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Short Program 34

Idol A: Chapter 2

+ posted by Meriken as translation on Aug 7, 2009 05:08 | Go to Short Program

-> RTS Page for Short Program 34

Short Program, Volume 3, Chapter 34 (pp. 245~272)

Idol A: Chapter 2

=The 2006 Tokyo Onions Official Cheerleader's Pageant,//The winner is—!

=Entry No. 7—!
=Miss Azusa Satomi—!

=That's so cheap...//Azusa Satomi the teen idol competing in a pageant...?//Foregone conclusion...
=This is unfair!

=—Entry No. 13 Miss Fujimi Ichihara has also been selected for a special award.

Idol A: Chapter 2
2006 Tokyo Onions
Official Cheerleader

Team Mascot

=The Tokyo Onions.

=The team makes its home in the Nerima Dome (aka The Big Onion)//They are the self-proclaimed leaders of the Japanese baseball world.//Caution: Absolutely no satire is intended.

=Backed with money and popularity, they've always done whatever the hell they feel like,//But their popularity has been on the wane these past few years, and low TV ratings have started to make them panic...
=He said there's no satire intended!
=Stand back!//You mere editor!
[reference]Yomiuri Giants owner Tsuneo Watanabe's controversial remark towards Atsuya Furuta, who was the head of the Japanese Baseball Players Union at the time. The remark triggered the first players strike in the country's history.

=Anyways, this Tokyo Onions team drafted a high school rookie in the 4th round of last year's player draft.
=The man's name was—

=Keita Hirayama, age 18.//PItcher (Asamidai High)

=Hirayama!//Hurry up and get in the bullpen!

=Don't get hasty please.//I'll pull through when it counts.

=Hey!//What's up with that attitude!?
=Now hold up!//Pitching coach.

=That rookie has pulled through when it counts.//That's why we didn't assign him to the farm team.//Let him do what he wants. Feels like we finally managed to get a hold of a big fish.

=But manager, this is exactly why—
=Hey look,//It's Sato-Azu!


=OHHH—//It's Sato-Azu!
=She's so cute!

=Please do your best!


=Man, aren't you so glad you play for the Onions?//I mean, we're gonna get to see Sato-Azu everyday from now on.
=Yeah, totally.

=Huh?//Where's Hirayama?


=Hurry hurry!//Hirayama-kun.


=You're late!//What the heck were you doing!?

=My bad.//There was an interview that I just couldn't turn down...

=Didn't you promise you would concentrate//On being the Onions official cheerleader till the end of the season?

=Well, it was Young Sunday.//Obligations, ya know...
=Azusa Satomi, age 17.

=She's no longer any old "photogravure" model. She a pop icon to men of all ages.

=I'm a childhood friend and classmate of hers...

=—Not only that,

=When we switch clothes and hairdos, we look so similar, even our parents can't tell us apart!

=Hey,//No peeking!

=—The only difference is...


=Our natural talent for baseball.


=During high school, Azusa switched places with me and led a no-name high school all the way to the North Tokyo tournament finals.

=—So the deal is,//The Keita Hirayama who was drafted is really Azusa Satomi, and...
=Looking good!

=You're definitely gonna make a good pitcher.

=Your butt looks especially nice.


=Oh, I'm sorry manager.//Are you alright?
[sign]Sato-Azu Fan Club
=Fine fine,//I'm totally fine!

=Keita Hirayama is Azusa Satomi while Azusa is playing baseball.

=No one's gonna believe a ridiculous story like this, are they...
=Sato-Azu's agent, Okamoto (age 32).
=Don't worry,//Young Sunday readers are very forgiving.


=I heard you went to the same high school as Sato-Azu.//Introduce me to her.
=The tournament-winning pitcher at the Koshien last summer. The 1st-round draft pick, Tsuyoshi Entenka (age 18). Yokonaga High.

=I wouldn't if I were you.//Appearances can be very deceiving.

=Hah-hah!//Worried about the competition!?//I don't blame you.//After all, I'm THE Tsuyoshi Entenka!//The handsome hero of the Koshien tournament!

[bubble]Any naughty children?

=She also went to the same high school. Want me to introduce her?

[bubble]It's me//Onitan

=Oh.//Hey,//Wait up Hirayama.


=The marketing move was a huge success—
[black box]Onions
[headline]Sato-Azu's Camp Diary

[title]2nd Grade Class 3//Class Compositions
[bottom]Nantara Elementary School

I want to be a professional baseball player no matter what.//Azusa Satomi

=The dream...
Just one year

=Of the girl I like...


=The preseason begins.



=Incredible pitching!//By the rookie out of high school, Keita Hirayama!
=The Sllowars has gotten only 3 hits!//One of which was a homerun by Aoiwa!

=What do you think, Azusa-chan...?

=Oh,//Right right.

=What do you think?//Hirayama-kun is your childhood friend, and he's been pitching very well so far.
=Well, you see...//It's not like I really know him that well...

=—But,//I'm really surprised.//I never thought he would be this good...

=A rookie straight out of high school...
=And besides...

=...It's actually a girl.
=He's up against all these top players.

=Ida is on second with an infield hit and a sacrifice bunt,

=But a strikeout off Aoiwa, who hit a homerun earlier today, has made it two outs!

=On the mound is Keita Hirayama,//He's still maintaing his composure—


=Jammed him again!//Slow roller to short!


=Oh no—!
=It rolls straight through the legs of the veteran, Ishioka!

=Tie game! It's a tie game!

=An uncharacteristic error for the mustache man Ishioka.

=Oh!//Looks like they're going to the bullpen.

=A solid performance by Hirayama.//The crowd gives him a huge ovation as he returns to the dugout.

=—Taking over on the mound is,//Yet another rookie out of high school, the 1st round draft pick, Entenka!


=He's out!

=The Onions have won!//4-2!

=Today's win goes to—//Entenka, who pitched 3⅓ scoreless innings after taking over for Hirayama!

=Alright...//Let's head over to the field, Azusa-chan.

=—Also,//The winning pitcher of today's game will be receiving...
=A congratulatory kiss from Tokyo Onions official cheerleader Satomi Azusa!


=Why are you acting so surprised?//You're the one that came up with this before the game.


=Hey hey,//Does that mean...

=If I hadn't made that error,//You would've been—?
=I wouldn't have let him hit it over to you if I'd known about this, Mr. Ishioka.

=You little—!

=Alright!//Let's have Mr. Entenka come up to the stage—!

=We're ready, Azusa-chan.

=Why are you making me do this!?

=We're ready!

=Damn it—!


=Man, I wish I were him—!

=Hurry hurry, Azusa-chan!
=People are gonna see us!


=Good work.
=What the heck was that about!?

=Just another marketing move for the team.
=C'mon,//Hurry up.

=Well well,//Today was the best day of my life.


=Did that make you jealous, Hirayama?

=First, it was a preseason game but I got my first win in the pros.
=Then, I got a kiss from Sato-Azu!

=I declare this to be my official day of commemoration!
=—And,//Tomorrow is the Dolls' Festival.


=Oh,//Tomorrow is the Dolls' Festival...



=We're gonna be stopping by the agency, Azusa-chan.

=The boss said there's a truckload of birthday presents//Waiting for you—

=Birthday presents, huh...

=I was so close...

=What was that?


=Azusa Satomi, age 18

=The idol seeks to become an ace.


=Hey!//Who did this to my locker!?
[graffiti right]MORON
[graffiti left]STUPID MUSTACHE

Idol A: Chapter 2 (END)

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