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Tentai Senshi Sun Red 14

Florsheim, the Terrifying Infiltration Plan

+ posted by milcor1 as translation on Nov 27, 2009 18:48 | Go to Tentai Senshi Sun Red

-> RTS Page for Tentai Senshi Sun Red 14


Fight 14: Florsheim, the Terrifying Infiltration Plan

Page 1:

[left side text: A review: Red is Kayako's bum]

[top text: The too real too hard life, hero & villains!!]

Sunred: Hey, I've brought help

Kayoko: Hm?

Sunred: Hey! Get in here

outside: Ah! Yes yes

[outside text: shuffle shuffle]

Page 2:

Vamp: Please excuse us

[left outside text: Hey we can see you guys ]

Kayoko: Oh my! Mr. Vamp // this is so sudden forgive me

Vamp: Ms.Kayoko...? // Eh... M-moving... Ahh... so that's it~~

Page 3:

Vamp: We were called to help out with their moving~~

Squid: That surprised me~~ // I was fretting because Mr. Red told us to come and he didn't say anything so I thought he was bringing us to a secluded area to end our lives~~

Insect: Me too~~

[text between panels: These villains are planning for world domination]

Kayoko: Did that man just call you guys out of the blue? // Then Mr. Vamp already had some prior business...

Vamp: Eh // Ah! No not at all!

Vamp: It was us who approached Mr. Red // if you know what I mean // right Mr. Red

Sunred: Shut up

Squid: Ah! I see!

Page 4:

Squid: When you wanted guys who could fly you meant us since we can transport the large stuff through the air

Sunred: that's right

[squid text: Florsheim Villain: Geiras]

[middle text: Moskee]

[left text: Dorgon]

Sunred: In 'Copo South' we've still got the refrigerator and some other stuff so bring them over here

Squid: Okay

Vamp: Ah! Sorry to bother you Moskee but could you head to our hideout and bring my apron?

Moskee: Ah! Yes sir

Sunred: If you drop our luggage I won't forgive you

Squid: Yes

Vamp: Ah

Page 5:

Vamp: And also the detergent I always use Moskee~~!!

Moskee: Understood

[house text: Copo South]

Page 6:

Moskee: Hm? What's this

Moskee: Ah!

DVD: Sexy // Heaven

Page 7:

Moskee: Adult DVD

[hitting text: slap]

Moskee: Ow

Sunred: Don't talk in a loud voice, Kayako doesn't know

Moskee: I've really wanted to see this one

Sunred: Then I'll let you have that one so just ignore the others

Moskee: Is that really okay

Sunred: It's fine I've burnt copies

Vamp: Eh what what?

[outside text: what are we talking about?]

Sunred: You fuck off!

Page 8:

Kayoko: Ah! Is that the detergent you're using Mr. Vamp? // That's the one you find in catalogs in America

Vamp: That's right

Kayoko: will it come off?

Vamp: Well there's no difference compared with other detergents

Vamp: But its been made with coconut oil and other organic ingredients that are kind on the planet which is what I like to use!

Sunred: Kayoko can I put the chopsticks in the kitchen

Kayoko: Of course you can you don't need to ask me that!!

[Kayoko: Oh you saw that movie 'Hide and-' something?]

[Vamp: I saw it when it came out in Shinjuku! ]

Sunred: Hey do we have a cutter?

Kayoko: I'm wiping the floor!! You think I'm using one right now?

[Kayoko: The actress starring with Deniro is cute isn't she~~]

[Vamp: Thanks to that girl that movie went up a notch!]

Page 9:

Vamp: There's a bit of heat that comes from the back so place it slighty away from the wall

Dorgon: Yes

Vamp: Be careful not to scratch it with your beak

Vamp: here you go

Kayoko: You guys really are efficient~

Kayoko: compared to our guy over here....

Sunred: ...what, I'm working as well

Vamp: Hm?

Page 10:

Vamp: Ah! Mr. Red // if you put teflon pots on top of each other you'll scratch the coated side // ouch

Sunred: Shut up // For someone planning on world domination you're too nit-picky

Kayoko: Do not hit Mr.Vamp who went out of his way to come and help us

Sunred: You stay out of this

Kayoko: What did you say

Vamp: Ms. Kayoko it's alright // I'm used to this

Sunred: You're talking a little too much

Vamp: Ow

Kayoko: Hey I told you to stop it

Page 11:

Sunred: It's fine these guys are an evil organization

Kayoko: You can't tell who's evil and who's justice here anymore

Kayoko: Are you aware of your position here? // This is my apartment

Sunred: Oh boy here we go again

[text on carpet: silence----]

Page 12:

Moskee: ...the air's become a little heavy in here

Vamp: It's almost over so let's just concentrate on putting up these curtains

Kayoko: We finished in half a day <3

Kayoko: It's really thanks to Mr. Vamp's group

Vamp: No.. no.. not at all

Dorgon: Glance

Vamp: Well then... we'll be leaving now...

Page 13:

Kayoko: Ah! Please wait a moment Mr. Vamp

Kayoko: I'll order some soba so please have some

Vamp: Ah! No... please that's fine

Kayoko: It's fine I owe you

Vamp: No! We didn't bring anything to celebrate your move anyways

[text beside vamps face: ha ha ha]

Sunred: They said they don't want any so just let them go!!

text: Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt

Vamp: Um.. Our combatants are probably already making dinner so... // If we have the soba we'll lose our appetites

Page 14:

[box: 2 days since then---]

Vamp: ...We haven't met Mr.Red since then but I wonder if his mood's gotten better~~

Moskee: Oh geez.. this is making me depressed... // will today's fight leave me beaten half to death?

Sunred: Yo! Sorry to keep you waiting

Vamp: Mr. Red

Sunred: Isn't the weather beautiful today

Vamp: Ah // Um.. Mr. Red... about Ms. Kayoko

Sunred: We made up a long time ago

Page 15:

Sunred: I gotta say an apartment is definitely better // and this one's newly built

[Vamp: Seems like his mood's better]

[Moskee: Looking at him his mood's really good]

Sunred: My new place is only about a 5 minute walk from your hideout

Vamp: I was also thinking that recently

Sunred: It's nice that I can quickly show up if you call me for a fight

Vamp: Yeah // yes that's right!

Sunred: Alright then shall we begin!

Together: Yes!

Page 16:

Sunred: Hurrah to moving! // If I need something done again I'll rely on you guys

Vamp: Are you alright Moskee?

[box: Good mood or bad mood Red's beatings remain the same]

[right side text: Moskee's cute..so pray for him!]

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