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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Mx0 85

MX0 85

+ posted by michiyohayashi as translation on Feb 4, 2008 09:24 | Go to Mx0

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MX0 85 – 2nd Magical Examination Three

"This is a Franky House Translation. However, if you want to use it please just ask permission in this thread:

Translated from : http://comic.duowan.com/viewchapter-cid-56-chapterid-24913.html

Taiga: You did it, Ise!! / Great job!!
Bgw: Ise defeated the mirror monster!!
Words below:
<The story so far>
Kuzumi doesn’t know any magic, yet he attends a magic school and is known to be the best magic user in the school. Kuzumi is now facing the 2nd magical exam. The topic this time is to get to the destination in a mirrored school without getting reflected!! With the help of Ise, Kuzumi safely avoids danger….!?

Ise: heh heh… / It’s great that I could seal its mouth so successfully
Taiga: Your Quick Magnet magic level has increased a lot. / your magic might be the arch enemy of your brother’s strong attack magic.
Ise: Aniki’s arch enemy?
Taiga: yeah. You can avoid attacks by making the enemy’s weapon and yourself the same magnetic pole. / and if you stick the opponent’s weapon to other things, his attack will be useless.
Ise: I see… I’ve never thought of it… Is that right… So I’m an arch enemy…
Taiga: Speaking of which, you brothers still have a bad relationship? I really don’t get the both of you.
Ise: Uh…

Ise: we had a good relationship in the past. and thinking about it, it was actually I who followed him around…
Taiga: oh… then it’s the complete opposite now.
Ise: I didn’t think anything much of having a brother who was good at everything when I was young. / But being unable to beat him at anything gnawed at me and made me very disgruntled. / In my heart I always wished to beat him at something. Magic is my last fort. / but after listening to you, I feel that I’ve made the right choice in magic. / one day I’ll make him feel pressured.
Taiga: You’re already good enough now. The important thing in magic is how you use it. / There’s no need to bother about the level of the magic. Even a small bit of magic when used appropriately will produce great results.
Taigathink: ……Actually to a person who can’t use magic like me, it’s a little…..

Ise: I’m full of courage now after hearing that from you----!! I’m so happy we’re friends----!!
Taiga: uwa! Speaking of which, you better get to your destination quickly! / Alright, it can’t move like this now.
Ise: Then I’ll cancel the magic now. / good, I’ll be at my destination real soon. / Success!! / I’ve reached my destination at last!! / I did it----
Taiga: I’ll get going to class F then.
Ise: Ok, take care.

Ise: Alright… Now where do I put this card?
Voice: That card should be placed [in my body]. / You haven’t reached your destination…
Ise: Aniki!! / Why are you here?
Voice: I’ll repeat myself. / You’re considered to have reached your destination only when you have put that card [in my body]. I am the last hurdle in this exam.

Voice: The [me] you see now, is the one whom you deem hardest to defeat.
Ise: This is a little weird
Voice: And I will hinder you till the end.
Ise: No… Not aniki… are you an image created by magic?
Voice: That’s right. I’m not him, I’m a body created by magic! / And I was created using your memories. / The tougher you think it is, the more powerful I’ll become. More powerful than the real person!! / Alright, COMEON!!

Ise: Wa---------!! / wait wait wait wait wait, I didn’t hear of this!! Don’t I only have to reach my destination?
Voice: You have to fight by yourself for your destination. / Only you can see me here.
Ise: Eeeeh?!

Taiga: I won’t be a burden to the others as long as I reach my destination. / Looks like there’re no traps, my destination is right in front of me…

Taiga: Wha~~~! / A giant appliance appeared~~~~!!! / What the heck is this giant teddy bear?! / Am I done for this time~~~!!!
Voice: ah, Hold it, it’s Kuzumi!! / Mitchon, STOP!! Let’s check if he’s the real one.
Taiga: Wa…. Eh…

Taiga: It hurts……..!
Kumi: He’s real.
Aika: Yay, we found you.
Taiga: !! you guys
Aika: Mitchon collected all the hairs of everyone in the class before the exam.
Mitchon: I didn’t think I could use ‘One Hair Control’ to verify identities.
In box: One Hair Control
The owner of the hair will be subject to manipulation of an action under this spell.
Taiga: Really… If it’s not the owner, he or she won’t be manipulated.
Aika: Yep yep.
Kumi: And I thought we’d have to fight.
Taiga: Speaking of which, what is this fellow for?
Aika: Isn’t it amazing?

Aika: This was made from the combination of the magic of the 3 of us. Mitchon’s control of dolls and Kumi’s magic of enlargement were put into it. / Mitchon makes it move, and I use my “X-ray vision” spell to check our outside surroundings from the inside!
Taiga: Not bad, you can move about without getting reflected directly like this. / Creating this definitely gives you a pass in the exam. / Though the doll is quite disgusting…. OW---!!
Aika: Mitchon and I have reached our destinations. Only Kumi is left and hers is on the 1st floor. / What about Kuzumi?
Taiga: I’m almost there. / Ise has reached his destination already.
Aika: Really… Then, do your best. You should have no problem.
Taiga: eh?
Aika: The destination has one last test. Kuzumi’s opponent will surely be a super formidable person!!
Taiga: Eh….. REALLY?

Aika: Well then, we’ll be heading to Kumi’s destination now.
Taiga: Hey hey, won’t it be faster if the both of you helped her out?
Aika: The last obstacle is an individual battle. Only the one involved can see it, so others can’t help at all.
Taiga: eeeeeh~~~ what do I do… individual battle? / This dimension is made of magic, I can’t imagine what will happen if I use MO… so I dare not use it. / Yeah… Is Ise alright?

Voice: Alright, stop hiding all over the place. Fight or forfeit, you choose. / If you choose to forfeit, just use a mirror and reflect yourself. / Isn’t it better than suffering like this? / hey, how about it? Can’t make a decision on your own? You really can’t do anything without me, can you.
Ise: Right… it’s those words. / from when did I start getting criticized by others. / Those words really hurt……. / good at studies, good at sports in school too. There was a period of time where I did indeed rely on you… it was unavoidable to be criticized by others.

Ise: But the me now is different. / even if you are the real deal, I will go head to head with you. / Don’t think I’ll stay a useless little brother forever.
Voice: It’s all meaningless if you don’t win.
Ise: I can win!! Kuzumi has given me a hint. / Quick Magnet + !!!

Voice: What!!
Ise: The wall behind is… magnet!!
Voice: Waa!!
Ise: Even if it’s me… there are times where I am triumphant!!

In box: Ise Kaoru, Destination reached!

Bgw: peek----
Taiga: What the heck is there?
Voice: Hey. / You’re late, Taiga. / Well then, shall we begin?
Bgw: The last obstacle is the Strongest Onee-chan of all!!!

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#1. by ChaosCloud ()
Posted on Feb 4, 2008
#2. by Koen (Celestial Belgian)
Posted on Feb 4, 2008
I smell: mx0 dserves and R/T/S thread ;)

thanks a lot
#3. by JoJoJO ()
Posted on Feb 4, 2008
Quote by koenosaki;711897:
I smell: mx0 dserves and R/T/S thread ;)

thanks a lot

I second that sentiment
#4. by Koen (Celestial Belgian)
Posted on Feb 4, 2008
Quote by JoJoJO;712149:
I second that sentiment

yeah but the problem is prolly mx0 section over here isn't that popular it seems

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