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Crash! 1

Stage 1

+ posted by missymalachite as translation on Apr 15, 2009 10:07 | Go to Crash!

-> RTS Page for Crash! 1


Stage 1


Contents: Crash!

Hana: Hurry up and turn the page!!
SFX: Bang
Cats: Sparta, She's in Sparta mode!
Cats: How scary...


Kiri: Oh~ Shit~
Magazine right to left: Part time Job, Help Wanted

Kiri: There's probably nothing better than this one.

Guy: Hey, what about this one?

Kiri: Central Park Event Staff?
Flyer: Central Park's XXth Anniversary
Event Staff Wanted
Marika Momohara
Mr. Shinozuka

Stage 1



?: Did you see that show on TV last night?
Small: SFX: Ding dong dang (school bell)
SFX: Eek!

?:You mean P-s (TN: sounds like peace) new song? They were super cool.
Magazine: P-s, special edition

?: Hana-chan did you see it too?

Hana: No, I'm not really interested in celebrities...


Bun head: Oh, really?
Hana: Yeah.
?: But P-s are so cool.
?: Oh/ look, look, Marika Momohara is in here too.

?: She's been in here a lot lately.

Black: Huh? Hana-chan is gone.
Bun head: She always leaves early, huh?
?: I wonder what she's doing. (small) A job?

Text Box: Hana Shiraboshi, shinning high school sophomore.
Text Box: I have secret.
(TN: Shiraboshi means white star)


Text Box: And that is...
Poster: Marika Momohara; Marika's first picture
Chouko: This talent agency is in it's tenth year! / We're going to have an explosive competition between our large scale newbies.

Aoyagi: Boss, along what lines do you mean large scale?
Chouko: Uh, / I don't know.
Text: Decisive
Chouko: I mean, they are always...
SFX: Slam
Hana: I'm back!

Chouko: Hana! (small) and just in time!
Hana: Mama.
Hana: You can hear your voice out in the hallway.
Text Box: My secret is that my house is a talent agency.

Text Box: The reason I feigned disinterest in idols was to protect our company and the celebrity's information. / Celebrities are very important to me. (small) Sorry classmates!

Hana: Mama's all fired up... (small) this time.
Oyama Text: Welcome home.
Chouko: Let's see, data, data...

Aoyagi: It is ten years worth of work after all.
Text Box: Chief Manager, Kyougo Aoyagi
Oyama: I wonder what the newbie will be like!
Small Text Box: Newbie
Text Box: Manager, Oyama
Text: A cute girl would be nice!

Chouko: This may be a little sudden, Hana, but...
Text Box: White Star President, Chouko Shiraboshi
Chouko: can you do it up like always.

Hana: Okay!
Oyama Text: Like always?

SFX: Flop

SFX: Gulp

SFX: Stare

SFX: Tingle

SFX: Blinding

SFX: Silence

Chouko: They all failed!!
Oyama: What? What? Why?? / Shouldn't we at least talk to one of them?
Text: Where were you looking just now?

Chouka: What the heck, Oyama? / We do NOT settle!
Oyama: Really? But this girl is really cute.
Aoyagi: Should we hold auditions?
Chouka: Hmmm maybe.
SFX: Clatter

Marika: Good morning!
Text Box: A Celebrity with White Star, Marika Momohara
Chouko Text: Good morning.
Hana: Markia!

Oyama: Marika-san! Today you have two magazine interviews... / by the way tomorrow at the Central Park there will be a talk and you'll sing.
Oyama Text: Let's do our best!
Marika Text: Yeah!

Hana: Mama, tomorrow can I go with Marika?
Chouko: Sure, but why?

Hana: Central Park is a hangout for young people.
Hana: Wouldn't it be good for me too scout some fresh faces?
Chouka: Oh.

Chouko Text: Nice idea!
Marika Text: Yay! Hana is coming too!
Oyama: Um...Chief...why does the bosses daughter have all this power, like just before... (small) is this all right?

Aoyagi: Oh that's right, you don't know that yet.../ the young lady's talent.

Oyama: Talent?

Aoyagi: The one who / discovered Marika Momohara and all the other money makers was all...
Aoyagi: her.

Aoyagi: At a single glance, she can tell whether or not they will sell, people call her...
Aoyagi: The flower of fresh blood.
Text: Fresh Blood...!?

Oyama: And how exactly does that work?
Oyama TextL I didn't really get what was going on before...
Aoyagi: Miss
SFX: Slide
Aoyagi: Will you look at this one and that one?

Text: Oh- she's pretty
Text: Cute

SFX: Slide
Text: A picture of Marika at her debut.

SFX: Tingle, tingle

SFX: Drip

Text Oyama: A bloody nose standard?
SFX: Shock
Marika: I remember when I first met Hana, I saw such pretty blood.
Hana Text: I feel a bit nostalgic.
Text Aoyagi: Good Work.
Box: Tissues
Text Box: This condition is probably from the environment.
Hana: (It's not bad for me.)
SFX: Dab, dab

Chouko: You sixth sense is in top shape as usual!
Chouko: We're counting on you tomorrow!

