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Kekkai Sensen -Mafuugai Kessha- 3


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 11, 2009 04:53 | Go to Kekkai Sensen -Mafuugai Kessha-

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 3 - CatastrophCity

P: Ohhh?!
P: What is that?

P: That woman's...!! From Libra...!!
P: Does that mean the monkey she's chasing is the "Gate?!"
P: Heeey, we can't let this happen!
P: Stop messing things up, you bitch!!
P: Enough of that selfish balance of the world bullshit of yours!
P: We're tired of being trapped up in this tiny town!!
P: Banzaaaai, banzaaaai!
P: Fight hard, half-god!!!
M: Hm?
M: Oh?
M: ...why isn't she chasing after it?
M: ...huh?
F: Number two.

M: Gyahaha!!
M: You're dead!!
M: Gyahaha!!
P: Owwwwww...
P: Dying hurts reaaaaaally bad!!
M: ...how much?
P: So much I wanna die!!

sfx: buuuun
C: Yes.
C: ...is there something I can do for you, SS?
Z: SS?
Z: ...what the fuck is that?
C: Silver Shit.
Z: Oh, come on...haven't you been split in two already?
Z: I'm tracking your position on the GPS.
C: I'll sue you.
Z: ...anyway,
Z(2b): Apparently the kid can "see" the moment when the half of the body appears. Is there any way you can guide us to a position where we can watch the monkey from afar?
C: ...understood.
C: buh

?: ...yo, Zapp.
?: Looks like shit's really hit the fan here.
Z: If it isn't Patrick, the "Arsenal."
P: Nice to meet you,
P: newbie.
P: From common use arms to specialized anti-demon protection kits, from state-of-the-art legged tanks from Germany to man-made self-destructing homing ghost bombs.
P: There ain't nothing I can't get my hands on.
L: ...you seem really strong!
Z(2b): Yeah right. There isn't a weaker man alive than this guy!
P(2b): Ha ha ha...that's right.
P: I prepare 'em, and you use 'em.

L(2b): ...what...?! ...is this...!!
Z(2b): Huh? It's for you, obviously.
Z: It's a thought-controlled 4mm Hand Launcher.
Z(2b): It should always hit its mark if fired in very close range. It isn't that powerful, but it's definitely strong enough to pulverize that monkey.
L: ...pulverize!!!?
Z: Take that four-eyed bank robber guy for example.
Z: He was utilized as a gate while he was still alive.
Z: Basically, the summoning configuration was inserted straight into his body.
Z: The only way, then, to destroy that configuration would be to literally blow his body to pieces.

L: Ehhhhh?!
L(2b): I don't think...that's something...I can do...
Z: Huh?!
Z: You can, and you will!!
Z: Do or die or...death!!
P: Aren't the last two the same?
Z: Shut the hell up!
Z: Keep saying weak-assed shit like that and I'm gonna kill you, got it?!
Z: ...what?
C: Where are you, maggot monkey?!
C(2b): It's almost time for the second "release!!" It's about to show up in Great Central Park!!

F: Feast your eyes!!
F: The "half a god" has suddenly appeared in the middle of Main Street.
F: After going into a half-mad rage and rampaging, dealing tons of damage to the surroundings,
F: it has currently climbed to the top of the Chaos Horn Tower,
F: and is observing the surroundings as if searching for something!!
F: ...this is, of course, in order to find the right half of its body!!
F: And when it finally becomes one with its sundered half...
F: no one will be able to imagine the havoc this enraged god will wreak!!
F: That's right, Mr. Guabara...
F: Yessiree...

F: On the other hand, we have the gate which it appears the "other half" is being summoned out of.
F(2b): Just a bit ago, on the 45th Cursed Bridge, we discovered its manifestation. There were 21 killed, and the number of the injured is exponentially higher.
F: Judging from the wide shots of the areas in which the first and second appearance happened,
F: it seems like the Fallen Lord is using some kind of animal as the gate,
F: and we believe it may be a very agile one at that!!
F: That's right, Mr. Guabara...
F: Yessiree...

Z: Put your head down.
L: ...OK.
Z: I think this should be an adequate amount of distance...
Z: Wanna try getting as close as you can?!
Z: ...just you, that is.
L: ...what's with this guy?!
Z: By the way, about what I said before...
Z: I'm not intending to force you to do everything, start to finish.

