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Tentai Senshi Sun Red 6

Explosion!? Twin Death Attack

+ posted by milcor1 as translation on Nov 22, 2009 02:02 | Go to Tentai Senshi Sun Red

-> RTS Page for Tentai Senshi Sun Red 6


Chapter 6: Explosion!? Twin Death Attack

Page 1:

Medario: Looking down on me // right

Carmenman: About what

[outside text] A man's pride clashes! At the kitchen!

Villain: You knew it was mine // right

[outside text: Florsheim villain – Medario]

Carmenman: I'm telling you I didn't know

[outside text: Florsheim villain – Carmenman]

[text between panels: This manga has a hero fighting evil-doers in Kanagawa prefecture Kawasaki city]

[cup noodle box: Rich miso flavor for a man's stamina]

Page 2:

[top text: Yesterday]

No.1: Did you go to the corner store?

Medario: Yup

Medario: Check it out

No.1: Ah, that's the new cup noodle product

Medario: I always make sure to check if a new cup noodle product comes out

Medario: You were there with us!

Carmenman: I was but I wasn't listening!

Page 3:

Vamp: Now now you two~~ // what's going on here~~?

Medario: Please listen General Vamp

Medario: Carmenman over here ate the cup noodle I bought

Vamp: What?! // a cup noodle?!

Page 4:

Vamp: Uh, now that I think about it, that's not something to be too surprised about...

Medario: I don't know if you're Ramenman or Carmenman but

Carmenman: Why you, how many times do you have to say that before you're satisfied

Medario: I said it once, I haven't been repeating it like an idiot!

Medario: You think acting like you don't know about it will resolve this?!

Carmenman: Ah shut up! Don't pull on my necklace!

Medario: I'll melt you!

Carmenman: I'll curse you!

Vamp: Hey~~ // Stop that now~~

Page 5:

Vamp: Here! Stop the fighting // I'll replace you're cup noodle // Medario, here you go, go buy it with this // you can get three, or even four

Medario: ...what is this... // ...what is this... that....

Vamp: Hm?

Medario: He's the bad guy here!

Vamp: What? What happened?

No.1: The General's the one at fault here!

Vamp: Eh

No.2: That's right!

Page 6:

No.1: Once the general brought out his money, Medario lost his position! // For someone arguing over one cup noodle that made him miserable!

No. 2: When the general mentioned three or even four cup noodles, that came off pretty harsh // and calling it just a cup noodle // The general was showing off throwing all that money around. It's about more than just the money general!

No.1: Yes yes! I thought that as well!

Vamp: What..

Vamp: Why am I being held responsible for all this?!

Page 7:

Vamp: Those two will be pairing up for our next showdown with Mr. Red! I was only thinking of getting them to quickly make peace with each other!

Vamp: I've had enough!

[outside text: next day]

Voice: Mr. Medario hasn't arrived yet

Page 8:

Carmenman: I'll just go on ahead

No.1: Even if I call, Mr. Medario isn't picking up

[box: Medario's apartment]

Medario: What do I care about that guy

Medario: ...but if he goes alone and loses I'm not going to feel good about myself afterwards...

Medario: Now's not the time to hold a grudge

Page 9:

Carmenman: DIE SUNRED

Page 10:


Page 11:

Medario: tissue

Carmenman: ...thanks

No.1: That's good, they've sorted it out

No.2: ...yea

Page 12:

[wall sign: Vamp's room]
[door sign: Don't come in]

Voice: Now it's just that person

Voice: General, dinner's ready // today is the general's favorite oden

[right side text: He liked oden...]

Vamp: I don't want any

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