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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Dragon Ball 93

Son Gokuu's Invasion

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 6, 2009 09:55 | Go to Dragon Ball

-> RTS Page for Dragon Ball 93


tl by molokidan

B: After becoming amazingly powerful at Karin Tower, Gokuu finally defeated Taopaipai...and in order to revive Upa's deceased father with the help of Shen Long, he sets out to search for the rest of the Dragonballs...there are three left, and the next target is...
G: Huh?
G: There are two balls here now...
G: Even though they were apart earlier...
G: ...which means someone else is gathering the Dragonballs besides me...
G: I know!! It must be the Red Ribbon peoples' house!!
G: Yosh!!

G: Perfect!!
G: I'll be able to beat all of them up too!!!
U: B-but Gokuu-san, that's too much, even for you! Attacking the entire Red Ribbon Army...!
G: Either way, I won't be able to get all the balls unless I go to their place.
U: I...if things get dangerous, run away...
G: Don't worry, I'll be fine!
G: Kintouuuuuuun!!
B: Red Rbbon Army HQ

B: Commander, Lieutenant Violet has come back with the Dragonball.
R: Mu!
V: We have just returned!
V: I apologize for our searching taking too much time!
R: Yooooosh! Then when Taopaipai returns, we'll have six!
V: Using the enemy's radar made an astounding difference, of course.
V: Thanks to this, we were able to find it easily.
R: OK, next give that radar to General Copper and have him find the last ball!
B: Yes sir!
B: Commander, the four balls have begun moving!
R: Oh really?
R: It's Taopaipai!

G: Hm?
G: What is that?

G: What a weirdo...
B: It's Son-kun!!
R: What?!

R: Ohhhhh! You're right, it really is him!
U: So he's still alive and well!
R: Is he trying to come back here?
B: I'll check.
B: No...
B: It looks like he's heading to the two Dragonballs over here.
R: He really never does change...!
L: That place...
R: You really are amazing, though, being able to make something like this with just some parts laying around here...I guess your big boobs aren't the only good thing about you!
B: You said one too many lines there!!!

L: Could he be...
B: Eh?!
L: heading toward the Red Ribbon Army HQ?
R: No way...pistols may not be able to work against Gokuu, but still...
B: I'll check!!
R: Check...how are you gonna do that?
B: There are two surveillance robots, I'll send one toward the Dragonballs!
G: Hey, c'mon! Why are you following me?

G: It's gone...
G: Wow, that thing is faster than Kintoun...
B: It should be in the air above the locatioon.
B: I'll switch over to the camera.

B: ...y...you're right...
L: It's the Red Ribbon HQ...
R: H...he's planning to bust in there...?!
B: Ahh!! It was shot down!!
R: Attention, this is #84 coming in. This is #84 coming in.
R: I have just shot down an unidentified flying object...
G: What?! It wasn't Taopaipai, was it?! He should be heading here!
R: It's fine, it's fine, it seemed to be a small surveillance robot.

B: The four Dragonballs are here.
R: It's finally time for Taopaipai to bring back his souvenirs for us!
G: There!!! That's it!!!
G: Yooooooooooosh!!!
G: Time to go wild!!!!

R: OK, Taopaipai is here.
R: W-wait a minute!!!!
R: It isn't Taopaipaiiiiiii!!!!
B: What should we do?!
L: That bastard's really a crazy one...
B: Not even Son-kun can take down the Red Ribbon HQ! He's totally outnumbered, he'll be killed!!
R: Yeah, he's really left us no choice...
R: I guess I'll have to go help him out.
U: H-how are you going to get there?
R: Oh yeah!
R: There are no longer any means of transportation here, are there?

B: Oh, come on!!
B: If only I could get in touch with Yamucha...!!
U: Why don't you just call him?
B: There aren't any damn telephones here!!!
U: Why don't you just make one then, Buruma-san?
U: If you could make a machine that amazing, then surely a phone would...
B: Oh yeah, you're right!!!
B: Good thinking!!!
R: I'm not sure whether to call her a genius or an idiot...
B: I did it!!!
D: Yahoh!
B: Father!! It's me, Buruma!! Is Yamucha there?!
D: Ohh, Buruma?! It's been a while! Good timing, I just thought of a really funny joke, listen to it for me!
B: That's not important right now, just get Yamucha on the line!!!

Y: Where have you been? You said you were going to look for the Dragonballs with Gokuu, right...?
Y: Wh-what?! Gokuu and the Red Ribbon...?!
Y: Yeah...yeah...alright!! I'll be right there!!
O: This sounds dangerous...
O: I'm just gonna creep over here...
Y: Puerh, Oolong, we've got to go help Gokuu!! He's attacking the Red Ribbon Army!!!
O: Th...
O: The Red Ribbon Army...?!?!
Y: An unbelievable foe...
Y: Fine...I was just getting sick of this weak city, anyway...

P: respond, #84!!
P: I-it's been destroyed...!!! What's going on here?!
P: Switch on the Laser Monitor!!
P: OK!!
B: Ahhh!!!!
B: C-Commander!!! The person transporting the four balls isn't Taopaipai!!! It's that Son Gokuu kid!!!
R: Wh-what...!!!?

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