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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Mx0 87

MX0 87

+ posted by michiyohayashi as translation on Feb 26, 2008 11:49 | Go to Mx0

-> RTS Page for Mx0 87

MX0 87 – 2nd Magical Examination Five

"This is a Franky House Translation. However, if you want to use it please just ask permission in this thread:

I know the scanlation for this is already out... but someone requested that I post this (>.<) TA-DA~!

Translated from: http://www.finaleden.com/ShowDialog.aspx?id=47543

<The story so far>
Kuzumi attends a magic school and is known to be one of the best in magic though in truth he has no knowledge of it. What lies in wait towards the end of the exam is a foe that they would have the most difficulty dealing with! The one who appeared in front of Taiga is his sister!! He’s in deep sh*t now!! (“or, he’s in big trouble now” if there’s a censorship issue… haha)
Words across: An Aika figurine is coming out soon!! Check Page 121 for details!!
Words on left: If I can use magic…… will I be able to defeat one-chan….?!

Taiga: Heurgh… / I’m no match for her----
Words on right: Kuzumi isn’t fighting the enemy…?
Taiga: Freakishly strong onee-chan… / How can I get close to her?
Kokuha: Taiga… Taiga… / It’s so hot----- I’m feeling dizzy… / Very soon… I’ll beat him… wait for me…

Taiga: It’s impossible to hide somewhere and wait for a chance to get near her in this cramped classroom. / and I don’t know one-chan’s weaknesses… / If only I could use any of the others’ simple magic… / If I was Hiiragi, I’d make myself invincible and get near her. / If I was Mikuni I just need to make the card gigantic and I can settle it easily. / If I were Ise or Inui then I can use magnetism or paper to seal her movements. / but MO can only make onee-chan disappear. / and this dimension is made of magic so using MO would have unpredictable results. / If I were Daimon then I can use arrows and end this quickly. This is class F after all, could he have dropped his plate somewhere here? / Argh~~!! I really envy those fellows who can use magic~~~

Kokuha: THERE-------?!
Taiga: WA---!! STAY AWAY~~~!! / eeeh

Taiga: WAAA / urgh… no more, she has no weakness / If only she were a little bit conscious, I might have a chance…
On book: Name : Mizuki Naomi
Taiga: Mizu… ah, this is Mizuki’s desk? / Oh crap-----!! She’ll go ballistic if she knew this happened / …oh yeah, this isn’t the real world.

Taiga: a… what is this?
On paper: Stupid / useless / retarded male / retarded Zumi
Taiga: Retarded male, retarded Zumi? / this… is it me? / Does she hate me or something…? And she’s put arrows too. Does she wanna kill me?
<-- Actually hearts
Taiga: Did I offend her somehow? I can’t recall that I have… / and she called me [useless----] / It’s true---- In terms of magic I’m really useless… / Useless… / Powerless… / Last year, in the real world, onee-chan did beat me up pretty badly when she went berserk… / ….hm, powerless… / I’ll have to try it. I can be sent out once and come back again, but this’ll pull the others down.

Bgw: Lucy and MO can’t be used. / I am indeed powerless… / Then I’ll make this feeling of powerlessness into my greatest weapon!! / If the onee-chan here is the onee-chan I remember… / Hiyaa----

Kokuha: Haaaaaaaah
Ise: It’s Kuzumi…

Aika: Ise!
Ise: It’s you guys!! / Are you all real?
Kumi: What about you!!
Aika: Hold on, we’ve all reached our destination, so it doesn’t matter of it’s a trap
Kumi: Ah, yeah, we won’t get kicked out
Mitchon: But still…
Ise: Aaah
Aika: Mitchon…
Ise: You guys have reached your destinations?
Kumi: How ‘bout you?
Ise: I’m done too.
Kumi: Liar--- Ise finished before Kuzumi? No way. It’s a lie, isn’t it?
Ise: I’m not lying!

