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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Mx0 90

MX0 90

+ posted by michiyohayashi as translation on Mar 10, 2008 04:32 | Go to Mx0

-> RTS Page for Mx0 90

MX0 90 – High Wall

"This is a Franky House Translation. However, if you want to use it please just ask permission in this thread"

I got wind of news that some guys on MH are going to do MX0 as well. I don't like the idea of doing double work, so I've decided to drop out of the 'competition'.
MX0 90 will be the last chapter that I'll translate. I'm sorry I had to do this but my added responsibilities and coming exams are wearing me down. This might've happened at a good time after all.
FH has been working on MX0 with Mahou-X, and I believe that we'd love to see this joint effort of two great communities continue. I hope a translator from Mahou-X would pick up MX0, or that we'll be able to use Sai_the_Shaman's translation.
Well, with all that said, enjoy my last MX0 translation.

Translated from:

Words on left: [i love the small Taiga *heart*] [if I had magic, it wouldn’t be like this!!]
<The story so far>
Kuzumi doesn’t know any magic, yet he attends a magic school and is known to be the best magic user in the school. Taiga met the spirit of the previous principal after hearing of the Black Plate which makes use of the magic of others. And the test this time round is to climb up a super high wall…?!
M: 90 High Wall

Taiga: Waa~~~!!!
BGW: This time round, it’s the wall hell!!!
Lucy: Taiga, are you alright…?
Taiga: Uu, the pull of gravity is really strong… / I probably would’ve died many times over if I didn’t have this magical body.

Taiga: Just a little more… isn’t this wall a little too smooth? / It doesn’t hurt but I feel that my hands are losing strength. / Does this mean magic is running out?
Lucy: You haven’t climbed to the head?
<-- Goal
Taiga: There’s no other way… I’ll have to continue climbing. / My clothes seem to be part of this magical body too. I’ve no dust in my pockets. They’re empty… I don’t even have magic ash. / There’s nothing in them except my plate. Looks like this place is made entirely of magic. / And M0 doesn’t help in climbing walls either. This is a really gruelling test.
Box: Though it doesn’t know Kuzumi can’t use magic / to someone who can, this test would also drain magic.

Box: As this test is based on the student’s magical abilities, when magic is used, the body would be decreased by that much.
Small boxes: before using / after using
Box: The more magic used, the greater the distance from the top becomes. / If all the magic is used up, the body will disappear, and it wouldn’t be possible to reach the top.
Taiga: huhu… Just a bit more and I’ll reach the kneecap.
Lucy: Taiga!! There’s a place you can hold on to there.
Taiga: hoo!! I’m saved. / WAAA… / AH~~~ There’re still things like that!!!
<-- Knee
Lucy: Taiga~~~

Spirit: Keh… / It seems to have changed quite a bit over here. / I haven’t used legs in decades. I’m really not used to this… It’s tough to synchronise arms and feet. / The building is different from what I remember too. / Hey, the big fellow over there. / Yeah, the one that doesn’t look too bright.

Spirit: Where’s the principal’s office? Bring me there. Stop dilly-dallying, I don’t have much time.
Takuma: Ahh? / Why’re you acting all high and mighty? Looking for a fight?
Spirit: I’m not acting. I’m mighty. / Hurry up. Or are you really an idiot?
Students: Hey hey… Kuzumi and Koishikawa… / they’re fighting again.
Takuma: So you’re looking for a fight eh?!! YAAH / DON PATCHIN!!!

Takuma: Geh…
Spirit: Students nowadays are really disrespectful. / magic shouldn’t be used to attack people whenever desired.

Daimon: You did enforce the magic rules, but wasn’t your attitude the problem? / I haven’t seen you for a few days and you’ve become such an uncouth man. Kuzumi.
Mizuki: Hey, what’s all the ruckus?

Mizuki: …Ah, Kuzumi!! / eh…? / Wha… what are you doing!!!
Spirit: Males are too troublesome. You. Direct me to the principal’s office.
Mizuki: ah? / Why don’t you go yourself?! Don’t you already know where the principal’s office is?!
Spirit: hm---- It’ll be too troublesome to explain it all. And I don’t have time.

Spirit: Besides, I don’t think you dislike this. / It’s more like…
Mizuki: Stop… stop playing around, blockhead!! / Are you trying to say that I’m happy?! Enough~~~ Put me down~~~!!!!
Takuma: Bastard~~~!!! Don’t act so intimately with Mizuki!!!
Spirit: Enough. Shut up. Even 10 of you won’t be enough to defeat me.
Takuma: aah? / me?
Spirit: The two of you don’t seem too bad. / You’ve got more magic capability than people like Kuzumi.
Bgw: people like Kuzumi…?

