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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 40

If Kumamoto Was The Capital, I'd Have Been Raised In The Capital

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 13, 2009 09:09 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

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Pyu to Fuku! Jaguar ~If Series~

The 40th Recorder - If Kumamoto Was The Capital, I'd Have Been Raised In The Capital

#1. If Piyohiko Was Super Muscular
P: Hello!
J: Gross!!
The End.

#2. If Jaguar Was A Beautiful Girl
J: Ne, Piyohiko-kun, want to go eat some jelly strips?
J: I'll blow them out nice and squishy for you!
P: Ehh?! N...no thanks...
J: Eh? But I don't remember you saying you didn't like jelly strips...
J: Oh...I see.
J: You just don't like me...
P: Ehh?!
P: Wh-what?! I didn't say that!!
J: I'm ugly, so that's why you don't want to eat it, right...?
P(2b): N...no! You're misunderstanding!!
J: Piyohiko-kun, you're so stupid!!
P: J...Jaguar-saaan!
Box: That was kind of gross. END

#3. If Jaguar Had Really Droopy Eyes
J: Ready? I'm gonna blow a little out,
J: and you're gonna eat it, Piyohiko.
P: Ehh?! N...no, I don't want to.
P: Huh? You don't like jelly strips?
P: Or could it be
P: that just you don't like me...?
J: Wh...what?!
J: Why are you saying stuff like that?!
P: I'm ugly, so I made you lose your appetite, didn't I?
J: N...no! I didn't say anything like that...
P: Stuuupid! You're so stupid, Piyohikooooo!!
Box: He's really annoying. END

#4. If Hammer was Tofu
#5. If Piyohiko Was Part of the Soccer Club
J: OK, ready everyone?
J: This year will be the year that we, the Flute Class, practice the sport of swordfighting!!
N: Ohhhh! We'll work hard!!
T: Let's go wild!!
P: I've weakened...the sport of swordfighting...?
P: I was part of the Soccer Club...

J: Ora ora! What's wrong, Soccer Club?!
J: Is that all you've got?!
P: D...dammit!
P: I can't do a thing!
N: You're good with your feet, but not with your hands, is that it?!
N: Show me your guts, soccer club!!
P: Uuuu...
N(2b): I bet you acted real tough when you were in the Soccer Club, but things aren't going to go so easily here!!
P: Ku...kuhhh...!!
P: Damn all these people...
P: If only it was soccer...if only it was soccer, I wouldn't be losing...
N: Heh! Is that all you've got? How pathetic.
N: Soccer Clubbers are useless unless they've got a ball to kick around.
P: Uuuuu...
P: What the hell kind of a scenario is this?!

#6. If Someone Lost Their Spirit Along The Way
sfx: haa x4
J: Fight, everyone!!
J: If someone falls along the way...we're finished!!
N: I...I'm sorry...I can't do this anymore...
J: Hang in there, Takana-kun!!
J: The end is right before our eyes!
J: A crowd of 30,000 people is awaiting us!!
J: Look! As long as we can get around that corner it'll all be over!!
J: A great end and 30,000 people...!
J: Fight...fight, everyone...!!
bubble: My assistant said 30,000 was impossible to draw, and I couldn't think of anything else so I decided to draw poop.

#7. If Hammer Was Chicken
#8. If Everyone Just Thought a Little About Others
J: The World Would Become a Peaceful Place Without War...
#9. If a Giant Enemy Planning to Conquer the World Appeared
K: Wahaha! Foolish humans!
K: Earth will now become mine!
T: A...a huge monster just appeared now!!
T: It seems as if the earth will be taken over!!

J: Wha...
J: What?!
J: This is bad...we can't just sit here!!
J: Everyone, we need to get to a nice spot...
J: and watch!!
P: OK!!
K: Cry and wail!
K: Bow at my feet!!
J: Oh my god...so it really is a monster!!
J: He really intends to take over the earth!!
J: Damn you, monster...!!
J: Don't underestimate us humans!!
J: Goooo, Self-Defense Force!!
J: Fight, fight, Self-Defense Force!!

K: Ahhhh, it's no use...!!
K: That won't work on me at all!!
P: Jaguar-san! We can't just leave this up to the SDF!!
J: Yes...I know.
J: It's our turn now.
J: Let's give it a try!
J: Let's save the earth...
J: with our feelings!!
J: Aliens, Aliens!!
J: If you can hear this voice, please respond!!
J(2b): Aliens, Aliens! Please save our earth!!
J: Heeey, hurry up!! Come quickly, aliens!!
box: ~If Series~ END.

[2] The Rice is Peach-Colored (End)

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