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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Q & A 2


+ posted by Meriken as translation on Jun 10, 2009 19:08 | Go to Q & A

-> RTS Page for Q & A 2

Q&A, Chapter 2, Monthly Shounen Sunday, July 2009

Chapter 2: Dero!






=Did you eat those cakes—?//The ones from last night?

=Wasn't me.

=Then who was it?

=It was... Q-chan.


=You're right, it must've been Q-chan.
=No, wait!//See,//It really was Q-chan!

=Sure it was.



=I'm back in my hometown—

=For the first time in 6 years—

=My father, Kouichi Ando (age 43)//Is off to work.

=We moved out of this place 6 years ago when the old man got a transfer,//—And that winter...

=My brother, Hisashi Ando (aged 11)//Aka Q-chan.
=Died in an accident.

=My mother, Reiko Ando (age 40)//Is doing some housecleaning.

=My brother died in an accident...

=And I, Atsushi Ando (age 15)//Am in the middle of changing.

=My dead brother...


=We're now a family of three.

=Atsushi—//Give Dero his breakfast.

=One dog—


=He—y,//Can't you hear me?!


[note]The dog's name "Dero" (デロ) is homophonous with "出ろ" the Japanese word for "come out." Hence the brother's sudden appearance.



=He-//He's here!
=Don't waste your breath.


=Nobody else can see me or hear my voice...



=You,//Missed a spot...

=You sound like a mother-in-law.


=He can't talk,//But looks like Dero can see me too.
=Don't equate me with a dog.

=Hey,//Where you going?
=Leave me alone!

=Mom,//I'm going over to Ken-chan's place for a little bit.

=You sure?

=Jinno's waiting for you outside.

=What was that?


=Man...//He looks real pissed.

=And whose fault is that?!


=That bellybutton is—

=What're you guys doing here?

=None of your business.

=Actually,//I think I already know...

=Spit it if you're so sure!

=Q-chan always beat you up, so you're trying to get payback by beating up his little brother.

=He tried to make me eat mud pies yesterday!

=Mud pies?
=Yeah!//That guy brought 'em over to my house pretending they were from Monsieur's!

=What a grade schooler.

=Anyways, everyone was mad 'cause no one from your place showed up for morning town-cleaning.

=Old man went drinking last night.
=Guess he's still asleep.

=Then you go and do it for him.

=Hey!//Watch your language when you speak to Jinno-san!
=Just 'cause you're a girl doesn't mean—!

=Hurry up!
=Listen, you little—!


=I'll go.//I'll go, damn it!

=You guys are coming too!

=Looks like,//Yuho got rid of 'em for you.

=Jinno sent her a ton of love letters during junior-high, and she kept 'em as collateral.
=That's why he can't stand up to her.




=Hey, did you know//That Yuho started track 'cause of me?

=Yeah right.
=I'm serious.



[sign]Sports Day

=But man, that brother of yours.//He really was fast, huh?

=And he wasn't just fast.//He broke the school records for pretty much every event by 5th grade.
[sign]Ken-chan's place

=Oh yeah,//Remember the time when he—?

=It's been 6 years, and all you wanna talk about is my brother?

=Oh,//My bad.

=Yeah—It's been 6 years, huh—?//Well well,//Back then you were—

=What were you doing again?

=Right,//See ya.
=Maybe in 6 years...



=Yo,//Little Ando...


=Do you believe in spirits?


=Well,//You see,//They're kinda like ghosts...
=And...//Some of them are like, bad...//Uhh—

=...So they sometimes play pranks on people.
=Like changing cakes into mud pies?



=I like your spirit.

=Oh—//A pun. I get it.

=What's that?//My right fist is telling me something.

="Give him a spirited punch."//—I see...

=Oh,//I didn't hear that!
=Nope,//You misheard!

=This'll lift your spirits!

=You're lucky it's after sunset.


=You little—!


=I gotta stay in that house until its dark out.//Get it?



=Bigger frame, but the same old moves.//He never learns.

=Th-That pose—!


=Jinn!//What're you doing here?

=Not again...

=Your father was looking for you.
=What about?

=He wanted you to run over to the liquor store.

=Damn it,//Is he ever gonna start working for real!?

=Alright,//We'll settle this next time, Little Ando.

=Don't let him get away!


=Spirit punch, Atsushi!


=Cut it out!//It's not fair to attack when your opponent isn't looking!

=Hey hey,//Didn't she just attack you when you weren't looking?!

=Besides, Jinno started it!//Tell her, Atsushi!//Tell her there's no rules for fighting!
=Just shut up...

=—Gosh!//You're such idiots!
=All of you!

=Hey, wait! We're not like Jinno!


=What a grade schooler.


=Gee—//Doesn't it feel great when it's dark—?


=Stop fooling around.

=Besides, if you can move around like that,//Then why didn't you just follow us instead of waiting around for 6 years.

=I couldn't—//There's a limit to how far I can travel.
=You see,//I'm only allowed to haunt this neighborhood.

=Alright,//Then how come you can move my body around,//Even though I can't touch you?

=It doesn't work for everybody.
=I can touch objects and stuff,//But not other people.

=—But I can touch Dero,//So I guess it only works with guys that can see me.

=Might wanna decide on that right now.
=It might get messy later on...

=No no,//There's still a lot we don't know about ghosts.
=The scientists and editors can only learn so much...

=You'd better not be planning to leave it at that.

=Listen, Q-chan. You're—

=Don't call me Q-chan anymore.


=Well, you know...//The name and the character...//People might start complaining.
[note]Reference to the main character of Obake no Q-taro (lit. "Q-taro the Ghost), a popular series by Fujiko Fujio that ran during the 1960s and 70s.

=Then what am I supposed to call you?

=You're in high school now,//So it's gotta be "big bro."
=Big bro.

=Since when do high schoolers refer to grade schoolers as "big bro?"

=Say it.

=What're you blushing for?//Say it.

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#1. by kakashi919 ()
Posted on Jun 10, 2009
thank you

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