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Mephisto 11


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 14, 2009 14:45 | Go to Mephisto

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tl by molokidan

Chapter III 7 - Inquisition

B: "A prisoner may be promised immunity or reduced punishment if he accuses his accomplices."
sfx: gyaaaaaaaaahh!
M: Forgive me! I will tell you everything!
M: I turned my back on the almighty God.

M(2b): I sold my soul to a demon...please, forgive me...
T: You took part in a demonic sabbath, didn't you?!
M: Yes, I did.
T: Tell us the names of all those who were also present!
M(3b): The mason Anglai's daughter...the dyer, Martin...the harnesser Silberman, and his wife...
T: And the money-exchanger, Lualdi?
M: Eh?
T: Stop acting innocent! He was one of you too, wasn't he?!
M: Hiieee!!
T: Understand what I'm saying? Depending on what information you give me, I could have you penalty of being burned at the stake alive reduced to only a beheading...
M: Yes, it is exactly as you say! Lualdi was also there...
N: Well said.
N: Alright then! Take him away.

N: Good work. I'm pretty sure the money-exchanger Lualdi is the richest man in this area.
T(2b): Yes, my lord...with his savings, we should be able to gain enough money to finish the renovations on the castle.
B: "One should not stop at enforced torture on the children of the accused in order to force a confession out of them."

M: Lyudmila Minazzoli, age six.
M: Her parents, the accused, have long since fled.
L: My papa and mama aren't witches!
N: They abandoned you.
N: There is no reason to stand and defend such cruel parents.
L(2b): Papa said...that demons don't exist...
L: That demons were only things created to force people to believe in God...
L: Therefore, God doesn't actually exist either!
L: If he really did exist, there's no way he'd allow such horrible things to happen!
N: Silence!
N: Shut up!!

N(2b): The denial of God is a heavily punishable crime. Don't expect us to have mercy on you just because you're a child!
N: I will have you baptized by this whip until you decide to repent.
sfx: pashih
L: Owwwww!
sfx: pisshih!
L: Mamaaaaa!
N: Come now, don't ease up!
N: This is the will of God! Do not hold back!

L: Papa, help me...
M: Please, forgive me...I cannot do this.
N: You imbecile!
R: Allow me, sir.

sfx: don don don
B: "Utilize the abilities of experienced spies to assist in forcing confessions out of the accused."
S: Open up!
S: This is the church! Open up immediately!
sfx: don don
M: Yes, hold on...
sfx: gacha
S: To the room in the far back of the attic!
S: Hurry!!
M: Kyaaah!

M: Judge Rabelais...?!
M: Don't tell me you're here for her?!
M(2b): You've got it wrong! Mistress Alma is not a witch! She saved the life of my son! This entire town is indebted to her!
R: Cease this at once.
R: If you try and cover for a witch, my lady, you too shall receive the same punishment...
sfx: dah!
A: Huh?!

R: Fufufu...
R(2b): Alma Raune...your crimes of using black magic to heal the sick are profanities to our divine God, and disrupt the order of our modern society.
R: Therefore, you are to undergo a heresy trial to determine your punishment.
sfx: gyaaaaaah

sfx: gakuh

N: That's enough.
M: Stop it!
R(2b): Haa, haa!
R(2b): Haa, haa!
R: Haa...
R: Have you realized now that I was not speaking falsely about where my loyalties lie...?
N: Mmm...

N: Rudou...
N: Did you bear some sort of grudge toward that child?
R: Grudge...?
R: Of course not!
R: I just refuse to forgive heretics.
N(2b): Wa ha ha! As expected of a staunch hunter of heretics, enlisted by Queen Elizabeth herself!

sfx: waaaah
P: Please, help me!
P(2b): I'm not a witch*! It was a trap! I was framed!!
* line: At this time, heretics were called witches regardless of sex.
W(2b): Wahahahaha! You just don't know when to give up!

W(2b): Hmph! What a fool Lualdi is! It feels good just watching him.
W: I hear he was doing some rather vicious moneylending in secret.
L: Dammit!
W: Getting reported on by someone in secret for a grudge they have towards you is your own fault, I guess.
R(2b): Listen carefully, Lualdi. I am now going to explain to you the test you will undergo.
R(2b): It is said that clean water that has been blessed repels witches...therefore, if you drown, you are innocent. And if you do not, it is proof that you are guilty.
R: Begin!
L: Waaaaaaah!
sfx: garagaragara
sfx: dobon!
sfx: buku buku buku

L: bubah
sfx: gara gara gara
R: You shall be imprisoned until a proper decision is announced.
sfx: wahahahaha
L(2b): You've got to be kidding me! The only reason I floated is because I'm fat!
L: Damn you all! I'm going to curse all the bastards in this town!
W: Huh?!
W: Oh no...
W: Ohh, God...
W: Fufufu...

M(2b): Ahhhh, I never thought something like this would happen...it's all my fault...
B: Sister!
sfx: gara gara gara
sfx: bashah!

A: What should I do...?
?: You should be more sure of the answer to that question than anyone else...
A(2b): Whose voice is that...?! A demon's?!

?: You are free to call me whatever you like.
?(2b): However, do note that the Christian Church has an extremely skewed concept of what I really am. Logic systems such as "orthodoxy" and "heresy" have nothing to do with me.
?: I also make no distinction between "black magic" and "white magic."
?: The only thing I do not forgive, in fact, are those who attempt to use me to strengthen themselves.
?(2b): I bear responsibility towards you on the account that I received your soul from your father. And you bear responsibility toward Rudou Reiji.
?: I shall I do what I should for you.

sfx: zabah!
P: Ohhhh!
B: "Accused who have already been prosecuted once are not to be released at all; rather, they are to undergo thorough inquiry."
B: "Furthermore, those who have been imprisoned solely on suspicion undergo torture as well, since the suspicions should serve as more than enough reason."
O(2b): Judging from the above proof, it is clear that the accused is guilty...as there is no possible room for any sort of excuse to the matter, I would like the press on, but...
O: I would like to give the accused just one final change to become honest with us.

A: I am not a witch.
O(3b): I have no choice, then. This holy court wishes for the salvation of heretics through instructing them, and does not lust for blood. Therefore, we must entrust the enforcement of the guilty one's punishment up to a vulgar common court. There, I expect you will be tortured heartlessly until they force you to confess.
O: Are you fine with that?
O: This trial is now closed!

M(2b): Please! Overlook this! We'll give you however much money you demand.
S: Silence!
S(3b): Hey, woman! You may think you've got some guts, but you're just going to regret it in the end. Sir Nicholas Remy isn't a man to be underestimated.
A: Hohohohoho...
sfx: gara gara gara

sfx: gara gara gara gara
B: "Witches are not to be put to death without first confessing, and are to be tortured continuously until they acknowledge their own crimes from the bottom of their hearts."

B: "In order to punish the most detestable crime, witches are to be punished with the utmost brutality."


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