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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Princess Resurrection 9

Kaibutsu Oujo 9

+ posted by michiyohayashi as translation on Jan 10, 2008 10:58 | Go to Princess Resurrection

-> RTS Page for Princess Resurrection 9

Princess Resurrection Chapter 9 – Recollection Princess

If you want to use this translation, please ask at this thread;

NOTE: This is one of my early translations.

Translated from : http://comic.kukudm.com/comiclist/418/6211/67.htm
It was scanned off a book so the images are crappy. I’ll try my best to guess accurately.

You can get the RAWs from: http://mangahelpers.com/forums/showt...resurrec tion

Chapter 9 is in Kaibutsu Oujo v02.

In the desert under the fiery red sun, there was a giant monster, living apart from the rest of the world. / One day, it woke up in the morning, and heard the ringing of nomads in the distance. Involuntarily, it shouted inside / I want to see the ocean, I want to love somebody…. / The truth is monsters have hearts too.

Voice: Here! 105Yen change! / What an obedient girl! / Helping Mommy do the shopping? / Thank you, come again!
Flandre: Fuga.

Guy: How surprising! / Isn’t this an android…? / Hey! You… / wait up! / I think you would know.. / know where I can find someone to fix me…
Sfx: Stop…
Guy: My name is Ciel / I named myself. / If it’s alright, can you tell me your name?

Ciel: Really.. / Really sorry about this! / I didn’t think / that this would actually be where Hime stays
Hime: … no matter / relax! / An android by itself in the human world / That’s uncommon! / Forget it… Your body has been heavily damaged. / I’ll let you stay here for the time being and get repaired
Ciel: Th… / Thank you! / …hu… / Flandre, your mistress is scary… / like she can see through everything…
Flandre: Fuga
Ciel: Oh, yeah / I’ll show you something good.

Flandre; Fuga?
Ciel: That’s an ordinary shell. But it’s my most important thing. / Come! / Put the shell to your ear. / Do your hear…the sound of the ocean? / Until 3 years ago, I was working in the Kingdom’s Deuterium mine, I was just another ordinary worker… / One day, I escaped. Day after day I walked. / One day, I saw the ocean….! / The feelings then, couldn’t be described with words. / Though I don’t have anything / at least I can give that to you as a token of my appreciation.
Flandre: Fuga…
Ciel: It’s ok… I want you to have it. / Flandre, have you seen the ocean? / Actually, we’re free beings!

On building: Sasana Hospital
Reiri: The one who called me, is you isn’t it?
Zeppeli: … keep your killing aura. / We’re the same! / Two vampires in the same area… / Reiri, we should get along! / I’m Zeppeli… / For us to get along better from now on, I’ll show you something interesting…!

Hiro: I’m back…
Ciel: Ah! / Welcome back, young master!
Bgw: Smile smile / Difference of 50 / 30 cm <-can’t really see the digits.
Riza: ah---ciel, he’s a servant here.
Ciel: name is Hiyorimi Hiro… / yes! Miss Riza, I’ve recorded it!
Bgw: a --- really?
Flandre: Fuga
Ciel: Got it, clean the basement next huh?
Hiro: Riza… he is…
Riza: No idea, Flandre picked it up, that unknown android….
Hiro: I see… bgw: it can talk normally too…
Riza: I can’t get to like androids…
Hime: according to Flandre’s report

Hime: Ciel… the SEN in your head has sustained major damages due to long term exposure. / because you went travelling, and didn’t get any maintenance work done, you’re in this state. / You have at most one year left. / Furthermore, (can’t see, but I think she said “you need spare parts.” / So what will it be? If you go back to the Kingdom, there are materials and professionals to fix you. / decide for yourself…
Ciel: I’m just an android, and to have you spend effort on me, I’m truly grateful. / Hime / Tomorrow morning I will leave. / In my travels, I experienced freedom. / If I go back to the Kingdom, my memories will be erased. / My memories are my heart. / so I must continue my travels.
Hime: ha / Do as you wish
Ciel: Thank you! Sfx: hee

Zeppeli: It should be starting about now. / … you seem close to Hime! Reiri. / The bats in the city are all talking about it!
Reiri: Really? / We don’t owe each other now / I still owe Hime / But, I’m clearing that debt soon…

Sfx: I can’t see it, but I think it says ‘bi’, which is beep in English
Hime: …ha! / No use after all. / your (personality) is not bad, but, / there was something I didn’t understand. / which was (freedom)…

Hime: A free-willed android is something that I’ve never seen…!
Ciel: Gahgah! / gahgah…
Flandre: Fuga?

Hime: He easily picked up flandre, who weighs tons…
Sfx: bazu bazu
Flandre: Fu.. / Ga...
Hime: Flandre.. / !? / Oh no..
Riza: Hey! / What’s the racket?

Hime: Riza, don’t move. / Normal attacks are useless against him, we can’t do anything about it.
Riza: How can you say that so calmly! / I can I do to turn that android off?
Voice: You guys seem to be having difficulties!

Hime: Huhu! / You finally came / Sherwood.
Sherwood: Sister, you’re annoying / calling me here in the middle of the night…
Bgw: keke
Ciel : Gah…
Sherwood: Hiro! / How are you? / Hey! / That out-of-control android over there…
Ciel: Gah… / Gahgah..
Sherwood: My Francesca is different from sister’s little squirt Flandre. / She has a battle program installed!
Francesca: …Fuga.

Reiri: Ayaa! / Matters are not proceeding according to your plan. / I guess you injected the virus into that android / How dirty!
Zeppeli: … Looks like you can’t understand my way of doing things. / How sad… Reiri. / I admit my plan this time was simple.. / but, I’m sure I’ll get Hime’s blood.
Reiri: Keke! I look forward to your results!
Sherwood: Francesca, how is it?
Francesca: Fuga
Hime: Hmm.. How ironic. / Short-lived Ciel can be fixed / Flandre can’t be restored due to lack of parts.
Sherwood: Sister, in his memory chip / I found some very interesting data!

Sherwood: According to the data from the analysis / from when he started functioning, 27 years had passed. / But in truth, he’s been alive for only 10 hours / meaning, before he met Flandre… / It was all a hoax planned by some 3rd party!
Ciel: Hime… / I have a request…
Hime: Ciel.. you’re awake?
Sherwood: I gave him a jolt just now / I think he should know about himself. Bgw:keke
Ciel: I.. have committed an unforgivable crime. / So, / Please use my body, and fix Flandre. / I want to save her. / I only have a short life of 10 hours anyway…. No matter what I become, I don’t care. / So…

Ciel: Gah.. / Everything.. was… you?
Zeppeli : Please call me ‘Creator’

Zeppeli: Heh! Sfx: bii
Ciel: It’s no use.. / forced stop... the switch.. has been damaged… / Answer me… / My.. All my.. Memories.. were.. you..
Zeppeli: That’s right, it was all created by me. / your life is a story I wrote.
Ciel: Then.. memories.. of the ocean.. / and.. the shell…!
Zeppeli: I even prepared a little prop! / Do you get it now? It was all fabricated by me!
Ciel: You… / are.. despicable…
Zeppeli: Jeeze! / You’re just a pile of junk!
BGW: I want to see the ocean.. I want to love somebody..

Sawawa: Flandre, when you’re done dusting there, / help me with laundry!
Flandre: Fuga. Bgw: fuga. Fuga.

Voice: Flandre! Come here at once!
Flandre: Fuga!

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#1. by livEvil ()
Posted on Jan 10, 2008
Thank you very much.
I hope, you wouldn't drop translating ^_^

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