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Jormungand 2

Gunmetal Calico Road

+ posted by Meriken as translation on Aug 20, 2009 00:10 | Go to Jormungand

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All of my translations are RESERVED

Jormungand, Volume 1, Chapter 2 (pp. 57~96)

Chapter 2 | Gunmetal Calico Road

=Our road is paved with so many guns,
=That it almost makes me think this entire world is made up of metal and gunpowder.

=Clutching the tool that evolves for the sole purpose of killing human beings,//I've fostered my hatred for weapons.

Chapter 2 | Gunmetal Calico Road

=I've begun my travels with an arms dealer.


=A certain country in Eastern Europe.


=Wake up, Jonah-boy.


=It's your turn to go on patrol duty.
=You partner up with old man Lehm. {Are you sleeping properly?}

=It's cold, so you better put a coat on... Man, I'm sleepy!


=Good morning.



=What a surprise!//A question from you, huh.

=So what you're asking me is,//Why is an accomplished, super-skilled, master mercenary like me,
=Taking orders from a youngish arms dealer named Koko, correct?
=I don't remember complimenting you.


=You've only been with us for a few days, so it's probably hard for you to understand.//And my answer's pretty "interesting."



=That hurt, Koko!!
=Are you half asleep!?
=Sorry Valmet.

=I bet all the other guys have their own reasons.//You'll start to understand, too.
=What it means for you to be on this platoon, and how Koko is such a brilliant...

=What was I saying?

=Bathroom's that way, Koko.
=Hmm. {*mumble mumble*}

=We've got an emergency!!

=3 hours ago, a transport convoy crossed the northern border and entered the country.
=If intel and counts are correct, these guys are carrying—

=15 units worth,
=Of the attack helicopter Mi-24D, aka the "Hind D."
=Dismantled and packaged with a full set of replacement parts!

=Someone caught wind of the success we had before,
=And entered the market saying "Gimme a piece of that pie!"

=But this sort of thing happens pretty often.
=The problem is...

=This intel got sent to us by "headquarters."
=If I screw up, my paycheck is gonna take a hit.

=This is baaad

=If she's rolling around like that,
=This has gotta be pretty serious.

=Commencing operations! Prevent the enemy from delivering that shipment!!
=Before all our efforts in this country get shot to pieces!

=There's a good chance this will develop into hard negotiations, including the termination of deterrents.
=Be prepared.

=Oh, actually...
=The preparing can be done individually.

=Valmet and Tojo,//Start up negotiations with the national defense forces!!


=Lutz,//Mao, get your weapons! You'll be guarding me!

=Wilee, R, stay here to relay contact with the higher-ups!


=You come with me.//Let's move!!

=This is Koko Hekmatyar! The condition is orange! I repeat, the condition is orange!
=I need you to get me the following data...

=...on the Russian border...


=Huh? Am I just supposed to pick up for internal lines?

=Mr. Kloshkin—
=Yup, did you tell the movers today's thing is cancelled?
=Right right.
=Okay, then you can go home too. Thanks a lot—

=C.K. Kloshkin?
=That's right.
[note]Kloshkin=クロシキン=黒資金; Japanese for "dirty money."

=Freelance arms dealer, active in Europe.
=Rumor has it he's a former intelligence operative or whatnot.//It's probably this guy.

=Did you make sure to tell her that!?
=What if this guy is dangerous!? I'm worried about Koko!!

=I don't need to tell her anything. She knows already. ...And besides,
=There's 5 of us guarding Miss Koko.

=You should really be worrying more about my safety, sis.

=No way.

=You can fend for yourself, Tojo!//Koko is the only one I'll give my life to protect!
=For real?

=What if we have to negotiate with someone like "Colonel Matrix?"
=Then I'll leave you and run away on my own.
[note]Colonel Matrix; Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in the 1985 action film Commando.

=Keep this with you, Jonah.

=I've got my own.
=Right.//It's a backup.

