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Translations: One Piece 917 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Freesia 68

Negotiation Tactics

+ posted by Meriken as translation on Aug 16, 2009 18:50 | Go to Freesia

-> RTS Page for Freesia 68

Freesia, Volume 11, Chapter 68 (pp. 29~54)

Chapter 68: Negotiation Tactics

=Stay with me!

=Can you hear me!?
=Don't close your eyes...!


=She's gonna suffocate...

=What are you doing, Tanaka-kun!
=Hurry up and call an ambulance!


=I-It's your fault, Bobby.
=YO-KO got hit 'cause you shot that guy and it messed up his aim.


=What are you...
=It's all your fault!

=None of this would've happened if you hadn't done anything stupid!
=I didn't do anything wrong, alright!

=Don't get me into trouble like this!

=I've got nothing to do with any of this!


=Where are you going!?

=Come back!





=Hurry up and call an ambulance, mister...!
=I-I don't got no cell phone.
=You can use mine!


=What were you doing, Bobby!?
=You're supposed to keep an eye on him!

=It's all my fault...

=And? Where's Tanaka-kun?


=Don't blame Bobby.//I'd be dead if it weren't for him...

=This is too big for a cover up...
=Sooner or later, the media's gonna catch on.

=We can't implement any countermeasures,
=Until we find out what her condition is...

=If she... If YO-KO dies...
=Then it's my fault... My...

=She needs to stay rested for now,
=But she's not in danger of losing her life.


=You're kidding...
=Why would I be kidding?

=Good for you, Tanaka-kun!

=Thanks Doctor! You're incredible!
=But she can't talk anymore 'cause her vocal cords are damaged.

=You're kidding.
=Why would I be kidding?

=Going to be a singer.

=This is really a dream come true! I'm so honored to have the opportunity to work with you, Ms. Higuchi!

=Our stations are different, so I never thought I'd be able to meet you, and...
=I'm really excited!

=I got so worked up,
=I couldn't sleep at all last night!

=Who is this midget...? Are elementary schoolers allowed to drive?

=I'm not an elementary schooler, ma'am!
=I may not look it, but I'm 26 years old—!

=Your name...?

=It's Kana Iiboshi.//And that's the 3rd time you've asked me that today...

=Oh really.
=I tend to filter out useless information when I'm concentrating on my work.


=Can you explain to me why my hair is burning?

=I admire you, Ms. Higuchi.
=I'm really looking forward to seeing you in action.

=Shouldn't you be holding the steering wheel?

=It's okay!

=So it's already been 8 years, hasn't it...

=Yes... But, I still can't believe it.

=It feels like Chieko was alive and well just a few days ago.

=I understand your pain.
=Ms. Chieko was abducted and cruelly beaten to death by a gang of thugs led by Keita Tanaka. It's only natural.

=But why has an enforcement agency showed up now?
=Keita Tanaka was never indicted, so a vengeance enforcement must be out of the question.

=Yes, I'm aware of that.
=I've taken a quick look through the court and investigative records of Ms. Chieko's murder, and...

=It just doesn't make sense to me.
=It appears as though they purposely chose evidence and testimony that would benefit Keita Tanaka.

=Keita Tanaka is the son of a powerful politician from these parts...
=So Tanaka has influence over all of the public institutions, including the police.

=That sort of injustice should not be tolerated.
=Why didn't you press the issue?

=We did the best we could!
=But there's only so much an individual can do...

=Then please allow us to cooperate!
=That's not necessary!

=Would mean?

=The vast majority of the citizens of this town are fanatical supporters of the Tanaka faction.
=I won't be able to run my business without patrons and business partners...

=You can't make a living in this town,//If you rebel against the Tanakas.
=That's the reality of our situation...


[reference]The final scene of the 1975 anime, The Dog of Flanders.


=That's so horrible—! How could you say that—!?

=Ms. Chieko will never be able to rest in peace like this!
=I won't take no for an answer!

=I feel sorry for Ms. Chieko—!


=An enforcement secretary must not exhibit such emotion.
=Be more self-conscious of your actions.

=I apologize for that outburst, Mr. and Mrs. Katagiri.
=But this is all part of the righteous indignation we feel as contributors to the enforcement process.

=Enforcement proxies put their lives on the line.//And they do it because they know their job is well worth the risk.

=True, this will not be an easy enforcement.
=But why should that stand in the way!?
=It is a mere trifle compared to the price that man must pay for taking Ms. Chieko's life!

=We must not allow that villain to continue living as a celebrity, without atoning for the sins he has committed!
=So please! For Ms. Chieko! For the innocent people who lead righteous daily lives! You must fight with us!

=By putting your lives on the line!

=Tile craftsman, restaurant floor staff,//Long-distance truck driver,
=Mail order salesperson... Newspaper solicitor, moving services, telephone appointer, and security guard.

=Why... There's plenty of jobs out there.
=I shouldn't have to choose a shallow, worthless job like the enforcement proxy.

=Damn it!

=Why won't they hire a 50-year old!
=Fucking assholes—!

=Well, there's no need to get hasty.
=I won't be quitting the agency for a little while.

=I'll copy it for now,//And take a better look at home.

=We interrupt this program for some breaking news. Asia League Freedom Alliance representative, Mr. Keita Tanaka, has been attacked and shot by a hoodlum.

=We have yet to obtain the specifics on this incident, but a woman accompanying Mr. Tanaka was also shot, and is in critical condition.
=This woman is believed to be the former popstar, Ms. YO-KO.

=We've got a live feed from outside the hospital where the woman was hospitalized.
=Awesome!//For real!?
=Him again...
=What? Keita's not dead?
=We've been told that an emergency press conference will begin momentarily, but...

=Excuse me—

=Care to buy a flower?

=For your mother... A gift for your loved one.//HUFF HUFF

=What's a flower?

=And what's a gift?
=Hoo-hoo, you don't need a reason.

=It's the feeling of giving that counts.

=Get over here, dammit!

=If you won't buy it...
=You can have it.


=I-I-I told you.
=You don't need a reason.

=It's the feeling that counts.


=A flower store, huh.

=We have yet to obtain information about Mr. Tanaka's injuries.
=We'll bring you more on this top story after an update on the war front...

=Did you hear that!? K-ta's dead!
=That wouldn't be bad either...
=No way!

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