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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Hadashi de Bara wo Fume 33

+ posted by michiyohayashi as translation on May 22, 2010 20:38 | Go to Hadashi de Bara wo Fume

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This is a translation by michiyohayashi. Any scanlations to be made from this translation should first meet with my approval. Enjoy.
Translations are mostly CH/JP-EN.
Note: Warm-up translation. I’m not the regular translator for this series.
Hadashi de bara wo Fume – Chapter 33

Pg 1
Souichirou: Sumi…
Pg 2
Cover page: When can I tell him my [True Feelings]…?!
Pg 3
BLANK - Please tell me if it was really blank, or if I missed a page.
Pg 4
Souchirou: Why are you at Nozomu’s house…?!
Sumi: …
Souchirou: Nozomu!
Pg 5
Nozomu: She was just seeking shelter from the rain at my house.
Sumi: Y..Yes, / I came out to look for you Souichirou-san, but it started to rain…
Souichirou: Unnecessary actions!
Sumi: Souichirou-san…! // Wait.
Pg 6
Maid: Welcome back, // I shall prepare a hot bath for you right away…
Souichirou: I’ll just use the showers on the second floor. // Sumi, // from tonight onwards, you are to sleep in Atari’s room.
Sumi: ah… // Souichirou-san…
Pg 7
Atari: hu—
Bgw: I know…
Pg 8
Bgw: Sumi-san and Souichirou are also man and wife in name only.
Bgw: What do I do? / Nozomu-san knows our secret.
Pg 9
Souichirou: I’ll buy your life.
Bgw: For the sake of paying back my brother’s debts, / and for Souichirou to get his grandfather’s fortune, / we got married.
Pg 10
Bgw: Nozomu-san knows all about it. / I must tell Souichirou-san… / but / if I tell him, it’ll all be over between us…
Pg 11
Sumi: I didn’t sleep well… // Souichirou-san! // Are you going to work?
Souichirou: aah.
Sumi: I… / I’m going to the chess club today…
Pg 12
Bro: Sumi! // How’ve you been?
Bgw: Nii-san!
Pg 13
Sumi: Keiko-san, / you can go home for today.
Keiko: But…
Sumi: Just come fetch me when I’ve finished.
Keiko: Understood. Bgw: I’ll be going now.
Bro: So it’s okay now?
Sumi: How can it be okay! // Here, we must act as though we are strangers…
Bro: Well whatever, listen, / I ~ have suddenly been promoted to chief, and I handle some important tasks too.
Sumi: Really?
dude: Ah, madam.
Sumi: He… / Hello
dude: Are Madam and our newcomer Kitamura…?
Sumi: dokii (nervous)
Pg 14
Bro: Ah, I was just greeting the Madam.
Sumi: ah…
dude: Madam, // Kitamura here is quite adept at negotiations, / he’s quite popular with the clients and has helped the company a great deal.
Sumi: Really?
dude: Yes, though he seemed unreliable at the start.
Bgw: Nii-san // seems to be doing well. That’s wonderful.
Bro: Madam, have lunch with me next time…
Dude: Know your place!
Pg 15
Sumi: Souichirou-san, // um… // this is… / today’s bentou…
Sou: I don’t need it.
Sumi: But…
Sou: I’m not hungry!
Pg 16
Man: Sumi-san.
Sumi: …
Pg 17
Guy: Shachou, // There is a meeting at one with the board of directors…
Sou: I know!
Guy: Shachou, // did you have a spat with Madam?
Sou: shut up!
Guy: I hit the nail on the head.
Pg 18
Sou: Nozomu.
Nozomu: Oh, Shachou, / is the meeting about to begin?
Sou: Nozomu, / that bentou…
Noz: You mean this? // Sumi-san gave it to me.
Pg 19
Sou: That’s mine…
Noz: Oh yes, Souichirou // I’d like to deliver the dress that Sumi-san left behind the other day to her.
Sou: You, deliver? // I’ll get it myself, there’s no need for you to come over!
Noz: Well, / then I’ll leave it to you.
Pg 20
Sumi: Souichirou-san is coming back late?
Maid: He’ll be dining outside before he comes home.
Bgw: I… / I’m being hated by Souichirou-san…
Atari: Nee-chan?
Pg 21
Sou: Nozomu, // it’s me. // the door’s not locked. // Nozomu? // Are you home?
Pg 22
Sou: Nozomu… // is that guy painting again?
Pg 23
No text
Pg 24
Noz: Souichirou.
Sou: Nozomu!!
Pg 25
Sou: This is…!
Noz: This person…
Pg 26
Noz: is the one whom I love deeply.

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