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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Q & A 1

Bro's Little Brother

+ posted by Meriken as translation on May 14, 2009 04:32 | Go to Q & A

-> RTS Page for Q & A 1

Q & A, Chapter 1 (Monthly Shounen Sunday, June 2009)

Chapter 1: Bro's Little Brother

=Two croquettes.



=There, 30 yen is your change


=Doesn't buying 2 croquettes get me an extra meatball...?


=I remember we used to do something like that//But this day and age you can't keep a business doing that sort of thing.
[sign]Ichihara Deli

=—But wait,//That was only for little kids.
=How old are you?

=—I'm 15.

[poster]Retail space available//Kudo Market//We're bankrupt

[right poster]We're almost bankrupt//Hattori Furniture
[center poster]Sale 60% off
[left poster]Futons

=Day and age... Huh.

=Wow—So there's a new building over there, huh.




=6 years... Huh.


=—Geez, if we'd known the transfer would be so long, we might have rented this place out.

=We couldn't have.

=This house is filled with all our precious memories...


=Look at how happy Dero looks, he's been like that ever since we got back.



=Is he okay? Did he hit his head or something while we were packing?

=Where's Atsushi, by the way?

=He said he'd take a walk around the neighborhood

=—Hmph! He hasn't even helped unpack yet.


=These stairs must be slippery...

=Thanks a lot, Jinno-san!

=What's with the stinginess? Only drinks?

=Why don't you ever buy me like, a mont blanc deluxe or a creme puff from Monsieur's. Gotta be more considerate, ya know.

=But gee—Your violence is as splendid as ever—

=Idiot, don't tell anyone cuz it's too embarrassing

=Can't believe it took me 3 minutes to beat down 3 guys at the same time.

=It's Jinno... Riki Jinno.

=You've renewed your win streak from 6th grade yet again.
=Indeed, ever since 6th grade, you've been totally unbeatable, Jinno-san.

=I mean, the Jinno-san since 6th grade on has been totally—

=Just shut up about sixth grade already.

=Oh,//By the way, did you hear the news?
=What news?

=That Ando family's coming back! To this city—


=And they said he's been admitted to our high school and he's starting in April—


=...The younger brother.


=Hey—Please don't scare us like that.
=We wouldn't be talking like this if it were the older brother!

=Yeah... Right.

=I see,//So that bastard's brother is coming to our school, huh...

=That's good.
=It's about time I got in some payback.

=This sorta thing keeps me up at night.
=I'll pay it all back. Too his lil' bro.

=And with 6 years worth of interest!


=What's that mean?

=6 years worth of interest?

=What's that mean?


=Gosh... You've gotta be kidding me...



=Hey you!


=You've been following me around all day,//Whaddya want?!

=Just a coincidence!


=What's her problem...?

=Besides, you look way to sketchy,//Aren't you hot wearing all those layers?!

=Hey! I've been feelin' kinda sick since yesterday, okay.
=Maybe you shouldn't be running around with your bellybutton all—


=She's fast...




=You can join the team if you bring your brother.


=Oh, you alone?//Where's your brother//Where's bro?


=Yo, how's your bro been?//Say hi to your brother for me!//Wassup, little brother!


=Uh-oh, I think I'm really getting sick now.

=Better head on home with some meds...

[sign]Maezawa Pharmacy

=Cold medicine please—

=Runny nose and chills, I guess.


=Aren't you the Ando family's—

=I'm ba—ck.

=Hey—//Not again!
=I knew it!
=Hang on!

=Mom, this guy's...!
=At-chan, right?

=Huh? Oh,

=—Which means...
=You know, Atushi-chan from Ando-san's place.

=Yuho Maezawa?

=Oh come on,//Q-chan's younger brother!


=A crow imitation?

=We were in the same class in 1st and 2nd grade, right?

=Oh, really?

=Wow—So you came back with your family.
=It's been 6 years? Wow—

=Where are you going for school?
=Uh, Meika High School.

=Oh my—,//Yuho, did you hear that? At-chan's starting Meika High in April too!
=Mom! You ate that yogurt I had in the fridge, didn't you?!

=Of course not.
=Then what's this empty can doing on the table?!
=Remember to take out the trash on Wednesdays, okay?

=Oh,//Well, I'll be going now...

=Take care.


=What're you doin' Dad?

=Saying hi to our new neighborhood.

=New? We just moved back to where we used to live.

=This kinda stuff is important, you idiot.
=It gets rid of silly disputes and it makes life easier.

=Excuse me, it's Ando from next door—

=Silly disputes... Huh.

[sign]Monsieur's Bakery
=Thank you—

[package]Monsieur's Bakery

=Quite an investment, but it's a necessary expenditure for making life easier.

=—Geez! And all I had were fond memories of this city.

=Why the heck am I having to—





[sign top]Land//Property//Sales//Rent//Brokerage//Management
[sign bottom]Jinno Real Estate


=All right, all right!
=I'm likin' this whole thing about coming over and introducing yourself!

=Grudge?//Idiot—No way.//That was ages ago!
=My heart's as clean as a freshly ironed shirt, right?//Remember?

=And hey, I'm surprised you knew about my thing for Monsieur's
=It's the mont blanc deluxe and the creme puff.

=Hyuk-hyuk-hyuk! I'm likin' you, Ando's lil' bro!
=It's Atsushi.

=Come talk to me if you need anything at school. I got your back any time a'ight!

=See ya!

=Problem solved—

=But still,
=That simpleminded...?

=Yuho, how long are you gonna take?!

=Okay okay, I'll coming already—
=Home of the Maezawa Pharmacy... Huh.

=A faint pink outline...
=Well well, if only that window would open



=Oh, wasn't me! I'm this far away, see?
=Definitely not possible!


=Problem created—


=Thought I told her I had a cold! Geez!


=A mont blanc deluxe and... A creme puff?

=Did you buy these, Mom?

=Huh? Oh my.
=It wasn't Mom. You think maybe it was Dad?

=Weird coincidence...

=Oh, what about dinner?
=Don't want any. I'm just gonna take my medicine and sleep...

=You okay?
=...Hope so.


=—Geez, what took you so long, making me wait 6 years.

=Guess I'm more sick than I thought... Better get to sleep.

=Hey. Yo.

=Good night.

=Listen damn it.

=Atsushi. Wake up—


=—Geez! Trying to warm up to that idiot Jinno like that. And you call yourself my brother?!
=I'm ashamed of you!

=Atsushi. You listening?!

=Hey. Yo. Wake up!






=That was a weird sick dream.

=You sleep too much, idiot!

=What's that?
=Your cold's gone already.

=Always going down with the cold—Geez!
=Really makes me ashamed!

=Those cakes...

=Yeah, you noticed?
=It's the mont blanc deluxe you were trying to give to idiot-Jinno. Super tasty.


=I grabbed 'em from you on the way.
=Swapped 'em with mud pies.

=...What a grade schooler!
=Yep! Thanks to you. Ghosts don't grow older.

=Huge problem created—

=—I mean,

=This situation is...

=Well? Yuho's gotten pretty hot, huh?

=She's got that tight athlete's bod—You know.

=How about some thanks, I opened it for you. I can just slip in and peek whenever I want.



=Don't get it, do you.
=How you supposed to touch a ghost?




=Hey, Yo.

=My brother's name was Hisashi Ando.
=Nicknamed Q-chan.

=He died 6 years ago in an accident.
=So he's definitely dead!

=He's gotta be!

Atsushi. Wake up—

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