Ise: I defeated my brother!!
Kumi: Brother meaning… that….?
Ise: That’s right.
Kumi: oooooh, I didn’t expect you to be so capable / I see you in a new light now…
Ise: I… I knew it, Mikuni’s fake!! I’ve reached my destination, I won’t get kicked out.
Kumi: ? What’re you doing?
Aika: So only Kuzumi’s left. What kind of battle is it?
Mitchon: … the noise, it stopped?
Aika: Yeah! It stopped… Is he ok?

Taiga: Amazing, this is no joke---- my attacks didn’t even land once---- / My… My body can’t move any more…
Kokuha: It’s over… Taiga… / I took care of him

Kokuha: I’ve beaten all those bad bullies… / you can come out now.
Taiga: Why now…
Kokuha: You got beaten so badly… are you ok? There’re no more bad guys, it’s ok now. / nee-chan has chased them away.
Bgw: So it was like that after all… At that time, the dream that onee-chan had was of saving me from bullies when I was a kid. / she wasn’t hitting me, she was hitting the people bullying me. / After she beat them she settled down and went back to normal, and kept bandaging me up…
Bgw: I’m so sorry / … speaking of which, I can’t breathe

Taiga: If it’s onee-chan from that time…
Kokuha: aaah… what heavy wounds. Hold on / I’ll bandage it for you right away.
Taiga: Great, it’s onee-chan from that time. / If she calms down… she’s actually thinking of my welfare all this time
In box: Kuzumi Taiga, destination reached!!

In box: Group 6 has reached their destinations / Total time taken for the exam is 68 minutes and 24 seconds / Class C is first
Kumi: We did it~~~!!
Mitchon: First place----!!
Ise: Yeah~ / Kuzumi~~

Aika: Wa… are you ok, Kuzumi?
Ise: That’s horrible! What the heck happened…
Taiga: …haha, it was tough
Ise: I knew it. People of his level get monstrous opponents we can’t even imagine. Kumi: It must’ve been something not human.
Taigathink: If she hears this you guys will get killed for sure…
Ooki: First place goes to Group 6. As expected of the 1st group in the previous exam.
Ise: then again, I got to my destination all thanks to Kuzumi’s hints.
Kumi: I owe it to Kokuha-neechan I guess…
Ooki: same goes for the traps. Use magic to take care of it. The ones that you had difficulty dealing with are what the exam is about. No matter what it is, if you didn’t have a power of your own you won’t have a way to get out of it.

Ooki: So, you guys did well.
In box: The exam went smoothly after that.
Guy: ah~~ we’re 3rd this time~~!!
In box: In about 3 hours, everyone had passed.
Ooki: ok, Class C’s examination is now over. You can go back to your classroom now.

Guy: The exam this time round has nothing to do with the plate levels. Looks like we have to admit defeat / We’ll compete again next time. / were you really not confident of beating your opponent?
Taiga: urgh…
Guy: Damn---- Kuzumi and co. passed so easily again / but—seeing as he’s covered in wounds, I’ll forget it.
In box: And so, the 2nd Magical Examination came to an end. / the students who had finished the exam all had smiles on their faces. Fighting with their toughest enemies made them mature not only in terms of magic, it also made them grow as individuals. / other than a few students who are unwilling to recall the event and get the chills just thinking about it… / Just what the heck did they encounter? If we get the chance later on, we’ll…
Words above trembling guy’s head: They got through the examination!!
M : 87 / END
> The results of the exam are next, and Kuzumi’s MO plate will have a change…!!

Want an Aika figurine? Hahaha… I bet you guys would want the Moka-doll on the bottom right more than the Aika doll. Feast your eyes! *ONLY available in JAPAN*

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#1. by Koen (Celestial Belgian)
Posted on Feb 26, 2008
yes thanks a lot, I hope you'll continue this

and RTS thread for mx0 sound like music in the ears
#2. by emtelka ()
Posted on Feb 26, 2008
thankies :wtf
#3. by Saintz0r ()
Posted on Feb 26, 2008
Thanks o/
#4. by ZAOTAKU ()
Posted on Feb 27, 2008
Thanks Alot!!
#5. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Feb 28, 2008
#6. by Koen (Celestial Belgian)
Posted on Feb 28, 2008
will you post chapter 88 translation too?

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