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Translations: One Piece 920 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Short Program 31

White Summer

+ posted by Meriken as translation on Jul 28, 2009 16:19 | Go to Short Program

-> RTS Page for Short Program 31

Short Program, Volume 3, Chapter 31 (pp. 143~194)

White Summer

=Nimbus clouds in the shining blue sky—

=We're at the Koshien Stadium, where the opening ceremony has just been concluded.//We're now waiting for the first game of the tournament to begin!
=We're about to witness 2 weeks of hotly contested battles!//At the 84th National High School Baseball Championships—!

White Summer
Original Story by Buronson

=—Now,//The starting lineup has sprung out of both dugouts.
=We're almost—!



=You guys,//Fucking smell—!

=Give us some fun, alright!?//Some fun—!



[sign]Please Do Not Enter the Lawn





=Mr. Mikami—!

=Mr. Kakiuchi's started a huge brawl over in the park—!
=What—!?//Didn't he say he was going out to do some questioning—!?

=That's his excuse to go out for a nap, sir!
[sign]Police Station



=Uh ohh—//He did it again...


=Look, Mr. Mikami!//It's the idiot son from Kogure Construction Co!

=Idiot!//Mind your own business—!


=H-Hey, you'd better watch yourself,//My old man runs an honest business up front, but—

=He actually bosses around those idiots acting all high and mighty with their gold pins, right...?
[note]Reference to the gold pins worn by high-ranking members of a crime syndicate.

=Today's your unlucky day.



=That,//Must've broken a rib or two...


=Why does Mr. Kakiuchi get so intense when he's dealing with mobsters?
=How should I know.



=Bottom of the 3rd, Gunma Prefecture representative Numakawa Tech has gotten runners on base, but has yet to score—

=Oh yeah...

=It's that time of year, huh...


Unheralded Nozawa High advances to the prefectural finals!
Koshien veteran Matsukaze Academy aims to make their 15th Koshien appearance!

With the local residents cheering them on, will Nozawa High manage to make it to the Koshien for the very first time!?
[banner]Good Luck! Nozawa High School


=He pops it up!//Second baseman's got it!
=Runners stay put!//Two outs!

[team top]Nozawa
[team bottom]Matsukaze

=Nozawa Prefectural High School wasn't even an underdog before the start of the tournament!//But here they are, one out away from making their first ever Koshien appearance!
=The team doesn't boast any players of exceptional ability!//But if we had to name one, it would be these two—

=The pitcher, Tetsu Ichimura!

=And the catcher, Goro Kakiuchi!

=This duo has been the crux of the good teamwork,//That has led Nozawa High to victory in all the close games leading up to this one!

=J-//Just one more...

=W-We're really gonna make it with just one more out, right?//Ami?

=We'll be fine as long as No. 20 stays on the bench,//—I think.

=Did you hear that, Goro?//The Koshien.

=Good thing we didn't give up on baseball, huh? Tetsu...


=Loosen up.//And don't forget about that runner on second.

=C'mon!//Tetsu! Goro!



=A roller!

=The third baseman charges in!

=Oh no—!//An odd bounce!

=The shortstop is covering third!//The ball rolls into the wide-open gap!


=The tying runner rounds third!


=The pitcher, Ichimura, picks up the ball—//And throws home!


=That's reckless base running, stupid!







=—Not that again.

=Just forget about it.//We get to spend our last summer in high school playing around on the beach.

=We would've spent the rest of the summer dripping in sweat if we'd gone to the Koshien,//—Right?

=It would be easier on me...

=If you just gave me a good whack in the face instead of being nice.

=He—y, what're you guys doing?//Let's swim!

=You're going to Tokyo,//...Tet-chan?

=I'd have to live the simple life if I stayed here.

=My mother raised me all by herself, so I gotta stop making her worry.//Make it big in Tokyo.

=That reminds me, you even got scouted by a talent agent when we went to Tokyo last year.//Tetsu's gonna do fine!//He'll succeed no matter what he does!//—Right, Ami?

=Even if he's guaranteed a life-long spot on the bench, huh...

=Don't get anxious, Tetsu.

='Cause I'll drop an easy catch if I don't loosen up—Right?


=Thanks...//It was really fun hanging out with you guys.
=Even in a small town like this...

[sign]Part-time workers accepted!//Tyranny Finance

[poster]Attention!!//Zero mortgage//Immediate loans!//*No credit check//*No questions asked//*No pesky collectors//Snowballing Finance//Open all year

=Make it big, huh...



=You always watch that stuff this time of year, huh.//—No. 20.

=Look,//Can you stop calling me No. 20 already?
=Koji's my name, you know.

