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Tentai Senshi Sun Red 13

The Evil That Arrived by the Cool Home Delivery Service

+ posted by milcor1 as translation on Nov 27, 2009 18:47 | Go to Tentai Senshi Sun Red

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Fight 13: The Evil That Arrived By the Cool Home Delivery Service

Page 1:

[text on truck: Cool Home Delivery Service]

[text bottom right 1st panel: A manga where villains aim for world domination]

[text on box: edible goods]

No.1: Sir Vamp~~~~

Vamp: Eh~~~?

No.1: Cool Ben's delivered a large package here

Vamp: Ah! It's here now?

No.1: What is this? Is it a large supply of food for the freezer?

[text on box: fragile]

[text on left side: It's hard to maintain a house]

Page 2:

[outside text top: A cool new villain?!]

[text bottom right 1st panel: A hero manga where the hero doesn't seem to appear much]

Vamp: No No!

Vamp: A Villain a villain

[text between panels: In this manga the villains that appear are scheming for world domination. Please be careful.]

Vamp: Deruzu isn't in his final form yet so we had to transport him at a low tempurature

[text below vamp: Oh my edible goods? That's a lie!]

[box text left: fragile]
[box text right: edible goods]

Page 3:

Vamp: Taiza sorry to bother you but could you please transport this to the bathtub

[outside text by Vamp: Will you be okay? Can you move it? With that neck]

Taiza: Okay

[text by Taiza: Yesterday he took a powerbomb from Red on the asphalt]

Vamp: There's some kind of amniotic fluid inside so don't tilt it too much // Ah! Could you please open the curtain! Yes yes!

Page 4:

Vamp: Until he's in his final form we have to leave him like this

Vamp: It's a little inconvenient but lets be patient

No.1: Um... Vamp sir

No.1: What will we do about our bath today?

Vamp: Today we can't really do anything // So // lets all go to the public bathhouse

[text to left side of vamps face: phew~~ stiff~~~

Page 5:

No.1: Vamp sir what will we do about Deruzu's food?

Vamp: Oh my that's worrisome // I didn't think about his food // If he can only eat certain things what are we going to do~~ // I better call headquarters right away

Vamp: This is Vamp from the Kawasaki branch // Oh thank you~~ is this staff officer Gedomu~~ its been a while~~

Vamp: Yes! It's about the food for the villain we received today // yes yes // oh really~ // Oh~~~ is tha~~~t so~~~~

Page 6:

Vamp: Yes yes I understand // yes thank you // please excuse me

Vamp: If it's raw meat he can eat anything // Beef Pork Chicken

Vamp: We don't have any meat right now right?

No.1: We still have some ground beef in the freezer that we used for hamburgers

Vamp: Ground beef is tough to eat isn't it~~ And in the water it just crumbles~~

Vamp: Well then it's a bit of a rush but lets go shopping before the bathhouse

[text beside vamp's face: I'm all sweaty from cutting the grass ]

[text in black panel: It's in the middle of the conversation but let us see how our peacekeeping defender of justice Sunred is doing]

Page 7:

Kayoko: Do not fart in my house!

[text outside Kayoko: I heard it from the kitchen]

Sunred: I'm so sorry to fart, even though I've already been labelled as a bum

Kayoko: Damnit...

Sunred: ...going off like that... must be that time of the month...

Kayoko: Did you just call my time of the month unpleasant // You really are vulgar

Sunred: Ah... My bad my bad

[text to right of sunred: so she heard me...]

[black panel text: Kayoko's in bad mood right now so let us leave them and continue elsewhere]

Page 8:

[sign: High class hot water]

No.1: Once in a while a large bathtub is good isn't it

Vamp: You can really stretch your legs

No.2: By the way the villain this time... is he strong?

Vamp: Well! At any rate it's an incredible story!! // The rumors from headquarters // but we won't know how incredible he is until he achieves his final form

Vamp: The truth is I too haven't seen Deruzu's true appearance

No.1: So this final form is going to be really exciting then

Page 9:

[building sign: Super Maru S]

Vamp: What?! Chicken breast is 48yen per 100 grams?! // Cheap~~~!

Vamp: Lets buy this // 2 pack!! // Even though it's imported frozen meat, for 48yen per 100 grams you don't see this kind of price even for a month-end sale

[text next to Vamp's face: I insist!]

No.1: Well...I've never bought meat before so we'll leave it up to you...

[outside text: Now! We've got out shopping done so lets head back before the hot water gets cold]

Vamp: Hm?

Page 10:

Vamp: Ah! That red collar! // that's Ms. Morisue's Mii-chan

Vamp: To have come this far it sure has a wide perimeter

Vamp: Ah! We don't have time to be chatting // it'll be awful if Deruzu's hungry

Vamp: Hm?

[text beside lady: Mii-chan Mii-chan]

Lady: Mii-Chan~~~~ // Mii-chan~~~~

Vamp: Ms. Morisue are you searching for Mii-chan?

[text outside vamp: Take this and go ahead inside!]

Lady: That's right! He's always here for his supper

Vamp: I just saw Mii-chan

Page 11:

Lady: Really?

Vamp: Around the 3rd district

Lady: I'll go and check

Vamp: If Mii-chan comes back I'll catch him for you!

[text outside Vamp: Geez~~ no one brought in the evening paper~~]

No.1: Vamp sir we've got trouble

[sign on wall: death]

Vamp: What now?

No.1: Deruzu is nowhere to be found

Vamp: Eh

Page 12:

Vamp: He must have achieved his final form while we were out~~ // wasn't Taiza watching the house while we were gone~~

No.1: It seems like in revenge for his defeat Taiza went to the slot machines

Vamp: hitting with his whip, hitting his enemy, and hitting the slots... // how much does he enjoy hitting geez~~? (*TL Note: there is a 3-pronged Japanese pun here)

[outside text: If you're going to take revenge do it on Mr. Red~~]

No.2: It seems like Deruzu isn't in our hideout

Vamp: Eh~~~ he doesn't know the area yet~~~

Vamp: Before it gets dark lets split up and search for him

[lady text: mii-chan~~~ mii-chan~~~]

[vamp text: deruzu~~~ deruzu~~~]

No.1: Ah... I'm famished

Vamp: So am I // Lets get something in our stomachs! If we don't eat anything we can't concentrate

text: shuffle shuffle

No.1: Vamp sir please come

Vamp: What? A robber?

No.1: You can hear it from the ceiling

Page 13:

No.1: Ah! That ceiling board is out of place!!

Vamp: Could it be Deruzu?

Vamp: Hm

Vamp: Its gotten quiet

text: plop

Page 14:

Lady: Mii-chan~~~ // Mii-chan~~~

[box: From this day the perplexing villain Deruzu began to live above the ceiling of Florsheim's Kawasaki branch]

[right side text: ...he's gone and done it...!?]

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