Spirit: But you’re still at beginner level. Don’t be complacent. Take a good look at yourself and try to work harder.
Daimon: …What the heck is he saying?
Hiiragi: What’s the fuss over there? Class is starting. / Hmm? Kuzumi, / you’re back?
Spirit: HO HO, HIIRAGI! You’re the same as ever, stiff as a board! Great timing, you’re just the guy I need.
Students: EEH…?! He didn’t call him ‘Hiiragi-sensei’! He called him ‘you’?!
Hiiragi: Hmm… / I thought I heard someone talking all high and mighty. / Why don’t you repeat yourself… I didn’t quite catch you.

Spirit: Relax, it’s me.
Student: WAAA / YAA… / WA----!!

Hiiragi: What… / this is…
Spirit: I’m looking for Otome. Bring me to her.
Hiirage: You… you are
Mizuki: Is this Kuzumi’s magic…? / Amazing…
Daimon: u…
Taiga: AH------!!!

Taiga: U…WA / Ugh… I won’t admit defeat---... I’ve got to the thigh… Just a little more…
Lucy: Taiga~~~ Even if it doesn’t hurt, don’t force yourself.
Taiga: My body’s becoming a little sore… Magical bodies get tired too…?
On sign: Principal’s Office
Otome: I didn’t expect Father to come here.
Spirit: You actually sent someone who doesn’t know magic to the Black Plate grading. / Are you really planning to nurture him? / He’s just a M0 student.

Otome: Yes, I’m serious. / So before that, if by any chance he passes the test, I’d like him to upgrade his plate to the Black Plate first.
Spirit: It’s true that his stamina’s exceptional. And as you said, he is also very creative in magic usage. / But I won’t hand the Black Plate to someone who can’t use magic.
Otome: Kuzumi-kun / right now / only doesn’t know magic. / If he’s given a normal plate, he’d definitely shine more than the other students… I’m sure of this.
Spirit: How so? From what I’ve seen, his magical capability is only 1/3 that of the other students his age. / I can’t possibly imagine him defeating the rest of the students. / Either way, a First Year can never get past LEVEL 1.

Spirit: That fellow had no great magical potential to build on to begin with. It’s not appropriate to only look at his capabilities after he obtains the Black Plate…
Otome: Father… Your hand?
Spirit: eh? / What?!

Otome: ?!!
Spirit: this… Are these the injuries Kuzumi has suffered? / The damage to the magical body has affected the real body…
BGW: Kuzumi’s trial!!
M: 90 / END

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#1. by blitzx (Banned)
Posted on Mar 10, 2008
nice one, michiyohayashi....
#2. by Sai (THE MH FOODIE)
Posted on Mar 10, 2008
Good translation, too bad you won't be around anymore for Mx0, having more than one tl on a series is good to keep information in check

and not to be nitpicky......but the part you tled as Don Patchin seems to actually be a new move, or at least it wasnt called Don Patchin. the reading for it was Rasen Kaidan (Spiral Cluster Bullet) in the Japanese Raw
#3. by coolx~ (Registered User)
Posted on Mar 10, 2008
nice correction, Sai....:amuse
#4. by janu_onliners (Scanlator)
Posted on Mar 10, 2008
Great job Mi-chan
#5. by Gold Knight (MH Senpai)
Posted on Mar 10, 2008
Thanks michi. I hope you know your work was greatly appreciated here.
#6. by michiyohayashi (Translator)
Posted on Mar 11, 2008
Quote by Sai_the_Shaman;760065:
Good translation, too bad you won't be around anymore for Mx0, having more than one tl on a series is good to keep information in check

and not to be nitpicky......but the part you tled as Don Patchin seems to actually be a new move, or at least it wasnt called Don Patchin. the reading for it was Rasen Kaidan (Spiral Cluster Bullet) in the Japanese Raw

Names are the only parts I have problems with cos I don't usually have the Japanese raws... (>.<)...
Have fun translating MX0~ You can ask me if you have any doubts.
Your translation gets the message across but I find it to be a bit stiff... I think it might be because you're not too familiar with the series yet.
#7. by jaimacando (Registered User)
Posted on Mar 12, 2008
thanks for the trans!!!

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