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Spark Idol Hina 1

Spark Idol Hina

+ posted by mninjaboxme as translation on Nov 17, 2014 19:13 | Go to Spark Idol Hina

-> RTS Page for Spark Idol Hina 1

[title:] Spark Idol Hina
[by:] Junko Mizuno

Japanese RAW: http://mavo.takekuma.jp/ipviewer2.php?id=472

[Page 1:]

Hina: My name is Hina! I’m always hungry, but otherwise a normal girl.
Hina: I live together with my mom, since my dad had passed away.
Hina: I’m home.
Mom: It’s tempura for dinner tonight.
Hina: Tempura… I’ve been gaining weight lately. Better burn those calories.
Hina: Kyaa!
Hina: Oh my god, the floor broke off.
Hina: But my room is on first floor. Was there any basement in this house?
Hina: Huh?
Hina: WOW! He’s so hansome!
Hina: I wonder who it is.
Bill: That is… your father.
Hina: Huh?

[Page 2:]
Bill: HI! I am Bill the super lip gloss.
Hina: Super lip gloss? That’s kind of gross.
Hina: This is… my dad. I’ve never seen him before. But why were his lips so chapped?
Bill: That’s because…
Mom: Hina! What are you doing down here?!
Hina: Mom, is this really dad?
Mom: Come right over here!
Hina: Owowow, what is it?
Hina: Mom, you know that I’m scared of oil in pan. I can’t help you.
Hina: Eeck!
Mom: I’m not really your mom! I am “Shady Girls” agent 01, “Yoneko the Housewife”!
Now you’ve known my true identity, I must kill you.
Hina: NO!

[Page 3:]
Bill: Hinako! NOW!
Bill: Hina transforms into “Spark Newlywed”!
Hina: Spark long chopsticks!
Mom: Ah!
Mom: Kyaaa!
Bag: Flour
Hina: Deep fry good…
Mom: It’s HOT!

[Page 4:]
Mom: Damn it!
Mom: Even under the order of President Shady, I’ve raised you!
Mom: Uuugh…
Mom: I’m going to turn up the temperature of the oil as high as I can!
Hina: NO!
Hina: Don’t do it!
Hina: Waaah! What’s going on?!
Bill: Hina-chan! Wear your clothes!

To Be Continued.

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