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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Mephisto 9


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 14, 2009 09:35 | Go to Mephisto

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tl by molokidan

Chapter III 5 - Homecoming

R(2b): Alma! Wake up, Alma!
sfx: zah
R: Ah!

sfx in panels 1-3: bark
sfx in panels 4-5: dokah

sfx: dododododo

R: Uuu!
sfx: zuzazazaza

R: Uuuuu...
B: Hmm...a foreigner, I see...
B: Where are you from?
R: Where am I?!
R: What do you intend to do with me...?!
B: I can't understand what he's saying.
A(2b): He must be one of the barbarians from the far east. Perhaps he was a stowaway on a Spanish ship?

A: The woman disappeared!
B: So she was alive...
B: Normally, I would behead you on the spot right here. Since I haven't found any prey today, though, you'll have to do...
B: A rare Oriental like you will be a fine present for the Lord.
R: Stop!
R: What are you doing?!
R: Almaaaaaa!!
R: Help meeee!!

sfx: basha

sfx: basha
A: Ah!

R: Almaaaaaaaa!!

O(2b): OK, we're here. This is the town...
A: It seems rather quiet.
O: It's because of the French.
A: The French?
O: Heheheh...
O: That's just what the Romans with the French disease say.

A: Huh?!
A: Syphilis...
O: This place used to be bustling, but now it's just a town of death.
O(2b): Thanks to that, though, my business is really thriving...heheheh...
W: Do you sell medicine?
O: The ingredients are all in here, you can just sell it on to the apothecary.
A: These are all just spices, aren't they?

A: All the apothecaries in this age were frauds, after all...
O(2b): Heheheh...the rich will pay fortunes for "Miracle Potions," you know...even if all it really does is calm them a bit, they don't mind.
O: Despite your youth, you speak like you've been through a hell of a lot...
O: Could it be that you're actually a necromancer?
O(2b): Heh heh heh! If you're not, then don't get naked and bathe yourself in broad daylight like that!
O: If spies from the church find you, they'll call you a witch and burn you up right there on the spot.
O: Look!
O: You can see the castle on the top of that mountain, right?

O: That castle is a stronghold of human sin!
O(2b): The Lord of that castle, Nicholas Remy wants the position of Chief Public Prosecutor so badly that he's gone nearly insane working so hard to expose more and more witches each day. He's turning into an Angel of Death with all these murder trials!
O(2b): But that isn't all. He's also been inviting bored nobles to nightly banquets at his manor.
O: There are rumors that he's been turning his prisoners into playthings and prey for his guests.
A(2b): You sure it's alright to be telling me things like that...? What if I went to report it in secret?
O: Heh heh heh!
A: Thank you, mister.
O: May you be in good health.

A: How ironic, after saying all that to Rudou...
A: I was the one bound by my abhorrent memories and was pulled back to my own time...
A(2b): And now I've gotten Rudou wrapped up in this too...what a shame...
A: I wonder where he is now...
A: More importantly, what am I doing...?
A: Even after being treated like that, I still find myself worrying about him...
?: Look at this and let your imagination run wild!
W: Oh my!!

W: How stimulating!
W: It even has a direct autograph by Giulio Romano on it!
M(2b): Ha ha ha! An Etrurian artist already drew one like that over 2000 years ago!
X: So group sex has existed for long...?
X: Her breasts are Schwaben, and her nipples Kärnten!
X: Her buttocks Poland, and her cunte Bavaria!
X: Lastly, her smooth, supple hips be Austria!

X: Both legs Rhein...this is how a beautiful woman should be!
W(bottom): This is the newest style, "Topless Mode."
M: It seems as if the peasants have been spreading around a horrible pustula disease recently...
M(2b): Punishment for their impiety! They should all be burned at the stake!
M: It's a sexual curse the American Indians placed on the Conquistadores, I hear.
W(bottom): Wonderful!

W(2b): Hohoho! Those Germans do make curious glasses.
W: Please, join hands with me, just once...
P: Heeeey, you!
M(bottom): Absit omen, absit omen...
P: Is there no iron man in here with the power to break through this hateful chastity belt?!
W(bottom): Hohohohoho...
N: Everyone!
N: Pardon me for interrupting your merrymaking, but I would like you to listen to what I have to say.

N: Today, my men worked hard in their deer hunting today, all in order for this magnificent feast before you.
N(2b): Unfortunately, they were unable to shoot down any prey. Instead, however, they got their hands on something interesting...

N(2b): He seems to be an Oriental. The interesting part, however, is that he was found completely naked in a field, and since he does not speak our language, we are confounded as to where he could have come from.
M: Ohhh...!
N: He does not appear to be one of humble birth, however.
N: As we found him attempting to rape one of the women within our fief, we inded to give him the proper punishment and then display his head for all to see.
W: What a waste...
W: It's the first time I've ever seen an Oriental!
W: He doesn't smell, and his skin is so clean and pretty...

W: I've heard that Orientals' rods are hard and delicate.
W: Let's find out...
M: Fuhaha...what an enviable bastard...
M: My wife is unable to contain her lust for him!
N: Are there none among you gentlemen who wish to conquer this man?!
G: I shall take him...
M: No, you can't! He'll die!
G: Get down.

R: Stooooop!!
R: You degenerates...!!
M: Guheheheh...
sfx: gyaaaaaahhhhh!

Chapter III 5 - Homecoming/End

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