Z: Just do what you can.
Z: It annoys me, but I can't ignore the fact that being able to "see" and "not see" makes all the difference.
Z: Just watch it as close as you can and tell me all you can.
L: Here it comes...

Z: ...well?!
Z: Did you see something?!
L: See? Well...
L: ...that's really all I could do...
L: that quick flash of a sword...
L: The minute it appears, you'd be cut in two, and all you'd be able to see is your bisected self...

L(2b): This guy went up against that thing and survived...incredible...
L: ...and Mr. Klaus went as far as covering for me.
L: In this town, only people at their level must be able to survive.
Z: ...hey!!
Z: ...save being overwhelmed for later!!
Z: I asked you what you saw!!
Z: We don't have time to screw around, dumbass!

L: ...the monkey...
L: That monkey!!
L: It wasn't cut in two!!
Z: ...huh?!
L: The bank robber was slashed vertically when he was used as a gate, wasn't he?!
L: But that monkey wasn't!
L: So that begs the question, just where did the half-god's arm come out from?
Z: We'll have to...watch it once more from a closer distance.
Z: Alright, fi...

F: ...the half-god has suddenly begun moving!!
F: ...it's the monkey!!
F: It's chasing that tiny monkey!!
F: Is that monkey...a speed-of-sound monkey?!
F: Those are famous for being extremely hard to catch compared to other otherworldly crossbred animals.
F: Combined with what we said before, there is more than enough proof to assume it has become the gate!!
F: Yes, indeed, Mr. Guabara!!
F: Yessiree!!

?: Target!! Speed-of-sound monkey!!
?: FIRE!!!
?: ...it covered for the monkey...!!
?: Bingo?!

?: Attention all units!! That monkey is the key!
?: Continue your attacks!! We must keep it from reforming at all costs!!
Z: Ha ha ha!! Things are really getting out of control now!! Awesome!!
L: Aaaaawawawawawaaaaahieeee
Z: Quit those pathetic screams already!
Z: if things go well, those guys might take out the monkey for us!

C: Is the "question" really that simple?
Z: Waaaaaaaaahhhhhh
L: Wawawawawawaaaah
C: ...our opponent is the "Fallen Lord," remember?
C: Hey, silver monkey...
C: Just what kind of a guy is Femto?
Z: Don't say it like "Mon Petit"...
Z: ...what kind of guy is he...?
Z: He's smart, able, smug, has a ruined character, has bad taste, is sarcastic, sly...
Z: ...he's quite mysterious.
C(2b): ...exactly. Now let's act while keeping all of that in mind.
C: All of this commotion has pretty much been happening automatically, since everyone quickly caught on to the fact that the monkey was the gate.
C: With your conception of Femto, do you think he would be satisfied with only this much?
Z: ...yeah, probably not.

sfx: kah

sfx(bubble-less): gureaaaaaah
sfx(bubble-less): kyaaaaaaah
sfx: guwah

L: I could feel the edge of the blade brush by my nose...
L: Just how many blocks away is it coming from?!
L: Mr. Zapp!!
L: Ms. Chain...!!
L: Gohoh!!
L: Gehah!!
L: Waaahhh!!
L: If I go forward, death.
L: If I go back...
L: I can't take a single step either way.
L: ...it's just like...that time.
L: ...Michaela...

L: ...dammit.
L: ...dammit!!
L(2b): I don't know a thing...about saving the world!
L: Goddammit...!!
L: Which road was it on...I can't remember...
L: This is...
L: this corner is...

G: You're washing the dishes afterwards, said papa.
G: That isn't the right thing to say.
G: Tact and humility are two completely different things, you know?

G: ...it happened again...!!
G: I couldn't do a single thing...!!
G: ...uuuuu...

M: ...the kid...?
M: ...what are you doing...
M: Hurry up...and run away!
M: It didn't feel like the half-god disappeared or anything!!
M: Who knows when it'll come back around!
L: ...it's bizarre...

L: ...please wait a bit.
L: I'll definitely save you.
L: I still haven't
L: washed those dishes like I promised, after all.

L: Eh?

