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Jormungand 11

Vein phase.1

+ posted by Meriken as translation on Sep 5, 2009 01:57 | Go to Jormungand

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All of my translations are RESERVED

Jormungand, Volume 2, Chapter 11 (pp. 157~186)

Chapter 11 | Vein phase.1


=I hit it! This thing aims pretty well!!

=This is the first time I've ever shot an XM8!
=Man, this gun is light—!
=...My feelings towards weapons haven't changed at all.


Chapter 11 | Vein phase.1

=And neither has the strange feeling that I'm being bewitched whenever I talk to Koko.

=Are you gonna go farming, Koko?

=I'm traveling with an arms dealer.

=Hah-hah-hah, farming in the middle of the Indian Ocean off Somalia?//What do you expect me to harvest?
=I have to be careful of the ocean sunlight so I don't turn red as a lobster!

=It's the Captain.

=A small cargo ship? Yep. The one I was talking about this morning.//Get the crane ready.
=Someone from headquarters is bringing over the rest of the cargo from Dubai.

=Who is this? Hellooo?

=Huh? Yeah, it's been a while.
=Huh? You're on it?

=Yeah yeah, okay. In 10 minutes?//Alright, see ya.

=What's wrong, Koko?

=Big trouble!!!

=My brother's coming! On that ship!


=Wilee!!//Hide Jonah!! Start up a language class and don't let him out of the room!!
=Roger that!


=What did she mean by big trouble?
=There's always trouble, huh? Hah-hah-hah.

=Well, it can't be that big a deal if we don't have to get armed, right?

=Alright, let's begin class.


=Hey Koko.

=A splitting image—And they're not even twins.
=Koko is far more awesome, of course.
=Hi Kasper.

=VL MICA missiles?//You're gonna be able to sell this many?

=It's been a while, Miss Valmet.
=Sell them? I already got the money. I'm just delivering them.


=How come you're in Africa?
=Random stuff.

=So you got caught in Dubai, huh?

=That CIA agent Scarecrow is pretty crazy, isn't he.//But he's got a knack for getting money, so the States think he's pretty valuable. They keep him on a pretty long leash.
=They call him that 'cause he scares the crows away from the "gold farms."
=He may be a scarecrow, but he'll keep chasing you around forever. He's real stubborn.

=Like I care.

="The arms dealer is the only occupation where you're allowed to be a hypocrite?"

=I see, that definitely sounds like something Miss Koko would say.

=contradiction.//...d i c...
=Write it out 3 times.

=An inconsistency of elements.//A discrepancy in a given narrative... Incidentally,

=In Chinese folklore,
=There's a tradition of representing classic tales and parables only using a few characters.

=contradiction.//矛と盾//pike and shield.
=This is a story about a weapons merchant.

=Once upon a time, a merchant gathered the people around him and said,
="This is an amazing pike. It will pierce through anything."

=Then he took out a shield and said,
="This is an amazing shield. It will repel any attack."

=But one man saw this and said,

="Let's see you pierce the shield with the spear."

=The merchant had no answer.

=Well? Did that perk your interest?

=Sorta. Could be interesting.






=Kick-ass, Ugo—!!//Check it out! He's only using one hand!

=The Chinese? In Dubai?

=You can find Chinese merchants anywhere in the world.
=Which gang are they from? Hakka? Guangdong? Chaozhou, Fujian, Hainan?

=We're not sure where their loyalties lie.
=And when I say "merchants," I'm talking about "bad merchants," Koko.

=I didn't see anything like that in Dubai.

=You will in Africa.
=Watch out for the Chinese merchants.

=They're called the Daxin Corporation.
=They operate under the guise of a trading firm.

=That must be one bad guy if its coming from you, big brother.
=Hmph, hah-hah-hah.
=Alright, we're gonna head home now.

=Oh, can I use the bathroom before I go?
=You don't need my permission for something like that—!! {Geez!}


=You take language studies pretty seriously, don't you.
=Tojo was complaining about how quickly you skip out on math class.

=...I'm not good at math.

=Hah-hah-hah!//I hear you. I wasn't too hot at math either.
=Don't worry. Soon, you'll learn enough to be able to read any kind of book.

=I like books. There's never a single correct answer. Every reader gets to discover their very own...

=Trying to cut class?
=I actually have to go!

=It's been a while, Mr. Wilee.

=Mr. Kasper! I didn't know you were coming.//Yes, it certainly has been a while!

=Shit!! So that's what it was!!
=B-But I can't just tell him to stay out of the bathroom!!












=Glad to see you're doing so well,

=Let go, Chequita!!
=You make me so sad. I feel like I'm with "The Boy and the Knife."
[note]The Boy and The Knife; An article by Japanese novelist Ryu Murakami, written as a response to the hysteric media coverage surrounding the stabbing of a female teacher by a young male student.

=And if he's got the technique to try it in one fell swoop,
=That's three times the sadness. You're the one who should let go of the knife.

=Oh, and you won't kill anyone with a toy like this.
=You're just gonna cut off your own fingers.

=Get yourself a Fultang knife with a high hilt. Valmet can teach you more about that.

=Now now, Miss Chequita. Either scold him or give him advice. One or the other please.

=You were just saying hello,//Right Jonah?
=After all, he's now a soldier who can face me on equal terms.

=...So the plan is, drop off the cargo in East Africa,
=Then sail southwards over to the Republic of South Africa.

=By the way, which room are Wilee and Jonah in?
=They're not answering.

Jormungand Volume 2 —END—

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