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Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru 1

Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru 1


-> RTS Page for Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru 1

Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru 1 - The Masked Karate Killer

[sizeptpt="5"]Translated for Moar Bad Scans and Dead-beat scans. NOT FOR PUBLIC USE.

Translated from: http://dm.99770.com/Comic/2178/17518/3.htm?v=3*s=6

Pages are numbered according to the online reading.
Pages 3 – 26

First book
Conflict within the Hyakubukai.

Chapter 1 [The Masked Karate Killer]
Chapter 2 [Joining the Karate Club]
Chapter 3 [Versus Judo Yakuza 1]
Chapter 4 [Versus Judo Yakuza 2]
Chapter 5 [Karate Bar]
Chapter 6 [Mini Skirt Tae Kwon Do]
Chapter 7 [Versus Tae Kwon Do Giant 1]
Chapter 8 [Versus Tae Kwon Do Giant 2]
Chapter 9 [First Experience with Correct Raising]

Voice: 四股立ち *Shiko dachi!! Get ready---! // OSU!! // BEGIN! // URYAA!!

Bgw: That was… Roughly about a month ago…
Guy: Nana-chan, great job---

In box: 嶺南大学 Reinan University
Gymnastics Club First Year
三崎七奈 Misaki Nana (18)

Nana: Kyaa…
Guy: Careful… // Douu?!!
Nana: Ow…

Nana: Ah?! // Mi… Minoru-kun // Are you… ok?
Minoru: Ha… Haha… // I… // I’m fine… Th… This won’t kill me…
Sfx: bota bota (Dripping)
In box: Reinan University First Year
小日向海流 Kohinata Minoru (18)

Nana: Are you sure you’re ok… Look, you’re bleeding so much!
Minoru: Ah…
Nana: Clean it off, quick!
Minoru: eh? Un…
Nana: It’s no use… The blood’s still flowing… // Use the handkerchief to stop the bleeding first!
Minoru: eh?

Nana: I’ll go wet the towel!
On door: please change into your gym shoes when you enter the gym.
Nana: Press harder! Don’t let go!
In box: That night… A mysterious person was about to put his plan in action…
Sfx: kan
On can: Voice changer
Voice: AH--- AH----

Guy: Alright… // hmm?
On poster: Beware the masked man!
On right of poster: This man has been suddenly attacking people at night. All staff and students, please take proper precautions and be aware of your surroundings!
On left of poster: Features
-Weird voice
-Only attacks people who look strong!
This guy is
On bottom of poster: Hyakubukai’s enemy!
Guy: Hmph!
Sfx: bisoo

Sfx: Crack crack // Kiii
Bgw: Cold smile
Guy: You’re here… // The head of the Judo club, 田村 Tamura 啓太Keita…
Keita: hmm?
Guy: Is practice over?
Keita: Who are you…?

Guy: A bad guy.
Sfx: zun

Dude: Ta… Tamura-san, it’s him… // He’s the masked killer who’s been appearing recently.
Guy: Move aside, small fry! // The one I’m looking for is that Olympic candidate.
In box: Hyakubukai File ①
Judo Club
- With a history of 80 years and membership of 104. Four members will get the gold medal in the National competitions. One of the top clubs in Reinan University.
- Number 1 in the Hyakubukai.
Keita: You’ve got guts, brat… You dare to challenge the number 1 in the Hyakubukai; the judo club!
In box: Head of the Judo Club
Tamura Keita

Guy: So what?
Keita: Fool…

Keita: I’ll throw you flat on your back!
Guy: This won’t do, Tamura-kun!

Guy: You’re full of openings!

Sfx: michii // bokoo
Keita: Hagaa…
Bgw: Falls down

Keita: hishuu… // hifushuu (put “gasp // gasp” if you want)
Dudes: Ta…Tamura-san’s breathing is… // His ribs are broken!
Guy: Stand up! // Two or three ribs shouldn’t hinder an Olympic candidate like you!
Keita: Wa… wait… // Hishuu // hishuu // Help me…

Guy: Cheh… // Useless shit!
Keita: Haoo

Dudes: He kicked him where his ribs were broken…
Sfx: goo
Dudes: Ch… Chief---!
Guy: You’re of no standard to participate in the Olympics!
Dudes: Hang in there! // Tamura-san! // Somebody call an ambulance---!
Guy: You better give up…
Dudes: Move quickly! // where?!