=—Gosh,//I know you didn't really have a crush on me.

=Hey,//Who did you really like out of the three of us?
=That again?//You stop asking and I'll stop saying it—No. 20!

=Anyways...//Is it true that something's weird is going on with Tet-chan in Tokyo?

=He didn't come back when his mother died 2 years ago...

=—Yeah,//Goro told me Tetsu's been working for a finance company in Tokyo for the past couple years, but...
=—It's one of those shady outfits.

=So that's why,//Goro-chan...

=You guys are the scum of the earth!

=—Well then,

=I'm off to the field, I guess.
=Teach 'em well,//Bumbling coach!


=Another hot day, isn't it.//Where do you want to eat lunch?




=Mr. Kakiuchi... Was it?

=The owner of Kogure Construction Co.—!!

=I was just at the hospital to see my son.//They said it would take 3 months for him to fully recover.

=Isn't there anything you would like to say to his father?

=If the son is stupid, the parent is stupid.

=You better educate your kid better if you want him to take your place someday.
=That is, if your company doesn't get destroyed first.

=Oh,//That reminds me.

=That arcade we raided and busted up the other day,//Wouldn't happen to have anything to do with your organization, would it?

=Of course not.

=CRINK//He hits it! This one's big!

=Right fielder's backing up!
=It's over his head!

=This one's gonna be extra bases!




=As expected, No. 20!//You still can't run a fielding drill, huh! Poor bastard!


=Give it.//I'll do it for you.

=You came back!?

=I went and stabbed a couple people.


=Hey!//Hurry up and walk!

=More gangsters from Kogure's place, huh.

=Some detectives from Tokyo are here to talk to you, sir.


=—Yes,//He was involved in a stabbing 4 days ago in Shinjuku.//One of the victims is already dead.

=For a while, there were traces showing he was still hiding in Tokyo.//But it seems like he just got up and disappeared yesterday,//—So, we decided to take a look into his hometown...

=I heard you're a childhood friend of his, Detective Kakiuchi.
=Is there anything you can tell us...?



=Oh, excuse me.

=Hey Ami,//What's up?



=Ami, there's a detective over from Tokyo.//Watch the entrance for me.

=You're looking well, Goro.

=You idiot!//Why!?
=Why'd you go and stab someone!?

=A lot of things,//Tend to go wrong when money's involved.



=Listen, Tetsu!//I despise the guys who dragged you down this dirty path,
=But I can't forgive you for falling for it either!

=Why'd you come back!?//Hometown's the first place they go to look for fugitives!
=Don't you get it!?

=Goro-chan,//There's a police car out front!

=As a friend, I'd prefer to let you get the credit, but...


=Sorry,//I can't afford to get caught right now.

=Tetsu, you—!

=I've still gotta take care of some unfinished business...


=Ami, you made the right choice by not picking me or Goro.

=Right, Hiroshi?

=Live long.



=The victim is a foreigner.//Haven't seen him around. He must be from out of town.
=Looks like he's still breathing...


=We've found a witness.

=Going by the description, that Tetsu Ichimura fellow seems to be the culprit...

=That idiot...!




=Why didn't you leave town immediately!?
=Even if the victim was here to kill you, this wouldn't have happened if you'd hurried up and gotten out of town!

=Things happen.
=All kinds of things...

=One little mistake trips you up.

=Then that mistake brings in a whole nother mistake, and the whole thing gets out of hand.

=No wonder,//It's just the usual pattern for you, isn't it.


=You can't shoot me.
=You owe me big-time from our last summer in high school.



=Well, I'll be going now.

=See ya, Goro.




=That's a strike,//...Goro.

=Tetsu! What are you—!?

=He wasn't here to kill Tetsu...

=The foreigner that Tetsu shot,
=Was sent here to kill you, Goro.

=The victim got desperate and started talking,//And the detective from Tokyo checked it out for us.

=Kogure sent in a request to one of his partner syndicates in Tokyo.//Asking them to send in a man who could kill someone and not get caught—

=Tetsu was part of that syndicate in Tokyo,//So...

=—So Tetsu found out, and...

=That's why Tet-chan,
=Came back...


=We got a warrant for Kogure's arrest.

=Congrats, sir.//This'll make the town a little bit cleaner.

=It would be easier on me...

=If you just gave me a good whack in the face instead of being nice.



=Sucker!//It's all 'cause you made that error!
=Shaddup!//You're the one who walked all those runners!

=S-//Stop it!

=Please stop...

=You don't play baseball just to win...


=For your friends...
=Friends to last you a life-time...

White Summer (END)

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#1. by kakashi919 ()
Posted on Jul 28, 2009
thanks man

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