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Tentai Senshi Sun Red 11

Violent! The battle to the death at Nikotama River

+ posted by milcor1 as translation on Nov 27, 2009 18:46 | Go to Tentai Senshi Sun Red

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Chapter 11: Violent! The battle to the death at Nikotama River

Page 1:

[left side text: Seems like they're going on a campaign]

[top text: They pay their rent on time, the evil organization]

[box: A rental house somewhere in Kanagawa prefecture Kawasaki city // Made of wood, 23 years old]

[sign: Florsheim]

[sign below: No soliciting]

[left sign: For official business please press the button above]

[text between panels: In this manga an evil organization pursues a hero. To the ends of the earth.]

Vamp: We Florsheim's fated enemy

Vamp: Astro Fighter Sunred

Page 2:

Vamp: Today we will obliterate him and use him as our sacrifice for world domination

Vamp: Florsheim, charge!

[outside text: It looks more like a day trip than a charge]

Page 3:

Voice: The train will be leaving shortly for Suitengu

Page 4:

Vamp: Phew

No.1: Is Red really at the Takajima department store?

Vamp: That's what Ms. Kayoko said so there's no doubt

Vamp: Ah! I'm always in your debt~~ This is Vamp~~ // About Mr. Red~~ // Yes yes... Ah! Gone out? Takajima department store? Is that so~~~

Villain: Gi Gi Gi Gi~~ // Sunred~~~ I wonder what the smell of your blood is~~

Page 5:

Vamp: Gajem my lad, we're in the train at the moment so... // you don't want to be seen as one of those weird people who start appearing during spring time right?

[outside text: Though it's ok if you say it around Mr. Red...]

Gajem: Ah...excuse me... // that came out instinctively...

Vamp: But it's okay to have that spirit!! We'll be depending on you once we reach the Takajima department store! // Search for Mr. Red // Your sense of smell is a 100 times stronger than a dog's

Gajem: Yes definitely

No.1: Vamp sir // Since it's Nikotama we should head to the first car so we can get off right by the ticket gates

Vamp: Ah! That's true

Vamp: Okay then, lets move to the front // time is money

[text beside Gajem: Please excuse us]

Page 6:

Voice: Futako-Tamagawa Futako-Tamagawa

Vamp: Well then, lets pump up our fighting spirit and head out

Lady: Welcome

Gajem: Underground

Gajem: His smell is getting stronger // Red is nearby

Page 7:

Gajem: There he is!

Vamp: We've found you Astro Fighter Sunred

Page 8:

Sunred: ...what now... it's you guys again

Vamp: Sunred!! Today is the day that your lif-

Sunred: GO HOME

Sunred: Can't you tell by the situation!! I don't have time to be your opponent

Gajem: My name is Gaje-

Sunred: I told you to fuck off!

Vamp: Um... what is this line? // Mr. Red

Sunred: It's for bread

Page 9:

Sunred: Right now the melon bread here is incredibly popular // Kayoko asked me to go buy some

Gajem: Who's Kayoko? I just heard her name

No.1: Ahh she's Red's girlfriend who's an insurance saleswoman

Lady: Oh my! Mr. Vamp

Vamp: Oh hello its been a long time~~

Lady: We haven't run into each other even though we're in the same neighborhood

Vamp: I know~~~

Vamp: Is Ms. Sugimoto also here for melon bread

Lady: Yes yesterday they introduced it on the evening news and I wanted to try it

Gajem: Vamp sir

Vamp: Well it's more expensive than bread at the supermarket but if you think about it it's cheaper than cake

Lady: True true

Gajem: Vamp sir

Vamp: Eh?

Page 10:

Gajem: What shall we do? Our attack on Red

Vamp: Talking about what should we do~~ // this isn't the best place~~

[outside text: Even Ms. Sugimoto from our neighborhood is here~~]

Vamp: Lets wait until Mr.Red is done his shopping

Gajem: Will do

Vamp: Ah! Excuse me

Vamp: We're in the way... if we keep standing here...

Vamp: What~~should~~we do~~ // Eh~~~

Vamp: Um~~ Mr. Red?

[sunred's head: annoyed]

Vamp: How much longer do you think you'll take?

Sunred: How should I know! // Ask the damn store!

Page 11:

Lady: The next batch will done in about 45 to 60 minutes so please don't feel required to wait

Vamp: Oh I see~~

[outside text: Ahh the current batch is sold out~~]

Gajem: We still have a lot of time

Vamp: Until he's ready lets have a look upstairs // okay?

Vamp: Mr. Red, they said it would be at least 45 minutes! We'll come back then

Vamp: Eh? Beamz? United Arrow? // Ahh! Go have a look! Go have a look! // I'm not someone who understands young people's fashion // I'll either be in the bookstore or where the tableware is sold

Page 12:

Gajem: You don't want to try the melon bread Vamp sir?

Vamp: Oh right! I wonder if it is that good here!

Gajem: I can line up // while keeping an eye on Red

[outside text: I can hold your shield and spear]

Vamp: Eh? Is that so?

Vamp: So in 45 minutes then!! We'll come once it's 2:30!

Gajem: Yes

Vamp: Sorry about this

Gajem: Have fun

Page 13:

Gajem: Please.. please wait Mr. Red

Sunred: Out of my way! I've got the bread so I'm leaving

Gajem: I think the general will be here soon

Sunred: You guys are aiming for my life so why should I be the one waiting!

Gajem: Oh! Combatants! Where's the general?

Gajem: What? // You looked around the bookstore and the tableware section but he wasn't there?

Gajem: Ah // Please wait // Please wait Mr. Red

Page 14:

Sunred: Annoying

Vamp: Oh my oh my

Vamp: Where am I~~ // South hall... north hall... // geez~~~ // that's why I don't like coming to Futako's Takajima department store

[box: Astro Fighter Sunred]

Voice: Mr. Vamp from Kawasaki city, you're party is waiting for you

[box: In Kawasaki City lies the ever growing tale between good and evil]

[right side text: There are people who don't laugh at sir Vamp.... aren't there?!]

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