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Jormungand 10

Musica Ex Machina phase.5

+ posted by Meriken as translation on Sep 4, 2009 01:57 | Go to Jormungand

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All of my translations are RESERVED

Jormungand, Volume 2, Chapter 10 (pp. 127~156)

Chapter 10 | Musica Ex Machina phase.5
=You're so kind, Jonah.
=Worrying about me and coming to pick me up like this.

=...I wouldn't be killing people with guns if I were.

=That's not true, Jonah.

=Nowadays, even the saints arm themselves with assault rifles,
=And bust a cap while they preach about god's love.

=Listen.//The important part is,//What you pull the trigger for, and why.

Chapter 10 | Musica Ex Machina phase.5
=This may sound odd, but it feels like cold discipline and kindness,//Coexist within each bullet you fire.
=I've never encountered a warrior quite like you before.

=Strange, isn't it?//Where does all this "kindness" come from, when you've led such a harsh life?
=Don't you hate weapons and arms dealers?

=...You're different,

=Oooh, I get special treatment, huh? I'm honored.
=But I'm really no different from all the other merchants.//Your judgement is still far too weak.

=Kindness is weakness.
=And that weakness will lead to a split second of indecision when you pull the trigger.
=You may be kind, but the world is not.

=The "Millennium Development Goals" were signed by 189 members states of the United Stations as a list of objectives to be completed before the year 2015. Of these, Targets 2 and 4,//Universal primary education, and the eradication of child mortality,
=Are said to require a yearly commitment of 22 billion dollars. However, this amount—

=Has since been surpassed by the average yearly expenditure on weapons in combat zones.

=Shocking, isn't it?
=The people have chosen war over our children's futures.

=...You're an arms dealer, Koko...

=I should be happy that the merchandise is flying off the shelves? Maybe.
=But do I really think so?//You see...

=Of all the jobs in the world,
=The arms dealer is the one that allows you to be the biggest hypocrite you can possibly be.

=Is the information coming out of my mouth true or not? Does it pertain to you or not?
=Listen and decide for yourself, Jonah.

=Which group of people has the most guns in the world?
=Nope, wrong.

=Believe it or not, 60% of the world's guns are held by ordinary citizens.//1 in 10 civilians is armed.

=37% is held by the military, the rest by the police...//Those armed rebels that the media fusses over?
=Their guns don't even count for a tenth of a percent.

=Earlier today, you said this: "Even people who have nothing to do with violence will become savages if they have a weapon.

=Where in the world do you expect to find,
=People who have nothing to do with violence?


=We live in a world where weapons are always an arms distance away.
=Sad, isn't it.

=These things are more reliable than human kindness.

=Listen, Jonah.
=I don't want you to die!//Or any of the other guys.

=Then please don't jump out in front of hitmen anymore.
=You're mortal, just like everyone else.


=So unbelievably true, it makes me laugh.
=Sorry Jonah, forgive meee.

=3 days later




=Don't move.

=You're dead the instant you point that gun at me.

=Even better than the one who shot teacher, huh. I can't even tell which direction he's aiming from.

=I lose.

=You don't get it, do you.
=It was never a contest to begin with.

=It's a gamble. All or nothing.
=Just like a weather forecast. I bet on "Within three days, infiltration from the roof."

=Had it been tomorrow, I would've lacked concentration, and you would've killed me.
=But oh well. There was something I wanted to discuss with you.


=Why don't you have any underwear on?


=It's a serious question. I'm not asking for a free answer, of course.//In exchange for telling me...

=I'll answer that question you asked me when we first met.
=The reason I sell weapons, fully knowing that I'm going to be killed by them someday.

=The first hit I did with teacher,
=We had to cross a river to get to the target's mansion.

=Being soaked wet from the waist down felt really weird,
=So I secretly took off my underwear.

=Once we started fighting, I started hitting the enemies like crazy.
=Teacher complimented me 'cause I killed more enemies than he did.

=Your aim improves when you take off your underwear!?//*pfft*
=That's right.

=Ah-hah-hah!//Great story!!

=What about now?
=I'm wearing underwear!!
=Geez, let up already!!

=Now it's my turn.


=You scare me.

=I'm starting to like you.

=I'm willing to take you in.//Think about it.

=I can't forgive you.//I couldn't even wait 3 days...

=We are the Orchestra!!//We destroy our targets with the music of death!!
=We are artists!! Don't you dare look down on us, arms dealer!!

=We don't bow down to anyone!!


=It smells like... A summer evening...
=I never knew... I was always looking at the ground...



=Lutz, huh.
=So you came. Damn, I didn't want you to see that.

=It's probably tough for you to ask, so I'll say it for you. "How come I was able to shoot?"//It's easy. My war buddies were killed.

=5 men. A cute girl just like that one.

=You kill, get killed, and get back at them.
=But you don't need to take revenge when I get killed.


=That was quite a vacation,
=Thanks to you two.

=...Yes Chief. Yes, sorry for calling so late...
=We've killed the Orchestra.

=On the roof... Yes, a sniper.

=Please do.
=Alright then.

=Ohh, that reminds me. This has nothing to do with my squad,
=But I can fetch you a sniping instructor for a good price... Yes.

=Thank you for your business.

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