Text: Right now, all I can do is help but...
Text Box: With this nose / and the heart of a celebrity inside me...
Text Box: someday I want to produce a celebrity.
Hana: Leave it to me, Mama!

SFX: Chattering

SFX: Crunch

Kiri: Oh, this is Central Park?

SFX: Swish

Hana: Let's see, today after Marika's act / there's a dance and live performance / then Mr. Shinozuka's magic show at a special booth.
Text Box: Marika and Oyama are standing by

Hana Text: Mr. Shinozuka has been on TV quite a lot recently.

Hana: (But I shouldn't be looking at that old guy now.)
Text: Scout, Scout

Rei: Dad, I'm done with the hat trick.
Shinozuka: I'm sorry Rei for asking you to fill in as my assistant at such short notice.
Rei: Whatever.

SFX: Rustling
SFX: Hurray!
SFX: Music blaring

Text: This is the dance area!

Hana: (No reaction)
Junpei: Kazuhiko, over here!
Kazuhiko: Junpei! I got lost!

Kazuhiko: I'll be a little nervous because we're in front of so many people, / but I'll do my best! (small) At watching anyways...

Junpei: Yeah!
Junpei: We have to get our energy up, this is the real thing!

Kazuhiko: Junpei you're really loud.
Junpei: Hahaha, really?
Hana: (Hmm, no reaction here either.)
SFX: Eep!

Girl: Yuugo, I want a ticket to see the live show.
Yuugo Text: There aren't any left?
Girl: Me too!
Yuugo: Do whatever you like, / my dad is hosting the even after all.
Text: Eep! Yay!

SFX: Chattering

Hana SFX: Hmm.
Hana: (And there's so many people too.)
SFX: Smack
Kiri: Oh, sorry.

SFX: Glimmer

Kiri: Geeze, every one is in my way.

Text: What's with this guy!?
Hana: Hey! You in the work shirt!

Hana: At least apologize!
Guy: Um.

Guy: Are you okay?

SFX: Tingle

SFX: Ah-chooo!

Hana Text: Oh, yes, I'm fine.
Guy: That's good. That guy just bumped into me too.

Text Hana: That's too bad...
Text Box: For this many people, there's really aren't any with raw potential.

Hana: A good face isn't enough.
Text: Nope, nope.
SFX: Stare

Announcer: Every one , thank you for waiting./ Next up is Marika Momohara!
SFX: Yipee!!
Hana: (Oh, it's starting.)

Marika: Hi every one! / I'm Marika Momohara!

Text: Marika-chan!
Text: No way! That's Marika-chan?
Text: In person!? She's so cute!
Text: Marika-
Text Hana: I've seen so many different celebrities these last ten years at my mother's side.

Text Hana: Celebrities are mysterious.
Text Hana: Just by being there..../ just by laughing...

Text Hana: so many people are happy.

Text Hana: I want to create one...
Text Hana: one that surpasses happiness...

Text Hana: an earth shattering....

SFX: Clatter
Kiri: I don't need this stinking job!

SFX: Murmuring

Kiri: I did it just like you asked. / Are you going to bitch about it again?
SFX: Kick

Hana: (That's the jerk worker from earlier...!?)
Hana Text: How much ruder can her get!?

Guy: Hey, what are you doing!? (small) Grab him!
Guy: We're so sorry Shinozuka-san.

Rei: What are you apologizing for? He's the one that's pissing me off.

Rei: All I did was tell the truth.
Rei: That he's useless and can hardly even clean properly.

SFX: Thump
SFX: Tingle
Text Box: I.. / found one!

Kiri: I'm not working for you! / I'm doing it for the $100 pay (10,000 yen)...
SFX: Smack
Kazuhiko: Ah!

Kiri: Get out of the way! (small) you stupid kid!
SFX: Frightened

SFX: Frozen
Junpei: Hey, no wait just a second-

Junpei: Just let it go.

Text Box: and over here too...?
SFX: Thump, thump
SFX: Tingle, tingle
Text Box: A second.../ and a third!

Junpei: It's not good for you health to be so angry.
Text: Ha, ha, ha
SFX: Slap
Kiri: Ah, ah... (small) what's with this guy?

Yuugo: What? What?
SFX: Poof
Yuugo: It looks like something interesting is going on.

Yuugo: $100... that's what my hankerchief cost.
SFX: Grin
SFX: bekun?
Yuugo: How blase, (small) right.

SFX: Tingle, tingle
Text Box: A fourth!
SFX: Glare
Junpei Text: Oh.

Kiri: Are you looking for a fight!?
SFX: Smack
?: Making fun of me!
SFX: Eek!
Text: Some one stop them!
Text Box: It can't be..

Text Box: true...

Oayama: This is Marika Momohara's event!? / What's with the ruckus...

