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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

Short Program 26

Clogs and Diamonds

+ posted by Meriken as translation on Aug 2, 2009 03:28 | Go to Short Program

-> RTS Page for Short Program 26

Short Program, Volume 3, Chapter 26 (pp. 7~36)

Clogs and Diamonds


Clogs and Diamonds

=The steamy detective Ranko Idogawa, Episode VI.
[reference]Japanese mystery novelist Rampo Edogawa.

=The naked beauty outdoor hot-springs closed-room serial murder mystery!

=The housekeeper was asleep!

=This month, this night, under this full moon—
=A forgotten deadline from 20 years past, returns to life!

=What horrible truths lie in store for us in this episode—!?

=Are you stupid?

=A naked beauty outdoor hot-springs closed-room serial murder mystery?

=You won't find any beauties bathing with their clothes on, so you don't even need to mention that.//And besides, it's already a huge mystery how an outdoor hot-springs turned into a closed room in the first place.

=You won't write anything worthwhile if you stay out here thinking you're on vacation.//This is what happens when I don't keep an eye on you.
=Get back to your room and concentrate.

=Kohei Taguchi (age 26)



=Pen name Ichiro Shinkiba. Profession: Writer—

=Willing to do all kinds of writing from fiction to non-fiction, but rarely gets a chance to step up to the plate.//Popular works—None, of course.

=Currently writing the script for a 2-hour drama, thanks to an introduction from a friendly TV producer.

=This is the TV producer's summer house—

=And this is the producer's younger sister, Chiaki Shinjo (age 19)

=Yo,//Where were you?

=Her guy friend—
=...Dunno his name.


=Do your work, okay.
=I don't get paid either if it isn't done by the time my brother comes back.

=Alright, sir.//Good luck.

=—I'm just filling in for someone else, of course.//Plus, I only have 3 days to get the whole thing done...
=Apparently, she's supposed to be the warden while I'm locked up in this house.


=Where's Chiaki?

=Oh,//She went driving in a convertible with a guy wearing sunglasses just now.
=Oh, shoot.//Must be Yasu.

=Oh, I'm Toshiaki Okishima.//I run a fishing boat with my old man out in the ocean over there.
=Here's a little souvenir.
=Oh, really.

=I've been hanging out with Chiaki ever since she started coming to this summer house when she was little.//Well, same goes for Yasu, I guess.

=Did you know?//That guy with the sunglasses is the only son of that huge hotel in front of the train station.
=Oh, really.

=No point if she's not here.//Guess I'll head home.
=Bye bye.

=I heard you're a novelist.


=Alright,//Say hi to Chiaki for me.


=Now that the introductions are out of the way...
=Right,//Back to work.


=Okay, bye.
=See ya.

=Gee—z,//My hair's all crumbly.
=Feels yucky.

=I'm gonna take a bath.

=This summer house also has a hot springs in it.





=Beauties don't bathe with their clothes on,//—Huh.



=Let's see...

=Here it is.




=What the hell is that stuff!?//I can't stop crying!
=Anti-pervert spray.

=Well, many different situations can come to mind,//Living under the same roof for a whole 3 days.

=By the way, a guard from the security company will come flying over if I press this button.

=Ohh,//Is that so!

=Hey,//You've only gotten this far?
=Don't read it without permission!

=Isn't this,//A tad too forced?

=You haven't watched this series? It's even stupider than that.

=So you want to write stupid stuff, huh.

=I've only gotten this far 'cause I don't know how to write stupid stuff!
=Then why don't you just write what you want to write.

=I'm not in a position to do that.

=You don't have confidence?
=I've got nothing to fall back on.

=Wow—So you're willing to write something that you think is stupid and boring,//As long as it gets your name out there, huh.

=Who cares!



=Chiaki—//The ship's free today. Wanna go out to the ocean for a while?


=Warden my ass.//All she does is hang out with guys.

=She seemed so nice and shy when I first met her,//Just 4 years, and she turns into that.


[label]Perverts Be Gone

=He—y,//You forgot your little weapon here—!
=You sure you don't need it when you're out alone with a guy in the middle of the ocean—?




=My,//What's this?

=I came up with an interesting story-line,//But I'm coming up short on the number of sex scenes.
=Mr. Shinjo told me to include at least four of 'em.

=I was wondering what was giving you so much trouble...//That's so idiotic.

=Hey, where are you going?

=There's a limit to human concentration.//Let me take a breather.
=Fine,//You have 30 minutes!


=7pm tomorrow.//—Got it? You better not screw up.

=I got it.//I'll get that novelist guy outta there for you.

=You better not screw up either.//Chiaki's pretty sharp, you know.

=Idiot, I've got her trust.//Unlike you.
=If I wanna trick her, she's gonna be tricked.

=I'm looking forward to this.


=Thank you very mu—ch.


=Please don't sleep here, mister.
=I'm awake.

=He's not my boyfriend.//Neither of them are.

=Just friends.//Good friends that I've been playing with every since I was little.

=They're not little anymore.

=I'm just saying you shouldn't trust guys too much.

=Especially guys around that age. 80% of the time, their heads are filled with—
=You're the one who's thinking about sex scenes all day long!
=They aren't like that!

=This is my job!

=I'm not going to let you bad-mouth those two.

=They're really nice guys.


=Like I care!





=Oh, hey mister.//Wanna go night-fishing?

=Go for it.//He's making you a kind offer.
=There's a limit to your concentration, right?


=I'll go out to sea, you'll see what you're in for.

=Gosh, when did she start being like that.//She used to be such a nice, honest girl.

=I love reading novels.

=I'm rooting for you.


=Oh,//I think I forgot something...
=Can't let you do that.

=Can't let you go back now.








=What!?//He got away!?

=M-My bad...

=You idiot—!

=Hey,//How long do I have to keep this blindfold on?

=Just a bit longer.


=—Okay.//You can take it off.

=Your present has arrived.




[banner]Happy Birthday//Chiaki Shinjo age 20//Special Guest//Chiaki's First Crush

[banner]Special Guest//Chiaki's First Crush

=But man,//Chisato's such a jerk.

=She turned us down without batting an eyelash,//But when it's time for her to confess, she has no idea what to do.

=We had a pretty hard time confessing to her, too.

=Can't help it. She's been thinking about him for the past 4 years.//That novelist.

=Anyways, just seemed like Chiaki would never make a move//If we just left 'em alone.

=We're good guys,//Aren't we.
=—You got that right.


=I read your script.//—You're almost there.

=Don't worry about getting paid.//I'll have it finished by morning.

=—But, I didn't find any sex scenes.

=I don't care if it gets rejected.//Getting my name out with a stupid story won't give me any confidence in myself.

=It might not mean much coming from me, but...

=It was good.//—Really good.

=It was,//—Really.


=—Right, do over.

=The story was good,
=—But you gotta have the sex scenes.//The sex scenes are everything.
=You gotta include at least five of 'em even if it screws up the story.

=Don't make me say the same thing year after year.
=Later, Chiaki.


=Got that?//At least five of them.

Clogs and Diamonds (END)

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#1. by kakashi919 ()
Posted on Aug 2, 2009
thank you

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