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Translations: Gintama 616 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 41

A Summer Festival's Disappointing Illusion

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 26, 2009 07:41 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

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tl by molokidan

The 41st Recorder - A Summer Festival's Disappointing Illusion
J: When one thinks of summer, naturally one thinks of summer festivals too.
J: And so we have come to a local summer festival!
J: Uheeeeh, wonderful!
J: So this is a summer festival!!
J: Besides the Thumping Love Arousement Pet Festival, this is the first festival I've ever been to!
J: It's making me excited in a weird sort of way!!
P: C...calm down, Jaguar-san!
J: Ah, that's right. Piyohiko, go buy us some takyoyaki.
P: Eh?!
J: I have some other stuff to do...so I'm counting on you!
P: Kuh...what the hell? Why didn't he just go himself...?
P: There's no way he could have anything else to do right now...

P: I bought it, Jaguar-san...
Entry Fee - 600 Yen
P: He's doing...something!
P: Wh...what are you doing, Jaguar-san?
J: What am I doing...? An illusion, obviously!
J(2b): Another world exists within this tent...a shocking illusion that you will never forget for the rest of your life, right in here!
P: The board says it's disappointing, though...

H: Jaguar-dono! I brought some customers, yo!
J: Oh!
J: Welcome! Hurry, hurry!!
J: The exciting disappointing illusion is about to begin!
C: Disappointing illusion?
G: Is it fun?
J: It isn't fun.
C: Ehhhhh?! He's being really honest!!
C: But for some reason hearing him say that actually makes it sound interesting!
C: Hmmm, well, alright...
J: Eh, really? Haha! Well then, that'll be 1200 yen for you to.
J: OK, please come this way...
C: I'm getting excited!
P: 1200 yen, that's so expensive...
P: Are those two gonna be alright...?

Box: Five Minutes Later
P: They look really let down!!
C: Sorry...
C: Mmm...
P: He's apologizing...for some reason, he's apologizing!!
C: That was really disappointing...
C(2b): Yeah...but not only that...I feel embarrassed for paying 1200 yen...
P: Wh...what did he do to them...?
P: Just what did he show them?!
B: Papa, I wanna do that!
D: Hm?

D(2b): Hm, that? What is that...? You really wanna go in there? It's pretty expensive, too...
B: I wanna, I wanna, I wannaaaaa!!
P(2b): No, you can't, little boy!! I don't know why you're getting so excited over this...you'll just be let down...you'll just be let down!
P: He's inviting them!!
D: Guess I got no choice...excuse us!
P: Yes, that'll be 1200 yen for you two!
Box: Five Minutes Later--

B: I'm sorry for being selfish, papa...forgive me..
D: I...it's fine. Alright! How about we play some videogames together when we get home?
P(2b): Incredible...everyone's been incredibly disappointed! After seeing this much...
P: It makes me want to go in myself...
J: Hooo...the laughter of my customers is the biggest reward for me!
P: Ahhh, I'm so curious...so curious!!
P(2b): H...hey, Jaguar-san, I'll pay for the takoyaki I bought you, so...
P: Do you think...you can let me inside there?!
J: Hm?
J: Sure...but it'll just be a half-assed amusing illusion, that's all, you know?
J: If you actually pay the 600 yen, though, I'll show you the most disappointing illusion I can, though...
J: Which would you prefer?
P: The next thing I knew, I had paid the 600 yen fee...and selected the most disappointing course...
J: Now escorting one customer!!
P: From the Shuueisha Piyohiko Autobiography: "Though Imperfect, It Was My Life."

J: OK, welcome, just sit wherever you like...
J: Now then, this is a place where you can enjoy a haunted house, goldfish catching, target practice, and fireworks all at once...
J: Ehhhh...
J(2b): Let me...put...
J(2b): this on...OK?
J: It's a monster, see?
J(2b): And now, uh...this is a target, OK? Uhhhh...so if you hit the target the monster will die? Get it?
J: This game is called Resident Evil or something.
P: Eh?
P: O...okay..
J: Huh? Is there a toy gun over there?
P: Eh...? Ah, yeah, there is.
J: Ah, ok, then just use that!
J(2b): Anyway, just aim toward...this center! Here, OK?
J: I don't think you'll hit it, though...well, if you by chance you do...
J: There's a goldfish over there! I'll let you scoop it.

Sign: Goldfish for Scooping
After scooping, please place the goldfish back where it was. One Scoop Per Person
J(2b): OK! Let's get this over with, shall we? You get it all, right? Right? C'mon, shoot!
J(2b): You get three tries! Bring it on!
P: Uh, OK, here I go...?
J: Nice try, but sorry...hoo...
J(2b): This thing is really hot, so it's a real pain to wear...ah, so before we finish, there's one more thing to do.

J: OK! To finish things off
J: is our gorgeous fireworks illusion!
TV: Sumida River Fireworks Festival Special
J: Ah, that's right...
J: This video cuts off after 2 or 3 minutes.
J: When it cuts off, the illusion is over,
J: So, uh...before you leave, please remember to rewind the tape.
P: OK...
P: This is ridiculous...!!
Box(2b): Of course, he knew from the start that things would turn out like this...at that moment, Piyohiko pondered the true mystery of human hearts...

Since I've Got Nothing Better to Do
Question Corner
*Deluxe Version*

I have too many blank pages left over so I've decided to let the readers' questions fill them up.
G: Let's Start!

Continued on P24

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