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Jormungand 6

Musica Ex Machina phase.1

+ posted by Meriken as translation on Aug 27, 2009 21:21 | Go to Jormungand

-> RTS Page for Jormungand 6

All of my translations are RESERVED

Jormungand, Volume 1, Chapter 6 (pp. 7~36)

Chapter 6 | Musica Ex Machina phase.1

=What the fuck was that!?//Boring!! Pointless!!

=Didn't think you'd get wiped out by this little performance!
=You're too fancy for them, teacher.
=Damn straight! I'm fancy, 'cause I fucking compare gunfights to music!

=Why'd you have to run here all the way from Italy!? Can't even tell if we're on Earth or Mars!//Where are we again, Chinatsu?
=Asia. The Omani exclave in the Middle East.

Chapter 6 | Musica Ex Machina phase.1

=Lemme tell you what I was thinking!//"They're fucking stupid but they sure as hell have a shitload of guts."
="That's why,//This is gonna be a master performance! One for the ages!"

=But man, did I overrate you! Even a fish on a hook puts up a better fight than that!

=Go on, Chinatsu.//Ask this dude.
=About what?

=Whaddya mean what?//If a high-ranking mafia dude grabs the boss's money and runs, it's obvious he's gonna get hunted down by hitmen like us.//Go on.

=That's right. You knew this was gonna happen,
=But you still did it anyways.

=Tell me.

...What the hell is up with this kid's eyes...

=Dunno, I forgot.
=Anyways, how 'bout a question from me?

=Why don't you have any underwear on?
=You freaking sickos. You hitmen are all fucking maniacs. Go to hell.

=...//Dodged the question again, huh. That's too bad.
=You're the who's one going to hell.
=And don't think you're gonna be taking the easy way out.

=We're gonna honor the request to kill you "As painfully as possible."

=My job... Is to take the half-assed hopes of conscientious criminals like you who think "I can get away with this,"
=And crush them to bits.


=Shit! I'm gonna fucking kill you guys!

=See this thing?

=It basically works like a music box.
=Chinatsu is good with little projects like this.

=Bang.//Bang bang.

=It's a device that drives all 15 shots straight into the same spot!
=Say bye bye to all the meat on your thighs—!


=You fucking shitheads!!

=Stop fuckers!
=See ya!
=You fucking—!

=Hold up, orches...!



=Hey, he's got a pretty good voice.
=What now, teacher?
=We came all the way out here. Might as well get another job done.
=Think we can find one?

=The end of spring is moneymaking time for hitmen.

=The summer's hot as hell. No one wants to leave a thorn in their side.
=Hum hum.

=How come you don't wear underwear, by the way?

=Want a flash?
=Fool. Mine's not gonna budge even if you walk around butt naked.//I only get it on for the older ladies.

=...//Let's just head for a city.
=Good idea.

=Dubai, United Arab Emirates


=There are a lot of things about life you need to learn from us seniors.//First, the standard greetings, from good morning to good night.
=Then language, math, science, social studies! General education!//Though I have to admit your English is pretty good.

=Hey, no yawning during class!

=You, are a "former" child soldier. Now that you've joined my squad, you need to upgrade to, "charming human being."
=The other 8 have their own peculiar ways, but they're all excellent individuals.

=A-Alright. Now try the next problem.

=It's about 300.
="About" is not a calculation!


=That was quite a surprise wasn't it...
=At the airport...

=That's a lot of tires.
=There's 14 on each plane.

=So how many tires are there total,
=On those 3 airplanes?

=He sure is taking his time.

=A lot.

=What's that, Koko?
=Huh? This?

=A hitman list.

="Headquarters" warns us if there's any dangerous individuals nearby.
=This is just the tip of the iceberg, of course.

=Well, Dubai is a really safe place, so—//There's no point in telling us "Watch out for hitmen!"
=And you guys are here to protect me anyways! Heh-heh-heh!

=A two-piece orchestra!
=That's right.

=They started off with 8 members, then 7 of them died.//They recently became a duet.
=The orchestra was pretty crazy back in the day.//They got off 20,000 bullets against the French police force!
=You're being targeted by hitmen, Koko?
=Constantly.//Arms dealers are always a source of hatred.

=In fact, I'm so overstocked with hatred I want to sell,
=But I can't find anyone who wants to buy!!

=What's going on? I thought it was study time for Jonah-boy.
=Sounds like a party in here!!

=Speaking of sounding like a party!!

=What are you grownups doing sitting around in a room all day long!!?
=Well... This is a pretty nice hotel.

=Then we should go out on a date, Koko!

=I want to show you the city too, but—
=Math is more important! Work hard!!

=Alrighty Tojo. Sorry 'bout this! I'll bring back lots of beer for you!
=And Jonah, once you're done with class...

=Remember to say "Thank you very much," okay—?



=D-Damn, he's good at ditching.
=Looks like everyone's got some trouble on our hands.//We're all divi-ing up the teaching, after all.

=Hey, Chinatsu.
=Why the sudden Italian!?

=If you call yourself a hitman, you always gotta look up at the sky when you walk!
=Ohhh—I see.

=Your own body blocks half of the 180 degree 16:9 rectangular human field of vision.
=We're not looking for landmines or anything.//And what's with that dingy-looking hat? Doesn't it get in the way of your vision? Throw it away.

=I'm not throwing away this hat because you gave it to me, teacher.
=And if teacher looks towards the sky, I will look towards the ground.


=That boy with the silver hair was such a cutie!
=Hey, teacher!

=Oh, he's gone.

=Don't get distracted.//Here's the info on our target.


=Hoooo—Now this is nice...

=This certainly is the Land of the Duty-Free...!!

=I thought a girl Koko's age would go for the clothing and the makeup...
=And that's a mechanicky watch. There's plenty of cute ones that are...

=I'm getting this!
=Koko! I will buy it for you!! As a gift!!

=No way! That's too much, Valmet!
=It's my way of thanking you for this date. A sign of my love, actually.

=You sure!?
=Yesss!! That's the face she makes when she's truly happy!!


=You sell weapons for a living.
=Even though you know you're going to get killed someday.

=Why? Tell me.

=A mere hitman dares to ask me that!?
=I'll answer if you can kill me, Orchestra!!

=What the fuck!
=Let go!!




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