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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Short Program 35

Idol A: Chapter 3

+ posted by Meriken as translation on Aug 9, 2009 04:43 | Go to Short Program

-> RTS Page for Short Program 35

Short Program, Volume 3, Chapter 35 (pp. 273~300)

Idol A: Chapter 3


=Okay!//Now do a big windup.

Idol A: Chapter 3

=Now throw!


=Nice pitch!

[newspaper top]Sports Ippon
[headline]Outstanding! Hirayama
[black box]Tokyo Onions
[photo caption]First appearance! First win!
[lower right]Tokyo

=Sato-Azu's agent, Okamoto (age 32).

=This would've made the front pages if they knew what was really going on...

=Okay, all set!//Thanks a lot, Azusa-chan!

=Azusa Satomi, age 18.

=Sometimes a teen model,//Sometimes a movie star—

=Sometimes,//The official cheerleader of the Tokyo Onions.

=Other times...



[sign top]Tokyo Onions//Kamisagi Dorm

=Alright, next!//Keita Hirayama, you got your first win recently. You do something!
=Kamisagi Dorm (bachelor dorm) senior resident, Tetsugoro Ishioka, age 43.


=Keita Hirayama, age 18—
=By that,//You mean...?

=Idiot! You think you can be a professional ballplayer without knowing any party tricks!?//Do something!

=Alright, guess I'll do some teammate impersonations...
=Sometimes a rookie high schooler for the Tokyo Onions.

=Pitcher, Shimobara.
=Sometimes a classmate of Azusa Satomi—

=Sometimes a childhood friend of Azusa Satomi—
=Catcher, Ahe.

=Clean-up hitter, Hagajima.

=Shortstop, Ishioka.


=What the hell.//Is that me making an error?
=HA HA HA!//Yeah yeah!//That's awesome!

=Great job!//Awesome!
=Thank you.
=Thank you.

=—And other times,//I'm Azusa Satomi while Azusa Satomi is Keita Hirayama...

=Hah!//That's nothing to get worked up about—

=I'll show you a real party trick.//I'll make it across the balcony with two beer bottles stacked on my head!

=—So basically,//Keita Hirayama the professional baseball player is actually Azusa Satomi...

=While Azusa is playing baseball,//I have to cross-dress, and...

=Isn't he...//The starter for the Sllowars game tomorrow?

=Tsuyoshi Entenka, age 18. Rookie high schooler. 1st-round draft pick.


=Hey Hirayama,//What was her name again? Our official cheerleader who happens to be your classmate.

=Are you talking about...//Azusa Satomi?

=Yeah yeah.
=Didn't she say her father coached the high school baseball team?

=Did he go to Aseda University by any chance?
=I believe he did.
[reference]Waseda University; Aseda=Sweat field

=I knew it!

=So...//What about her?

=I've seen her pitching before!//Around 10 years ago—

=That girl's father is an alum of my college baseball team.//He kept asking me take a look at his daughter's pitching.

=Think she was only in 2nd or 3rd grade, but...//Yeah, she was ridiculously good.
=The boys didn't stand a chance.

=This is coming from a professional ballplayer,//That girl was a straight-up prodigy.

=Did she end up quitting baseball—?
=Before middle school...
=Aside from those special training sessions with her old man...

=What a shame.//Wonder what she would be like now if she kept playing.

=A rookie high schooler, with a win in her pro debut.


=Hirayama!//The manager's on the phone!


=The next day—


[screen]Call From//Supermarket K
[reference]See end of Chapter 1.


=What do you want?
=—Photo shoot?//Went pretty well.

=Tomorrow's starter?//Who?

=Keita Hirayama?


=I thought it was 6 days off before the next start!

=Well, you see... Entenka was supposed to be the starter, but he injured himself.
=The 3 veterans have to stay on rotation,//And Mr. Torimitsu's been having diarrhea since yesterday.

=You're coming back sometime today, aren't you?

=Haven't you ever heard of a weather forecast!?

=There's a typhoon closing in on Okinawa,//So they're delaying all the flights till tomorrow morning!
[banner]Mensore; "Welcome" in the Okinawan language.

=A typhoon!?//This time of year!?
=Don't dwell on the little details!

=A night game, maybe.//But there's no way I'll make it back in time for a day game!

=W-What should I do...?
=That's my line!//Besides, how did Entenka get injured in the first place!?

=He fell off the balcony with 2 beer bottles on his head, and...
=What the heck?

=Anyways, you've got to turn it down!
=I can't,//I already...

=Then you fall off the balcony too!




=The Kuluton Sllowars home field,

=Gugu Stadium—
[sign]Meiji Gugu Stadium
[reference]Meiji Jingu Stadium; home of the Tokyo Yakult Swallows.



=Are you sure 4-days rest was enough...?//He's not throwing well at all.
=Hah-hah! This is normal for him.

=He doesn't turn on the heat until he's up on the mound.//That's when he get into serious mode.


=Keita Hirayama in serious mode, aka//...Keita Hirayama.

=—So,//What happened was...


=Steeerike out!

=Amazing! That's already the 5th strikeout!

=The Sllowars lineup can't seem to get the timing right,//Against this rookie high schooler!

=M-Manager...//Are you sure this data is correct?

=His fastball is supposed to be over 90mph on average,//But he's throwing about 20mph slower with the exact same delivery.


=You see, this is my best teammate impersonation,//Mr. Ishioka...


=Over to the veteran shortstop, Ishioka!

=Inning over!

=Outstanding! Keita Hirayama,//Has pitched a perfect game over 3 innings!


=That's sandlot pitching!
=Damn it—!//That little squirt...


=Hirayama...//You sure you don't wanna get into serious mode already!?

=Serious mode!






=There's another huge shot!

=So close!//Missed it by a few inches!




=Wh-What's going on here!?//It's suddenly looking like a bucketful of rain is being poured over Gugu Stadium!
[from right]WAH—//AHH—//WAH—//EE—K//AHH—

=The referees have called a timeout, and are directing the players back to their dugouts.

=This is a tremendous downpour!

=According to the local weather bureau,//The rainfall is being caused by the typhoon which suddenly veered off course from Okinawa!

[sign]Locker Room

=Phew,//I'm saved...

=Hirayama, looks like this rain is just a one-time thing.//Be prepared!

=No wa—y...

=Here,//Hurry up and get changed!
=Right right.


=H-How'd you get here!?
=They said it on the announcement.//I made it back in time thanks to the typhoon changing course all of a sudden.

=Gosh, looks like I made it in the nick of time!


=Why do you have scrapes all over your body?


=I tried falling off the balcony a few times,//—But, you know. I was always pretty flexible, right?
=So I only managed to get scrapes.



=Just look at that! Whatever happened to that weather from before?//The sun is now shining over Gugu Stadium.

=The game is restarting!

=Alright!//Crush that sandlot pitcher!


=Yer out!

=Now he's throwing 93mph with the same exact delivery as before,//Manager...

=Wh-//What the heck is going on...

=Now I remember!


=That habit that Hirayama has—

=The girl prodigy from 10 years ago had the same exact habit.

Idol A: Chapter 3 (END)

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