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Q & A 3

Pink, Right?

+ posted by Meriken as translation on Jul 8, 2009 23:20 | Go to Q & A

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Q&A, Chapter 3 (Monthly Shounen Sunday, August 2009)

Chapter 3: Pink, Right?

Maezawa Pharmacy



=Kousei Maezawa (age 25)//Big-time mystery & horror novelist.
=—Is his goal. He's still living off his parents. Eldest son of the Maezawa Family.



=What are you,//Doing over there—?


=I'm having trouble coming up with an opening.




=Don't you know how to knock!?
=Sorry.//Cliché scene, you know.

=So the Ando Family is back, huh?

=So what if they are?

=Well—I never got to return these to Kyu-chan.//Manga volumes.//Go return these to his little brother At-chan for me.

=Why me?!
=I'm in big trouble unless I come up with an opening for my novel before tomorrow.

=Trouble?//For what?//With no deadlines?//And no plans for getting a serial?
=That's exactly why!

=If I don't make it big, I'll be single forever!//And turn into a brother who sells borrowed manga volumes to used bookstores just to get some allowance!//You're okay with that!?

=I see,//So you're afraid you might go and sell these if you don't hurry up and return them.

=Anyways, I'm counting on you, alright?


=Oh, by the way.//Your panties were dry so I brought 'em in for you.

=Die!//Idiot brother!

="Die,"//"Idiot brother..."

=—Alright!//Guess I'll start off with the appearance of the hero's dead brother.




=Come on in, the door's open.

=Hup. Hup.

=Are you okay?
=My gosh!//I wish Atsushi would hurry up and unpack on his own!

=Oh,//Would you like some help?

=I'm ho—me.

=Oh, I didn't know that.//Wow—
=Isn't that so silly?

=What are you doing?

=Can't you see?//She's helping out because you can't clean up on your own.

=Oh,//Thanks Yuho-chan. You can stop now.
=Oh, but...//I'd hate to leave this half-finished.

=Then come downstairs when you're done.//I'll make you some tea.
=Yes ma'am—


=So,//Why are you here?
=Came to return some books.//My brother asked me to.

=Your brother?

=Ohh—//The college student—?
=6 years ago.//Couldn't stand it if he still called himself a college student.

=I'm leaving this junk over here, okay?




=Oh,//I'll take care of this!

=You sit over there.//It's dangerous if you stand up.

=It's pink today.//Pink.

=What do you mean,//Shaddup?!

=Oh,//I was talking about,
=This junk...

=Two shot.

=Die! Idiot brother.

=...Oh wait, he's already dead.
=What's he up to now?

=Oh,//Your brother. The former college student.


=Big-time mystery & horror novelist.

=—Is his goal. He's still living off his parents.


=He just sits around all day.//Surrounded by weird books about spirits and devils and stuff.

=Does he have any books on exorcism?


=Hey hey,//What are you interested in reading up on that?

=Horror novelist, huh...?

=That reminds me,//He liked taking the kids in the neighborhood over to the shrine to tell scary stories back then,//Didn't he?

=You were there?//Back then...?

=Sure I was.
=She probably didn't notice 'cause you were scared and hid behind my back the whole time.

=What are you doing?

=Oh, nothing.//I haven't gotten much exercise lately.


=She dropped it on purpose...


=He was amazing at everything, wasn't he.//Kyu-chan...

=He's the same age as Jin, so...//He would've been a high school senior this year.

=He'll be in elementary school this year and the next.

=He could've been a huge track star by now.
=You don't see that kind of speed everyday.

=Wait,//It's not like Kyu-chan influenced you,
=To start track.//...Is it?



=What've you been doing?//These past 6 years.


=Oh,//Never mind.
=Not interested.

=Hey... Wait.

=Well well,//We finally got this room cleaned, huh?



=Why are we running—?

=Idiots!//Did you forget I'm on the track team!?
=And I'm the almighty captain!

=Sure you are, but you haven't gone to practice at all these past two years...

=And you're only captain because you threatened the other members and forced them to—


=I'm going to practice every single day once I become a senior!

=Yuho Maezawa's entering high school.

=That's not all.

=Girls track uniforms are pretty sexy these days.
=That's not all!

=Ando's little brother.


=I'm gonna force him to join the track team.

=The Meika High School track team is famous for its tough workouts...
=Tough workouts?

=Oh, it's famous!
=It's super famous!

=In-school violence wouldn't be a smart idea,//But the school should be willing to overlook a little hazing during practice sessions...
[bubble]Y-//Yes sir

=Heh-heh... My last year of high school...
=Looks like I'm gonna be having some fun.

=And girls track uniforms are pretty sexy these days.
=We've covered that,//Already.



=You think I should insert a sexy scene right around here?






=He—y,//Dang it!

=Gotta wash it all over again.




=What are you doing?

=Ohh—//Yuho-chan spilled a glass of water on her skirt.
=It was strange, it spilled even though she hardly even touched it.

=Are Atsushi's sweatpants okay?//Don't worry, they've been washed.
=Sure,//Thank you.

=That little—!


=See?//Pink, right? Just like I said.



=A bit slow, aren't you.//I told you last chapter too.//You can't touch me.


=Don't worry, it's not that big a deal.//Yuho's no stranger—

=To perverted guys...

=Atsushi—//Yuho-chan's going home.

=Oh,//Sorry about before...
=Ask her not to wash the sweatpants before she returns them.


=What are you doing?

=You don't have to walk me home.
=Oh no,//No problem.

=My brother is unable to leave the house until evening... (See previous chapter).

=Serves you right.

=What was that?

=Well, I've returned those manga volumes my brother borrowed from Kyu-chan.//Don't you forget.
=Oh,//Right right.

=See ya.

=Good luck,//With the track stuff.

=Kyu-chan always brags,//About how you started track because of him.

=Oh, Kyu-chan appeared in a dream and told me!
=I'm serious!

=These sweatpants.

=I'll wash them before I return them,//So not to worry.

=You don't need to wash them...

=I'd rather you—


=Is this story,//Really that interesting...?

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#1. by kakashi919 ()
Posted on Jul 8, 2009
thanks man

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