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Translations: Gintama 616 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Tentai Senshi Sun Red 9

Foul play! A Frightening Hostage Plan!

+ posted by milcor1 as translation on Nov 22, 2009 02:14 | Go to Tentai Senshi Sun Red

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Chapter 9: Foul Play! A Frightening Hostage Plan!

Page 1:

[top text: A lovely(?) monster appears! This time it's a squid!!]

[left side text: Somethings flying! Run! Run children!]

Page 2:

Sunred: What's this?

Sunred: I don't know anyone who would send me something... // maybe for Kayoko?

Sunred: Ah! It's for me... seems like only my name is written on it...

[package text: Sir Astro Fighter Sunred]

Sunred: Hm // It's wrapped with Takashima department store wrapping paper...

Sunred: What the hell was I sent...

Page 3: It's a tape!

[crossed out text: Discovering new things in the kitchen etc...]
[below crossed out text: From Mister X]

[outside text: A creeping badass hero comic]

Sunred: A VCR tape...

tape: Click

Page 4:

Voice: Is it filming? // It's filming!

Vamp: Hm~~ Hm~~

Vamp: Heh Heh Heh Sunred // We are.. for now known as [Mister X]

Voice: Can you see the hostage?

Voice: General~~~ where did we put the trash can~~~

Vamp: Idiot!! We're recording right now!

Voice: Oh please excuse me

Vamp: As you can see the hostage is still a child

Page 5:

Vamp: In this terrifying situation how long will he be able to hold his stamina and strength... Heh Heh Heh

[outside text: Selling~~ Bamboo~~~ Poles~~~]

Vamp: Hostage...

[outside text: two for 1000 yen two for 1000 yen]

Vamp: This hostage...

[outside text: At the same price it was 10 years ago]

Vamp: Oh my goodness~~~ stop the recording

Voice: But I wonder~~ how many do they sell in one day?

Voice: Hmm yea... by the way did you press pause?

Vamp: Ah! No I haven't yet

Voice: That's no good

Vamp: Uh... Um where was it now

Voice: Ah

Voice: If you want to save the hostage, at 7pm this evening come to the spot at the 2nd district

Voice: General we can see your face!!

Vamp: Eh

[flyer: Supermarket]

[text between panels: There's a script behind the flyer]

Vamp: Oh no!

Voice: He hasnt realized who I am yet right? Right?

Voice: It should be okay, the flyer was covering you

Vamp: I..I did hide right away

Page 6:

Voice: Great! OK OK lets stop the video

Voice: About the garbage can, it's on the shelf to the very left

TV: Now we come to the discovery of new things in the kitchen---

TV: Today we will talk about the amazing effects of the avocado

Sunred: ....What the hell are those guys doing....

Page 7:

No.1: General! I've delivered the video!

Vamp: Good

Kid: Hey, can I take off the bandages now?

Vamp: Eh?

Vamp: Ahh! Sorry sorry you can take them off // I'll start with the legs

Kid: Phew

Squid: But I'm so glad~~ that Toshio was willing to be our hostage~~

[outside text: You don't have to if you don't want to // Don't force yourself // It's okay I'll do it

Kid: Heh Heh Heh

Page 8:

No.1: General, what should we do about Toshio's dinner?

Vamp: Eh why? Oh yea, our fight with Sunred is only this evening

Vamp: What do you want to eat Toshio?

Kid: Eh

Vamp: We'll make you dinner

Kid: Okay then, hamburger!

Squid: Got it! Then off to Denny's!

Vamp: No that's fine that's fine

Vamp: If it's hamburger I'll make it! // I've got ground beef in the freezer

Vamp: If we eat at Denny's it will cost 1200 ~ 1300 yen right? // If we make it at home it's free!! I've got the ingredients

Voice: What?! // Wait wait a minute!

Squid: Is that true Toshio?

Kid: Ye-yea

Squid: Vamp sir

Vamp: What now~~? Coming in with a loud voice~~

Page 9:

Squid: Today Toshio has after school classes!!

Vamp: What!! After school classes!!

Vamp: Is this true?

Kid: Yea...

Vamp: That's no good... you should tell us these things right away

Voice: Yes this is Takemura

Vamp: Oh! Hello nice to meet you, My name is Vamp from the evil organization Florsheim // Ah yes, the pleasure is mine, is this Toshio's mother?

Vamp: Actually today, we took your son to use him as a hostage // yes that's right, a hostage // but today Toshio has after school classes

Page 10:

Vamp: Yes, please forgive us, we didn't know // we'll bring him home right away

Squid: It's about 6:15pm~~ // If we hurry and bring Toshio home he'll make it in time for his 7 o'clock after school class!!

Vamp: Sorry for the trouble

Kid: Sorry... I didn't want to go to my after school class // I thought I could avoid it if I became a hostage

Vamp: Now now don't worry about it! Got it?

Kid: But... what about the hostage?

Vamp: Don't worry about those kinds of things! Next time you can help us out when you don't have any after school classes! Right?

Page 11:

Squid: Okay Vamp sir

Vamp: Wait a minute!! // Toshio bring this with you!

Vamp: I've put in some meat and a bun! And tomatoes! Put it together into a hamburger once you're home

Vamp: The hamburger is still warm so if you put it together now the bun will become all mushy! Right?

Kid: Yaaay!

Vamp: It's better if you don't tilt the bag too much

Kid: Thank you general

Vamp: It's dark right now!! Watch out for the electricity lines Geiras

Geiras: We're off

Page 12:

Page 13:

Page 14:

Sunred: ....I'll kill them... // I'll fucking kill them...

Vamp: I wonder if Toshio's already eaten his hamburger~~

Geiras: Vamp sir there's ketchup on your mustache

[right side text: Carefree aren't they!!!]

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#1. by DelGrecco ()
Posted on Nov 23, 2009
What a great debut and run of work! Thank you for all of your hard work!!

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