Oyama: Oh- Hana-san?
SFX: Wah, wah
Hana: Um...

Hana: I need to talk / with those four over there.
Kiri: Get out of here, this has nothing to do with you!

Hana: I need to talk with the four of them!
SFX: Spin
Hana: You're the one that it's got
Hana: nothing...

Hana: Oh?


SFX: Spurt

Text Box: It was almost like
SFX: Collapse
SFX: Eeep!
Oyama Text: Hana-chan!
Text Box: the chances of being struck by lightning.

SFX: Ah!
Text: Someone's collapsed!
SFX: Ah!

Text: I

Text Hana: I want to create one
Text Hana: one that surpasses happiness...
Text Hana: an earth shattering celebrity

Text: What are you're names?

SFX: Snap
Hana: Do you guys want to be famous!!
SFX: Jolt
SFX: Flick
Chouko: Well she's definitely come to.

Hana: Huh? I was at Central Park...
Chouko: You collapsed and they brought you here.
Text Box: This is the agency.

Hana: Where are those guys!?
Oyama: You mean those four? When I'd realized, they'd already disappeared.

Chouko: Hana didn't just have a bloody nose, she collapse. What on earth are those four?

Hana: It wasn't four, it was five.
Chouko: What?

Text: Cool
Text: Cute
Text: Cheerful
Text: Sexy

Text Box: And

Text: Chaos

Text: It's a five celebrity team.

SFX: Gulp

Hana: Our tenth year in business will be them, Mama!

Kiri: Hey, you! Take this!
SFX: Slam

Guy: You're back?
Kiri: What's with the "you're back?"

Kiri: Man,/ I've had one hell of a time.

Guy: Blood?
Kiri: Oh, I met a strange bloody nosed girl.
Text: Ugh
Text: There's blood here too!

Guy: Ahahaha! "A strange bloody nosed girl" !!
Kiri: What are you laughing at!?

Guy: Son
SFX: Gasp
Guy: You're luck is definitely going to change.

Kiri: Luck? / I don't believe in that stuff.
SFX: Slurp

Guy: Don't say that.
Guy: Just go to this place.

Kiri: I don't really like the places you recommend.
Text: But your ramen is damn good.
Guy: You'll get money out of it.

SFX: Grin

SFX: Ding, dong

Hana: First, / let's see, how am I going to find them.
Hana: I'll try going back to the park again first.

Hana: I wish I'd at least go their na-

Hana: -mes.


SFX: Shock
Text Box: Ack!

Kiri: Bloody Nosed girl!?
SFX: Plop
Text: Why are you here!?

SFX: Spin
Text: So today for dinner...

SFX: Grab

Hana: I'm Hana Shiraboshi...!
SFX: Twist
Text: So strong!
Kiri: Hana as in nose?
Hana: It's Hana, as in flower!
(TN: Hana means both nose and flower.)

Hana: You

Hana: What's you're name?

Kiri: Kiri

Kiri: Kiri Kurose
Text: Kiri
Text: Kurose

Hana: Kurose-kun, would you
SFX: Thump

Text: What are your names?

Hana: like to become famous!?


Text Box: For Crash!'s release, I went early to Kushiro in Hokkaido for a book signing.
SFX: Vroom
Text Box: In continuation from last year, I went with Ms. Nana Haruta.

Text Box: Because the weather was crappy, every time the plane shook, the seat belt sign...
SFX: Ping
Text: Deep Sleep
SFX: Shake, shake
Text Box: Despite the bad weather, we landed safely.

Text Box: Despite that it was the middle of April/ BLIZZARD.
SFX: Shiver
Yuka Fujihara: Ice
Text Box: Apparently this was the most snow they've had on this day in ten years!
Text: According to the taxi driver...

Diamond overlay 1:
Yuka Fujihara: Ack!
SFX: Slip
Text w/ arrow: Since I had no idea it would be like this, I wore heels.
Diamond overlay 2:
Yuka: Eeek!
SFX: Floating
Text: I can't see anything.

Inner Text
Yuka: Ahhhh!
SFX: Tumble
Person: Publisher Mr X
Publisher Text: Ms. Fujihara!!
Person: Publisher SA

rectangle inlay:
Text: I really fell.
Guy Text: Don't grab me!
Yuka Text: I'm sorry
SFX: Feebly
Sub text: Like an old woman!

Text Box: The next day, the day of the book signing, somehow the blizzard stopped and I met my readers!
Text: Just as I thought, they were all ribbon wearing angels!
Girl Text: Please do your best!
Yuka Text: I- I- I- will try.

Yuka Text: There was lots of good things to eat
Yuka Text: I feel like I ate a lifetime's worth of shrimp and crab
Text: A card drawn of Nana and I.
Text: The problems were fixed.
Yuka Text: This is freaky.
Nana Text: It's completely off!
Text Box: It was a very memorable book signing.
Text: I'll never forget the winter landscape!

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