L: ...Mr. Zapp!!
Z: Why the fuck did you come back?!
Z: ...I had $20 on you running away.
Z: ...this is bad, though. We're so busy defending ourselves that we can't take a step towards the monkey.
Z: ...hey, you!! Work a bit harder, dammit...!!
Z: Did you see that just now?!
Z: She just made a "Savage fights like these are your job! Trash should just burst in and get their guts split up like only trash knows how, suffering as much as they can, crying until they end, when they finally die and regret everything" face!!
L: Ahhhh yeah, I thought the same thing!!
L: Scary!! That person is scary!!

Z(2b): It's almost time for the next "release." Decide now. I'll keep it from moving,
Z: so you need to use that opening to run in there and do something about the monkey.
Z: Don't worry...if you happen to fail and die, we'll just think of a new plan from there.
Z: ...pfft.
Z: Damn...I dunno what happened to you,
Z: but you look pretty prepared to me.
Z: Hell, your face is even starting to look good.
L: ...what?
L: ...eh?
L: ...a Zippo?
Z: Don't let this chance get away...here we go...
Z: "Star-Style Blood Arts"

Z: "Blade Form #1"
Z: Homuramaru (*t/l note: Homura = Blaze, Maru = common name ending)
L: A sword...made from blood...?!
L: is Mr. Zapp...also...

Z: ...guheh...!!
Z: This thing...really is nuts!
Z(2b): But!! After taking it so many times...
Z(2b): I've become able to see it...that swordsmanship...
Z: Compared to the Boss,
Z: You're a little shallow there, Mr. God!!!

Z: Orochinagi (*t/l note: Serpent Maul)

sfx: gyaaaaaah
sfx: ooooaaaaaaaaahhhhhh
Z: Run!!!
Z: Ya piece of shit!
L: ....okay!!

L: It's no good...
L: It's on a completely different level!!
L: ..,in the blink of an eye...!!
L: it'll be regenerated...!!
Z: Don't stop,
Z: you little shit.
Z: ...I didn't give you permission
Z: to underestimate me.

Z: "Seventh Hell"

L: Wait.
L: I have to watch it closely...!!
L: With my...
L: "power!!"
L: Don't open yet.
L: Not yet.
L: Don't open.
L: Don't open.
L: Don't open don't open don't open don't open!!

F: .............ts!!
F: Ahhhhhhhh
F: Dammmiiiiiitt
F(2b): Why?! Why didn't you kill the monkey?!?!
F: I was 1500% sure you would!!
F: This is "Jersualem's Lot," for crying out loud!!

F: Now you've ruined everything...
F: Why do you think I worked so hard to couple a flea on that monkey and make it into a Gate...
F: It was going to be a hilarious scenario in where killing the monkey would actually allow the half-god to become complete again...!!
F: Everything was hinged on the monkey and the "mon key!!" (*t/l note: mon means Gate in Japanese)
F: ...I see...
F: that boy held onto his hatred for killing until the end...
F: That's so "normal"...
F: ...C'mon...this is why I hate "normal" things!!
F: Incorrigible!!

L: Hello, Michaela.
L: How are you?
L: I'm fine.
L: Yoh!
L: Ms. Vivian, can I put this over here?
V: Sure! Don't forget to bring the other three.
L: Yesterday, a real crisis happened in this town,
L: but surprisingly,
L: everything became quiet again when the night ended.

L: Recently, your brother learned something.
L: When real danger happens, the best way to get through it is to open your eyes wide and stare it down.
L: If you turn your back, it'll only make things scarier.
L: Your brother's going to keep watching.
L: I'm going to stay in this town for a little longer,
L: and keep watching it just a little more.

L: That's right.
L: For some reason,
L: right now,
L: I sort of feel like it's my duty.

sidebar: A town in which humans, demons, and gods all coexist: Jerusalem's Lot. As chaotic as it is lovable...there is a whole new world here!!

Kekkai Sensen -Mafuugai Kessha- END

[Postcript: It's so sad Nightow is bringing this series to an end so soon...after only 3 chapters and a one-shot! It has so much potential...but I'm thankful just for the fact that he started a new mini-series at all. Hopefully there will be something else to come in the future.]

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Posted on Mar 11, 2009
quick as ever
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