to be retrained by me!?
SFX1: zugogogogogo
b2: stop it you pevert
b3: Rakan
b4: sorry, I have to return to my job
b5: ah yes?
b6: eh? where is Bui
b7: he went back. he asked be not to slack on my work
b8: oh yes, sorry. We were the cause of the fight just now
b9: Master isnt angry
b10: he gave me a souvenir
b11: heh!! isnt that great. let me see
b12: Gyuuki
SFX2: o suits you

b1: that is good
b2: eh
b3: could you give it to me?
b4: wait, Oi Ichiyo
b5: no
b6: it wasn't easy to receive this
b7: please
b8: o-oi Ichiyo!?
b9: u
b10: uun
b11: uun
b12: then
b13: the thing on your neck
b14: lend it to me

b1: Master also always has it
its sparkle is beautiful
I like it
b2: cannot cannot Gyuuki that is impossible
b3: okay
b4: ehh?
b5: however, if it is revealed that I lent you this, I will be in big trouble
b6: just today, one day, okay?
b7: yes, one day is enough
b9: au
SFX1: gui
SFX2: chira
SFX3: u…
b10: look Gyuuki
b11: you must keep the fact that I lent this to you a secret from everybody, okay?

b1: yes, thank you
b2: Then I’ll be here to collect it from you in the morning tomorrow.
SFX1: see you again
b3: lets go Rakan
b4: oi!! wait up Ichiyo!!
b5: no matter what you are probably going to be in deep trouble
it is no joke if it gets spoiled or lost
do you desperately want the souvenir from Bui?
b6: how is it possible
b7: this sort of thing
b8: heh?
b9: that Tenkou in japan looked at it while drooling
b10: this is often seen at the meat counter
* card says special shoulder rosu (loin-like cut) advertisement

b1: what
b2: that bastard, some interest he has
SFX1: poii
b3: …tsch that jerk! he behaves like some eight year old kid
b4: Ichiyo, because of this you…
b5: don't say it, idi-ot
SFX2: but this will cause some trouble
just shut up
b6: oi Gyuuki

b1: how is your work going along?
b2: Master
b3: Look here
three earth spirits to use
b4: !but how did you get this?
b5: You are so noisy!
I borrowed money to buy it
b6: though profits will be cut, at least I will be able to sell this piece of land and earn something
b7: that bastard. I had so much trouble to pay up my debts and just at this good time he comes and creates trouble
SFX1: ira ira
b8: he makes my blood boil
SFX2: wa big!

b1: you
SFX1: guii
b2: what is this? isnt it a Sai? where did you get it from?
b3: cannot
SFX2: awa awa
b4: master
it is not like that. I made a promise with Ichiyo
I am just borrowing it for a day
so cannot
b5: Ichiyo’s!?
b6: that guy’s!!
why did he do this?
b7: that is because Ichiyo wanted the souvenir that master gave me
b8: no matter what so…
b9: we exchanged
SFX3: dokii
b10: naa!? th-that guy… for that thing!! kuu~!!
b11: jerk
b12: he is making fun of me
SFX4: kamu kamu kamu kamu kamu kamu
SFX5: syaran
b13: …

b1: Maa
SFX1: pasoo
b2: sterr!!
b3: you finally came back
SFX2: ororoon ororoon
b4: where did you go after leaving me here
b5: ahh you werent around that I forgot you existed
b6: bieeeeeehhhhh
b7: again while I wasn't around you two went to bite and fight with some strangers
with your horrible personality it’s no wonder you have made enemies you brute
SFX3: waa
b8: oi Kaka
it is good to kill this guy
b10: Kaka?

SFX1: bururuu
b1: … Kaka?
SFX2: haa
b2: master!!
your rosary beads!?
b3: what happened to your Sai!?
b4: ah?
aa that is …
b5: biiiiiiiiiiii
SFX2: paa
b6: Kaka!!

SFX1: pasaa
b1: !!
b2: Kaka!!

SFX1: pasha
SFX2: don
b1: where is he(?she?) heading..!!
b2: crap!! the spell is being broken!!
let go chase, Tenkou!!
b3:; yes!!
SFX3: paa
SFX4: dan
b4: lets go tenko…

b1: its-its too highh
b2: go die!!!
b3: ah shucks I will just go alone!!!
b4: eeh?
it is a bit too dangerous to do so!!
b5: I can’t let Kaka run wild right?!!
that would be even more dangerous!!
b6: tch
b7: you use the stairs to go down
b8: yes!!
b9: then go die you good for nothing
b10: bieeeee sorry
SFX1: bicyan

SFX1: guwa
b1: the Syoushi is wasted on that guy
b2: this way I will force the Syoushi out of the Sai
then it will be wild again
b3: then I will catch it
and make it mine
b4: that guy is an idiot
leaving his Sai in others’ hands
no doubt useless
b5: Ma
b6: master
b7: na?
what wrong Gyuuki
b8: Master!!

b1: tt-that
SFX1: hawaawa
b2: what
you’re really noisy, I am in the midst of something importa…
b3: n
b4: t
SFX2: chiso…

b1: … oi Gyuuki
b2: is is that a Syoushi?
SFX1: bu bun (panting in fear)
b3: no
b4: it isn’t!
b5: run master!!
b6: that thing is much
b7: worse
b8: gyyaaaa

SFX1: too
SFX2: dann
SFX3: paa

SFX1: kiyoro
SFX2: hyoi
b1: hey
b2: this is not a place where normal kids should enter
b3: didn't you say you would only come back when you have made it
b4: funn
b5: that was a promise made at that time
you just keep this in mind then
b6: I am busy so
b7: ahahahahahahha
b8: what a fearless statement

b1: you are an interesting child
b2: I am pleased with that
b3: hey, where are you rushing to go?
b4: if you give me something delicious
I will offer my help
b5: because my stomach is feeling empty

Translated by: Kurochan

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