In box: Near Tokyo, K city’s Reinan University // This place often nurtures several Olympic medallists and professional sportsmen. It is a renowned sports university in the Tokyo region. // Other than volleyball, soccer and other ball sport clubs, Reinan University also has… // martial arts, fighting styles (numbering about 100) which make up [another sport committee]…

Bgw: Known as // the HYAKUBUKAI…!!
In box: But… In this university where sport is king and academics are not… // On the campus known as the idiot university…

In box: A man who plans to oppose the Hyakubukai has appeared…

Guy: And you call that an Olympic candidate…

Guy: What a disappointment…
In box: Reinan University Second Karate Club
Year Two

Ryuji: Fuck… My voice ain’t back to normal yet…
Sfx: garaa
Ryuji: I’m starving~~ // an? // what? Isn’t that the Gymnastics club’s gym… // They’re still having practice this late in the night…? // …Gymnastics… // …Pretty chicks in skin tight leotards… hmm…

Nana: Minoru-kun, I’m so sorry! // If I didn’t ask you to stay back and accompany me for practice, you wouldn’t have gotten hurt… // I’m sorry!
Minoru: Don’t say that…

Minoru: I had nothing to do anyway. // Ever since I was kicked out by the Gymnastics Club… And chased out of the hostels by the seniors…
Nana: That was all their fault, you had nothing to do with it! // Don’t worry, you’ll be able to rejoin the gymnastics club for sure!
Minoru: But…
Thought: Ehh~~~

Ryuji: Why is it a lovey dovey scene… // forget it, never mind! Hurry and get to the exciting part…
< scratch scratch
Minoru: …I feel that I don’t stand much of a chance of rejoining the Gymnastics club. // The seniors definitely won’t let me come back…
Nana: Why are you still saying this! If the seniors didn’t…
Sfx: garaa
Guys: Wait a while // Hurry up---

Guys: ah? What are you guys doing here? // Nana-chan, what are you doing?
In box: Head of the Gymnastics Club
志村Shimura 智 Tomo
Nana: Shimura-senpai…
Shimura: What the! // Nana-chan~~~ How can you let an outsider into the gym~~~
Minoru: Wait a minute… // This has nothing to do with Nana-chan, it was I who…

Shimura: I didn’t ask you!
Sfx: goo
Minoru: uugh…
Nana: Senpai! What are you doing!
Shimura: Fuck! It’s all your fault that I couldn’t attend the selection meeting! You still dare to appear here!
Sfx: gann
Minoru: Aah!

Nana: Senpai… Please stop! Hey! Why are the rest of you just standing there!
Sfx: goo // bakii // gaa
Minoru: ah…
Ryuji: What the fuck? That guy’s getting beaten up and he doesn’t retaliate?
Nana: hey!
Guy: …Nana-chan. // Do you believe that the world has pests? // I really believe in it~~~ // Because this little shit’s a pest!
Sfx: tsuuu (sound of burning)
Minoru: AAH!
Bgw: angry
Nana: You…

Nana: That’s enough! You UGLY FUGLY!
Guy: nadoo
Ryuji: ah, nice kick!
Nana: You’re not a kid anymore, don’t bully others! // Haven’t you had enough! // It’s because you guys did the same thing in the hostels that the school took away your rights to join the selection! You guys deserve it!

Nana: Furthermore…
Minoru: Nana-chan!
Shimura: Hold her down firmly…

Nana: you… What are you trying to do…?
Shimura: I’ll strip you!
Nana: no… // NO------!

Minoru: Stop it! // Senpai… Let go of Nana-chan right now…
Ryuji: oh (heart)
Shimura: what? // are you tired of living?

Minoru: Please… I beg you… // Let go of Nana-chan… Do whatever you want to me, just leave her alone…
Shimura: are you nuts? // Do you think we’d be fine with it if you knelt?
Minoru: Ah.. Ow…
Ryuji: Wha…

Shimura: Where’s the duck voice coming from… // Uwaa! Who is it! // Who turned the lights off!

Shimura: Go turn on the lights! // ah… yes! // What the hell is going on…? // WA! // who… Who are you?

Ryuji: Hello! // I’m Doctor Wagner Jr.
Shimura: No way---!!!
Ryuji: Yes way.
Sfx: buwaa
Guys: WA------!! // Who the fuck is this guy---?!
Nana: Minoru-kun, are you alright?
Minoru: eh? Yes…
Guy: Help---!!

Bgw: Who the hell is this guy…
Nana: Who’s he?
Bgw: Why… // Why… Does that guy… // Look so happy when he’s fighting…?
Shimura: hi… (will be ‘eek’ in English)

Shimura: Nogoo
Minoru: Uh… Um… // Who are you… // Why did you save me…

Bgw: eh?
Nana: Minoru-kun!!
Ryuji: fool! A useless chump like you who can’t even protect his girlfriend // Why would I come and save you for no reason? // A useless idiot like you…

In box: This was how Mutou-senpai and I…
Ryuji: Should let me [Change] you!
In box: as well as the Karate Club and I met for the first time…

Chapter 1 The Masked Karate Killer END

Page 3
shiko dachi (straddle stance) - Feet spread approximately two shoulder-widths apart, toes pointed outward at 45º. Weight distributed evenly over both legs. Knees bent deeply and pulled back as far as possible. Torso erect. Lower legs/shins approximately vertical.

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#1. by bax ()
Posted on Jun 7, 2008
Ahh thanks a lot :)

Finally someone picked up this series :amuse
#2. by abasa ()
Posted on Jun 8, 2008
Thanx alot..

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