=I've heard rumors, and more details are coming in.//We've got a pretty nasty opponent on our hands.
=Well, I guess everyone is nasty in this industry.

=She said the "hunt" is on.

=Finally,//A hunt.
=Our boss knows when to get it on.

=Jonah,//This time, you're not going to be a soldier, but instead...
=...Let's see,

=You'll be acting as my "younger brother."

=Until I give the signal,//No matter what happens to me.

=It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Kloshkin.
=My name is Hekmatyar.

=H&C Logistics,//Miss Hekmatyar... I've heard about you.

=Sorry 'bout this, we just moved in.
=It's a bit messy, so my card got buried somewhere.

=Please, take a seat. I can make some tea if you'd like.//You want a soda, kiddo?
=Actually, who is this little fellow?//Ohh, your little brother, huh? Hmm— {Hah-hah-hah-hah...}

=I think I know what you're here for. Let's get started.

=Calling off the shipment of the Hind D...?

=That would be very difficult.
=Though I can't say it's impossible.

=I am one of the doves among the air force leadership.//But you see,
=Our prior intrication with your boss—//The upgrade for the Fulcrum, has demanded some considerable attention.

=...//Please allow me to contact Hekmatyar.

=Good,//That means they're interested.
=Play the offer for the air-to-air missile.

=Excuse me.

=Wow, that sounded pretty cool.//So you're gonna start up a bargaining war!?
=You're out to get me?
=Don't see me as a comrade in the same line of work?
=Absolutely not.

=I don't have time for that sort of wishful thinking.
=Let me put it this way.

=You have snuck sheep,
=Into the ranch abundant with cattle that I have raised myself.

=It's me!!

=I don't know who coaxed you into thinking this was a smart idea,
=But you can cry me a river about getting shot at by a cowboy.


=You fucking with me!?



=Don't shoot!!

=That's right. If you shoot, it's gonna get ugly.

=So the intel was right. A child soldier, huh.
=You might be an even bigger piece of shit than me!

=You're quite the man, little lady.

=I heard you've got yourself a nice little army, but you better not try anything funny.

=I've got a sniper!
=He'll take your head off!

=Hmm? You want to go home? Please, go ahead.
=The Hind is moving right on schedule.

=But you know, I'd like to get some sort of verbal promise that we'll continue working together as business partners from now on.
=Hmph, you're one oblivious man, Kloshkin.


=My eyes.

=Take a very,
=Close look at my eyes.

=These eyes may reflect your appearance,
=But I don't see you. You're nothing to me.

=We handle the steel killing machines that are weapons,
=But our trade is about dealing with human beings.


=Hey!! What the fuck is that!!?
=It's a good thing cellphones are waterproof nowadays.

=I told you!! You try anything funny, and...!
=The sniper?

=Why don't you give them a call?

=Hey Lehm, you want me to shoot!?
=Want me to shoot, huh!?
=Cut it out.
=Huh? Who the hell are you?
=Ohh, this is the contact one, huh.

=Oh, hello sir. I think we got all of them.
=Is the injury on your head alright?

=Well done. Pull out immediately.

=Last one. Now your worth is one little slip of paper.

=That's right, three lines...
=And please make another signature confirming the erasure.

=Oh, she picked up. Miss Koko...
=We got the Hind.//And Kloshkin's contract,//Has just now...

=Left the hands,//Of the colonel.





=It's shallow.
=Head injuries tend to bleed a lot. You're lucky.

=Heh-heh,//It's over. All over.
=Let's go home.

=Rendezvous with Valmet and Tojo at the next city.//We'll be heading out at 9am tomorrow. You all did well today.
=Nice work!!


=Well? What was it like working with the boss!

=I got her injured.

=Part of the plan.//You're a kid. You don't need to worry about that stuff.

=Jonah, Jonah!
=I'm a mummy!


=Yes!! I got Jonah to laugh!!
=You won't see that everyday!!

="See...?" I don't know what you mean by that.

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