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Baka Kawaii Onnanoko wa Kawaii to Omoimasen ka? 2

Ch. 02


-> RTS Page for Baka Kawaii Onnanoko wa Kawaii to Omoimasen ka? 2

One of my fav series from MangaBox Indies:

Chapter 2
Strip 1
Top header: BAKA-KAWA
Bakako: I really wanted to eat it last night, but I didn’t because that’ll make me a fatty.
○○-kun: Yes...
Bakako: And guess what happened? It’s gone! My pudding is gone!
○○-kun: ...I’m sorry.

Bakako: A grudge over food won’t be forgiven that easily!
○○-kun: Seriously, it was my fault. I’m so sorry.

○○-kun: You can have my Haagen-Daz ice cream in the freezer, and let’s call it even.
SFX: Gasp

Bakako: Very well… I can live with that.
○○-kun: ...huh?
○○-kun: She back down almost too easily.
Caption: ↑Bakako already ate it.

Strip 2:
○○-kun: Hey, Bakako. Look.
SFX: Gasp

SFX: Shshsh…

pa.3: Voom Voom Voom Voom Voom

caption: And then…
Bakako: Uuugh… What?
SFX: Plip ♡
○○-kun: Why doesn’t she just answer me without turning her head?

Strip 3:
Bakako: Hey, ○○-kun.
○○-kun: Zzz
Bakako: Are you asleep?

Bakako: How convenient!
Bakako: I’ll get my revenge on you poking my cheek.
SFX: Heheheheheh

○○-kun: Bakako… you are so cute…
Bakako: What-the…
SFX: Blush

Bakako: Ack...Ugh…!
SFX: Contemplated
○○-kun: Bakako… you also stink…
○○-kun: your feet stink… stingy…
○○-kun SFX: ugh…

Strip 4:
SFX: Kchak
○○-kun: I’m home...huh?
○○-kun: Bakako, are you asleep?
Bakako: …

○○-kun: Then I shall do something to her.
Bakako: Fool! I’m pretending like I’m asleep.
Bakako: Zzz…
Bakako: You’ve made me suffer, and I couldn’t do anything last time…

Bakako: ...thus you shall suffer as well!
Bakako: Mmm... ○○-kun, you are so cool!
Bakako: And handsome!
Bakako: And generous!
Bakako: I love you…
Bakako: ...very much!

Bakako: I won’t forgive you!
SFX: squeak squeak
○○-kun: She could’ve at least pretended better.

Strip 5:
Bakako: Why don’t you have any reaction when I say things like “I love you” and “you are so cool”?
Bakako: Do you not like me?!
SFX: Waah Waah
SFX: Gyaah Gyaah
○○-kun: She doesn’t care that I drew on her though?

Bakako: Why don’t you just tell me…
○○-kun: I LOVE YOU!

○○-kun: I love you! I want to hold yoU!
○○-kun: I love you more than anyone in this world!
○○-kun: I want to lick you!
○○-kun: Your boobs are big! I want to squeeze them!
○○-kun: You are so cute!
○○-kun: I want to kiss you! And lick you!
○○-kun: You are adorable with blushing face!
○○-kun: Cute! Pretty!
SFX: Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do
Bakako: Ugh…
Bakako: Uuuuugh…

Bakako: I’ll get you for this!
SFX: Uwaaaah
○○-kun: I wish I knew what it’s like to be defeated.
SFX: Hmp...

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